Mark Stuart draws interest on trade front

Hockey sources here indicated to that there’s strong interest on the trade front in defenseman Mark Stuart, and that dealing the rugged defenseman might be an option for the Bruins over the next four weeks if the team needs to clear salary cap space for a roster move.

Stuart has served as a healthy scratch for the Bruins in each of the last three games leading up to theNHL All-Star break, and hasn’t played since a Jan. 20 loss to the Buffalo Sabres — only his second game back from a broken right hand that kept Stuart out for a month. Adam McQuaid has played in Stuart’s place while the Bruins defenseman has sat on the bench, and represents a similarly physical defenseman for less than a third of Stuart’s cap hit ($1.675 million).

If Stuart is dealt before the Feb. 28 trade deadline, it will be purely for salary cap reasons as Stuart heads into unrestricted free agency after the current season is over. His leadership and toughness around the net are valued assets, and the reason he’s garnering interesting around the NHL — including an Atlanta team that listened to a package involving Stuart for Ilya Kovalchuk at last year’s trade deadline.

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  1. Boston_Bruins says:

    Stuart has struggled this season. Not terrible, but he has definitely struggled. With Kampfer and McQuaid stepping up there's no way he'll be back next year. Stuart and a pick for Parise.

  2. dumbassdoorman says:

    I really don't wanna come off the wrong way here but are you serious? I mean people on here have bashed the Leafs proposals, but this take the cake. A UFA and a pick for Parise, lol, wow

  3. futurebruin says:

    BB I sure as hell hope you're kidding.

    My personal ideas:
    Blake Wheeler
    Tyler Toffoli

    Michael Ryder, Mark Stuart, 1st in 2011 (BOS)
    Robyn Regehr, Rene Bourque

    It works out cap wise with Wheeler gone.

    Bash away.

  4. hockey_lover says:

    Wait.. what?

    The article mentions getting rid of Stuart for cap reasons. Then your suggesting bringing in a guy who is likely going to get $5.5mil + come free agency .. while still having to re-sign Chara?

    Im not sure that works out too well.

  5. dumbassdoorman says:

    Chara is signed already and so Thornton, not sure why posters have not caught this before. Richards is the only big name UFA, possibly hitting the market.

  6. reinjosh says:

    Haha he was definitely screwing around.

    Personally I don't think the Kings want to give up Toffoli right now. According to LA bloggers, they view him as a second round steal. I would think they would rather trade him for a better top 9 forward.

    The second one, I don't like as a Flames fan. Bourque and Regehr have more value that that in my opinion. Now granted, I'm biased but thats my personal opinion. The cap space would be huge I guess but I'd prefer more for both of them.

  7. hockey_lover says:

    Oh crap .. thats right. Just near the beginning of the season. I forgot about that. The cap hit was something like 6.75 or around that?

    Even still .. I think my point still stands. Im not sure if the Bruins could add Parise, cap wise.

    I just looked at the numbers, the bruins have $51.45 million tied up on 17 players (10 forwards, 5 dmen, 2 goalies). They need to resign 3 forwards and 2 dmen with $7.95 million (assuming the cap stays the same). I think we can all assume that the cap will go up a bit, so lets say the Bruins have $10 million to sign 5 players. Add Parise at likely $5.5 and that doesnt leave much left.

  8. dumbassdoorman says:

    I seriously don't see the kings trading any prospects or picks period. Lombardi, will use there slight fall this season as reason they aren't close enough to trade any. However in doing so and bringing in a better player now, they may actually go somewhere?

  9. MystifoLeafs says:

    Assuming they had to make a offer sheet in order to get Parise. (Which they will because lets face it the Devils still want him.) expect somewhere between 6-6.5 million per year.

  10. futurebruin says:

    Yea, I wasn't thinking in terms of fairness really, more so that it was a decent deal and it worked out for the Bruins by giving them cap space to pull off another deal.

    The Flames trade I had come up with before, but it had Boychuk instead of Stuart.  It works out for both teams.  The Flames get cap space, a UFA winger in Ryder who replaces Bourque for the remainder of the year and possibly for longer if he plays well.  Boychuk has a bit of Regehr in him.  not quite the fact that he's a shutdown guy, but he's big, physical, and he's got a cannon of a shot.  He's under conbtract for next season, and he could be a good piece for the future of the team, and if he doeson't work out, he is still young and could be a decent trading chip.  Regehr is a great addition to the Bruins defensive corp.  Pair him with Chara and you got a great shutdown tandem in the playoffs.  With Ryder and Wheeler both underperforming, Bourque gives the Bruins a fresh look and a good top 6 winger with a little more potential.  Plus, it'd be nice to have another Bourque in Boston (even though Ray isn't his father)

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