Markov agrees to 4 year deal with Montreal is reporting that Andrei Markov has accepted the 4 year, 20 million dollar offer that Gainey laid on the table. Markov was one of 2 key players (Souray being the other) that Gainey was / is trying to get under contract before they become UFA’s on July 1rst.

I personally think that this is an important signing, and I’m glad that Markov will be with the team for 4 more years. Some will argue that the contract is high, but look at what others are making (Kaberle, Kubina…just to name a few). If Gainey didn’t offer it, someone else would.

IF Souray walks, which he may very well do, Markov will get more ice time and be looked at to quarterback the PP next season.

Your thoughts?