Mark Bell heading to jail?

According to Sportsnet, newly acquired Leaf Mark Bell will be sentenced to 6 months in jail for drunk driving causing injury and hit & run. The official sentenced should be known in October.

I guess what this story really means is that we could be able to sign Mike Peca. A true shame, but if we get Peca and then if we trade Raycroft halfway through the year I guess we might be able to absorb his salary.

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  1. kamullia says:

    I do not follow your logic of why the Leafs would be able to sign Peca from this. The news clip states "…to be served at the end of this upcoming season." That would mean Bell will be available the entire 07/08 season, and would at most miss only a few games of the beginning of the 08/09 season at most, which is when his contract expires.

    What is your reasoning?

  2. mikster says:

    Yeah i am not sure i got that part though. If he makes the playoffs and say he finishes in June (eliminated), then what? July, August, September. That’s three months. When are the other three, summer 2008?

  3. ranger_fan says:

    that's a big "if"

    Plus Im sure that the court decision in October will be much more specific

  4. ranger_fan says:

    Wasn't this reported in January? Thats why the Sharks got rid of him and have been trying. It appears that fans [and one GM] that don't support or view the Sharks as well as 28 other teams really don't know what they are getting in a trade

  5. kamullia says:

    Well, the more I though about it, it all depends on the real sentence, whenever it comes down. Just because you go to jail it does not mean you will even serve the time continuosly. I know for example of hit-and-run people who served their entire time in jail during weekends, holidays, only nights, etc…

    To top it all off, a 6 month sentence does not actually mean 6 months time, because they calculate days a little different so even if it was all to be served in one shot could be a little over 5 months.

    This is preliminary, and we really need to wait to the actual sentencing.

    But I still do not see how this is relevant at all with Peca, because Bell won't serve until the end of the season according to the news.

  6. kamullia says:

    You know…this almost makes it worth for the Leafs to win The Cup, just to see Bell having his day w/ Stanley in the slammer. Just picture it now…Bell drinking red Koolaid from The Cup together with "Bubba", who calls keeps calling Bell by "Shirley."

  7. the_word says:

    JFJ declined to comment, not surprising, he's rarely transparent with the media. I'm hoping he deals or sends Bell to the minors disguised as a PR move. The acquisition of Bell was always a bit perplexing as he doesn't really fit into a roster spot for the Leafs. There is already a log jam for the top six forwards (well, at least six better than Bell) and Bell isn't exactly a role player fit for defensive responsibilities of a checking line. I understand the Leafs needed to take his contract to get Toskala, but the question remains what to do with him and where does he fit in with this club.

  8. the_word says:

    speaking from experience?

  9. kamullia says:

    I wish. Unfortunately I had to serve mine continuously. To this day I still do not understand it. A policeman stands there and does not mind if a dog comes by and pees on his tires…but a person does the same thing and goes to jail? I don't get it.

  10. wadeaminute says:

    Dude. The Leafs still need to pay his salary. This just makes signing Peca even more far off. And sources are saying that he will not serve his sentence until AFTER this season. Nice try though.

  11. turdfergusson says:

    Trade him to the Oilers. They've always been like a half-way house for delinquent nhlers. Those that get gaught anyway…

       O, and what is the big deal about Peca?! I mean if the fact is that this guy can't come to terms with what teams are willing to offer him it's his loss . He could have a legitimate shot at the cup  with an original six if he'd take his man pill.
      I'm sure every player wants to win but Peca has always  been (IMO) one of those players who has written his own ticket and that's fine. Obviously familly is part of the equation here.  But why should any team commit anything to him given this history.

       Granted Peca's been to the final a few times and once as a captain but the players that hoist the cup  are the ones that have sold their soul to the game and probably the numbers would work for them on this type of deal.


  12. tacitus says:

    poor mark bell, he shoulda stayed sober and killed somebody, i dont think thats gets 6 months jail time eh heatley……

  13. the_word says:

    Really? I only received a fine for doing the same thing.  It makes little sense though.  It reminds me of those Peta zealots who camp out for days in front of Michael Vicks' house, but could care less about guantanamo bay.  Double standard.

  14. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Oh man, this is awesome. I remember when the leafs got him everybody was like "so, he only got 20 something pts playing with thornton and cheechoo. He had off ice problems to deal with" THen they proceeded to say he would get like 50 pts with sundin and blake. If he got 20 pts because of an impending court date, imagine how many he's gonna get with him knowing he's going to the clink after the season. I predict 3 goals 4 assists. 2 million for 7 pts. HA HA HA HA HA.

  15. the_word says:

    Lol, Heatly gets a max contract next year, its a good thing he'll get more money, I'd hate to see him driving in the car pool lane.

  16. kamullia says:

    Well…in retrospect I probably should not have asked him to shake my dong for me when I got done. But still…pee is pee, isn't it?

  17. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Maybe bell shouldn't have spent all his money on *****tails that nite. He shoulda saved some for an attorney, instead of being represented by legal aid.

  18. jarcpitre says:

    IMO I think he should be suspended by the NHL and not counting against the cap. These players are supposed to be roll models for kids and the league should have no tolorence for this. Then that would clear up the cap room to sign Peca. Does anyone know of any other way to get around his cap on this one?

  19. the_word says:

    Dude, always pay lip service to the badge whether you respect or not.

  20. DomiforPrimeMinister says:

    That is funny considering the Leafs will still make the playoff's, but "les Habitant's" won't!!

  21. jarcpitre says:

    You know I hate it when atheletes get treated different than you and I. If this was one of us we would be in the slammer now. Do the crime do the time. I say throw the book at him, this is his second incident, obviously he's not learning from his mistakes, poor guy couldn't afford a cab.

  22. jarcpitre says:

    This is one comment I read on sportsnet chat. Does anyone know if the following is true?

    If he is convicted his salary is void and they will get relief from the cap (all players have conduct clauses in there contracts) I wouldn't be surprised if this was part of the deal. San Jose makes room for another roster spot and the Leafs get Toskola knowing that Bell won't technically cost them anythig when he goes to the big house next year.

    I was also reading that NYR have requested a medical for Peca, sounds like things are getting close there. But all in all I wonder if the above statement is true and that this is the last charge to keep Peca.

  23. Minky says:

    I guess the few good things coming out of this is that Bell now knows his fate, and can stop wondering, it's still probably a burden knowing your going away at the end of the season, it will be interesting to see how his play is.

    Also, I don't think the talk about him being a bad guy, or not being a role model is warranted. Sure, he made a big mistake that he will regret, but he pleaded GUILTY, he is taking responsibility for his actions, which I don't see as a terrible thing.

  24. Pony says:

    I've always found in interviews that Bell has come off as relatively down to earth and a team player. I'm keeping in mind that hockey players espcially use all the cliches when it comes to interviews and normally make an attempt to sound respectable.

    All that in mind when he I hear lines like "We kind of lost our energy and our hussle so I went out and fought to try to bring us back into the game." I think he just may be a team player.

  25. MR40 says:

    He'd get suspended by the league if he was going to jail.

  26. TheDonkey says:

    The article on Sportsnet said he was "Man of the Year" in Chicago for all his work with charities so he must be a decent guy I imagine. 

    I just don't get why these guys take the chance when they have enough scratch to pay for a ride.  i guess is San Jose is anything like L.A., getting a cab can be damn near impossible depending on what part of town you are in.  But still, it is not worth rolling the dice.  Pick up a hockey slut and get her to drive.

  27. the_word says:

    That's a little extreme. These things happen in all walks of life, I don't think Mark Bell's character should be reduced to a DUI. There was a paper in Chicago that named Bell the best athlete in terms of community work on the Blackhawks. Bell is getting six months for a first offense whose maximum sentence would be a year. He's taking accountability, something few athletes do in these situations.

  28. the_word says:

    He had a few too many and made a mistake, paying the price, happens move on.

  29. kamullia says:

    This is not the case here, as per the NHL’s offices not making any kind of statements.

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