Mark Parrish Traded?

RDS is reporting that Mark Parrish has been traded, but they don’t know where yet.

Story is en francais.


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  1. cecilturtle says:

    For some reason I was watching the Devils vs Isles game last night. I guess I was rooting for lots of injuries… Just kidding seriously just kidding! Except maybe for Jansens, who you really gotta tip your hat to, because he really beat the hell out of many of the Ranger(s) the other night… So here we have John Erskine last night dropping the gloves with Jansens. Finally, I’m being rewarded for watching this game… All of New York (All Isles and Rangers fans) standing united in wanting to see Erskine just slapp this guy silly….. Well, unfortunately for all of New York… John Erskine is just as bad at fighting as he is at NHL hockey! It might just behoove Erskine to retire and go back to Philly to be the radio sports show host he was before his NHL carrer.

    Cecil Turtle

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