Mariusz Czerkawski placed on Waivers

It didn’t take long for Montreal Canadien’s GM Andre Savard to satisfy Mariusz Czerkawski wishes, placing the Polish winger on waivers on Tuesday. Czerkawski had recently asked for a trade a from Montreal on Monday. So far this season, Czerkawski has had 9 points, 2 goals and 7 assists. Other NHL teams have until Wednesday to claim the forward.

In 605 career games in the NHL, Czerkawski has scored 179 goals with 192 assists.

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12 Responses to Mariusz Czerkawski placed on Waivers

  1. pop0331 says:

    he’d be a perfect fit with madden and gomez- and lets get a little better in the devs/isles rivalry situation — and please someone take danton! we don’t need a fleury in jersey

  2. Enchilada says:

    I will trade you a danton for a desjardins

  3. frankie says:

    I don’t think Czerkawski is the kind of player that really intensify rivalries ! I was really wondering why did Savard put the guy on waivers … He surely has a trade value…? Was it that Savard wanted to free some money because he had a trade in place in which he has to take more salary ? It surely looks like something was under this decision.

    Don’t botter just telling me that I’ve make writting mistakes like people always seem to do here, I know I surely did, I’m use to talk and write french so If you can’t stop yourself from doing it, just not tell me what are the mistakes but correct and explain it to me so at least I will learn something from it. Thanks !

  4. keon says:

    CZERKAWSKI SUCKS!!!! nobody is going to take him off waivers.

  5. mikster says:

    Czerkawski wouldn’t know what the defense in NJ means to the team. He is no perfect fit for the Devils at all.

    Danton is not even close to a Fleury. Fleury has problems that many people do. Danton is just an @$$hole who hits and irritates other players.

  6. habsoverserver says:

    Czerkawski’s salary makes him worthless to most teams. If he was at $1 million instead of $3 million, he would be taken in a second. He’s the equivalent of Berezin, Ruchinsky or Savage – good if he’s cheap, but not a place to sink a long term contract. If he had any trade value, someone would have taken him. But he’s going to bring less than Marc Savard did.

  7. PeterPuck says:

    First of all, RDS gets 70% of the stories screwed up or they make them up and i do not believe that Czerkawski is on waviers, the Rangers wanted him instead of Audette. He has value, so I cannot see Savard wasting him. On another note, the Dallas and Habs game is over and again, Theo is the Man, He is Back, save percentage of .852 and 5 GOALS against , don’t tell me that he is “the man”, Hackett faces the same amount of shots and he has the FOURTH best save percentage in the LEAGUE.. Terr-idiot has the balls to bench other players, why doesnt he bench “The Man Theo” . At least Hackett has stolen points , Theo has NOT , well maybe 2, thats because he is the MAN, He’s Back, WAKE UP Savard,we are heading down fast unless you get rid of this joke, i mean coach, the guys DO NOT WANT to play for him, wait a minute, Theo does, cause he is the MAN……….what a JOKE

  8. rojoke says:

    Here’s what I think could happen. Czerkawski clears waivers, and he meets with Savard and his agent. Savard tells him that he can’t make a trade since no one wants him when they could have gotten him for a song. Czerkawski says, okay, I’ll play where I’m put, play my best and turn things around. He play on the second line, finds his offense, scores some goals, and things are forgotten.

    Here’s what I think should happen. Czerkawski clears waivers. He meets with Savard and his agent. Savard says taht they want him to go to Hamilton for a conditioning stint, two weeks, then back to Montreal. If Czerkaswki refuses, then Savard demotes him to Hamilton, since he’s already cleared waivers, there’s no problem. Ribeiro takes his spot in the lineup. If Czerkawski refuses to report to Hamilton, Savard suspends him, saving his rather sizeable salary. If Ribeiro produces, Czerkawski gets traded down the road, since any return will be offset by Ribeiro’s production. If he doesn’t, then you’re at least saving about $2 million in salary.

  9. rojoke says:

    The report first came out of New York. But I found it odd that there wasn’t anything on the NHL site about it

  10. pop0331 says:

    you are right on fleury’s problems, he definately has the same problems as many other people do, but those people don’t or haven’t gotten to live out their dreams and play in the nhl, when you strive your entire life to acheive greatness in something, just to pretty much screw it up and blow it, it’s your own fault and no one elses! danton is an @$$hole and all – but he’s not even close to screwing up as much as fleury has! and Czer is an nhl player (granted inconsistent at times) but i believe under a coach like burns – he can strive to become a better player all around – and it was proven last night, and the in the 2 previous ot games for my beloved devils — they don’t really need more defensive talent, what they need is a bonafide scorer — and mariusz can be that type of player as long as he works hard to get there

  11. habsoverserver says:

    Looks like he cleared waivers and their were no takers. Montreal will have to eat some of his salary to move him. Czerkawski has not been a controversial player. He had no run ins with the coach or other players. He’s in a slump. Now Montreal has totally fumbled the situation and has a player they can’t move and won’t play. Total stupidity on the part of management

  12. Lint07 says:

    RDS sucks at being quick on trigger usually as they get news from other places and they have to translate it to french before posting it.

    However, they do manage to get all the MontrĂ©al Canadiens’ news first. Even before

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