Mark Bell on the move?

According to the Daily Herald “As it stands now, the Hawks have Mark Bell, Arkhipov and Patrick Sharp as their top three centers. Tuomo Ruutu could be the club’s No. 1 center, but coach Trent Yawney believes Ruutu is more effective at wing.

Bell is believed to be one veteran they are trying to trade.”

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  1. saku_rulz says:

    Is it possible that he comes in Mtl? Bell is exactly the kind of player Mtl needs….young, big, could play LW and is capable of scoring! plus, he’s not expensive. Chicago could use a guy with a little experience like Zednik so a swap could be made. There were rports during the season that Mtl was interested in Bell so now, we could only hope….

  2. magnifikko says:

    I hope its bell for ribeiro…i hate ribeiro……i hate ribeiro…….i hate ribeiro………

    Damn sucky ass soccer player.

  3. Unkknown says:

    it would be nice, but…you seem to forget we don’t have any GM =P

  4. Kamakaze says:

    I thought Bell was a winger? Apparently he at least has some experience playign wing. Why not just move him over? At any rate, I would think he would be at least a 2nd line center for them, 1st line is Ruutu moves to wing.

    I haven’t really seen Bell play but he seems like a tougher guy, almost a power-forward, which is always good to have, does he acctually play that way?

  5. 100_years_of_glory09 says:

    Bring Bell to MTL,make him play with kovy.

  6. muckies says:

    Bell for Havlat

  7. NiittymakiForVezina says:

    Bell for Nedved and a pick?

  8. NiittymakiForVezina says:

    He;s officially listed as a Left Wing, so I don’t know where the Center thing came from. Left Wing is what Philly needs so Nedved-Bell would be great.

  9. GoBruins79 says:

    I think he would be good on a line with Savard and Kessel in Boston. I think they might take Glen “Useless without Joe Thornton” Murray and a pick or a prospect.

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