Markov deal soon ?

According to Don Meehan(Markov agent) told to the gazette that Markov want to stay in Montreal and a deal could be done before the end of May.

Good news for all the habs fans


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  1. habs_punk says:

    Hope it's true. He's priority numero uno. I can't imagine how bad the Habs' defense would be next season if we lost Andrei.

  2. Les-Habitants says:

    Yah, read that too in the Gazette.
    Signing Markov, undoubtably, in Gainey's #1 priority this off-season

  3. udem says:

    Markov….Top 10 dmen in the league….we have to resign him….I think it s goin to b a long term deal……somtn around 5 or more

  4. modk09 says:

    i say just throw $25M over 5 years at him

  5. Les-Habitants says:

    I think he'll sign for Kaberle money, 4.25, for 5-6 yrs

  6. ferron says:

              No doubt, Markov is the ONLY reason MTL was battling for playoff spot, just imagine what would the shot against average/game would of been without "The Russian Tzar", at least Markov can play at both end of the rink and in my book there is no way i would pay "souray" more than "markov". Souray"s actually one of the worst D-Man in the league when in his own zone. Myself i wouldn't pay a penny over 4 mil/year for Souray There is much better d-men out there and UFA ( Sydor, Phillips, Timonen, D.Markov, Shneider).

  7. modk09 says:

    Kaberle took a home-town discount, if hed hit free agency hed have gotten more than 4.25… hopefully Markov does the same but I wouldnt blame him for wanting to cash in on his only chance at UFA status in his prime

  8. ferron says:

    top ten d-men in the league!

    1. Lidstrom
    2. Niedermyer
    3. Pronger
    4. Kaberle
    5. Markov
    6. Bouwmeester
    7. Redden
    8. Zubov
    9. Gonchar

    honorable mension; Chara, Souray, Timonen, Phaneuf, Mc Cabe) the players i pick can play in both zone very well exept for Gonchar and Boyles but had to put them in very strong offensively and actually made the playoffs

  9. markovbigfan says:

    ewww, boyle is way better than bouwmeester and so is Timonen. My top 10 would rather be


  10. ferron says:

       Yeah maybe but i keep Markov over Zubov who plays with very good defensive d-men( Boucher, Sydor, Turco) and so is"Wade Redden" ( Phillips, Pressing, Volchenkov) the only good defenseman "markov" has played with since his debut in the NHL is "Komisarek" or like japaneese like to call him "YOKOZUNA".

  11. BruMagnus says:

    Damn I wanted the Penguins to sign him.

    Ryan Whitney is better than Dan Boyle.

  12. modk09 says:

    whitney WILL be better than boyle, hes not yet still lacks the experience and maturity. i wont say that by this time next year tho dont worry

    francois beauchemin in anaheim deserves consideration too

  13. Sedin23 says:

    1. Scott Niedermayer
    2. Nicholas Lidstrom
    3. Chris Pronger
    4, Dion Phanuef
    5. Thomas Kaberle
    6. Zdeno Chara (has no one to play with, so don't look at his +/-)
    7. Kimmo Timmonen
    8. Robyn Regher
    9. Andrei Markov
    10. Sami Salo (the Nuck's lost almost every game when he was hurt and would have got Markov type numbers if he played the entire season).

  14. darcysucker says:

    I think it's funny how markov will get less money than souray just like kaberle got less money than mccabe, and it's all based on stats, but everyone knows that both Markov and Kaberle are their teams best defensemen, and although Souray and McCabe bring a lot defensively they have some serious defensive lapses and aren't nearly as reliable.  I say markov will sign for around 4 mill, and souray for 5. 

    I've also heard that Tampa might be parting with one of their big three, that's what I heard from Tortorella at his press conference yesterday, I know I'm dreaming but wouldn't Lecavalier look amazing with a Habs jersey with a C on it?

  15. sakurulz says:

    well much better than the others….markov to me is hardly top 10 dmen in the league…and salo/regehr don't belong here either cuz they not n.1 dmen! u gotta consider jovoalso

  16. sakurulz says:

    markov n.5??no way! get out of your bubble…markov isn't even top 10 in the league! chara, timonen,rafalski and phaneuf are already better than him…so are redden and boyle! zubov, age aside, is also better all around than markov! ryan whitney is also 1 yr from improving to a top 10 in the league…markov got most of his points by just giving the puck to souray and it all depended on souray….with souray gone, markov won't be as good offensively(stats wise)! he is maybe top 5-7 among shutdown dmen…but overall,he isn't a top 10 in the league…not yet! thats not counting the leadership of other dmen(lidstrom,pronger,nieds,redden,boyle,rafalski…) compared to markov not even speakin english…not even communicating with his teammates!!!

  17. sakurulz says:

    u honestly think if one of 'em leaves,it will be vinny?yah right….
    + mtl doesn't have enough to offer…..actually, they have but i doubt they want to pay that price right now…..

  18. modk09 says:

    Richards will be their main salary dump target but it will be almost impossible to get someone to pick up his price tag unless a salary like Kubina goes back the other way…

    and youre right, for vinny the asking price would be something like: Higgins, Saku, Price, and the Kotsisyn brothers

  19. ferron says:

             I didn't believed it for the longest time but Tampa will be force to part with one of the three(Vinny, Richard or St louis ) after checking at There is no way you can pay 3 guys around 23 mil/year and have only 23 millions to spent on 18 players,imposible. Imagine how loud the bell center would get.  So here's what i think would be fare and help both teams= Kovy, Dandenault, Halak, Perez to Tampa and Lecavalier and (Prospal or a defense) to MTL. Very good for Tampa who needs a young goalie very bad and the Lightning could use a Young Left wing in "Perez", Kovy and dandenault only in the trade for balancing salaries.


  20. ferron says:

       I don't think and also think that it would be foolish of MTL to trade youth for 7.8 Richard, for a 70 pts player or any team for that matter. Also no one want a player that would make 6 mil/year and would only get around 60 pts a year if wasn't with Vinny, Playing on the same team has Vinny takes a great deal of pressure off the rest of the players, therefore increasing these players ( Prospal, Boyles, Richard and St Louis) numbers and value. So i think that Vinny's the only one worthy enough to trade, A trade involving Richard would mean salary dumping for the other team to accomodat Richard's 7.8 million and i don't think that other teams are ready to trade youth for overpaid players anymore after the deadline Fiasco ( Zithnik, Smyth, Tkachuk, Forsberg) these trades right there just indicapted ATL, Nash and the Ils's futur.

  21. ferron says:

     Do any of you know what's going on with"Yemelin and valentenko" or any of are young d-men ( Cote, O'byrne, Jancevski) will they ever play in the NHL, almost all these guys are in there mid-twenties. I thinks it's about time that we should trust are youth( or not so young ) . Why do we draft players and let them rot in the junior or AHL why, why?

  22. blobby007 says:

    I don't think a deal like this can work. Tampa needs to lower their payroll so I doubt that they want to balance salaries in a trade. Look for a trade involving Richards or St-Louis for young players and prospects… and a good affordable veteran in the mix to stay competitive. Kovy won't go anywhere with his 4,5 millions a year and Samsonov has to bounce back.

  23. markovbigfan says:

    I'm talking in term of talent offensively and defensively not the leadership.. and btw Markov speaks english.. jeez and he communicates way  more than before with his teammates.

  24. modk09 says:

    you sound like a leafs fan. thats one of the most unbalanced trades ive seen proposed on here ever. no one wants Kovalev, perezhogin looks like a bust so far, and Lecavelier is a potential MVP every year… youre nuts

    not even if it were Price instead of Halak would that trade go through

  25. DoubleDown says:

    theyre negotiating with valentenko and he'll probably sign over the summer. emelin has been much tougher. probably won't get signed anytime soon. but emelin is the more NHL-ready of the two. valentenko would need 1, probably 2 years in Hamilton.

  26. sakurulz says:

    well all the guys mentionned are better all around leadership aside so he doesn't even come close to top 5….i know he is probably the 2nd most iomportant player to the team (after huet) but he still not among elite of dmen in league….so many guys doing much better!

  27. ferron says:

          Listen, this is Vinny first year over 40 goals and 100 pts for 7.2 mil/year he should get these number every year since he got into the league 7 years ago but his best season was what about 80 pts, explain to me why this guy is so great this is the first year he gets something even close to these numbers , and his team always finish in one of the worst defensivly every years, isn't it so that if your an MVP like you said type player and you play with great linemate ( Richard, Prospal, St-Louis, and boyles) isn't your team supose to be one of NHL 's top 5, these guys all play over 25 minutes a games,( more than any foward in the league) , One more thing if you have a player like "Vinny" on your Team you won't have enough cash to afford a good team, unless you have a roster fill with good rookies, well your in trouble. I think this trade could be good for bot team, about 9.2mil going to MTL, about 6.8, 2 NHL ready players and a third rounder going to MTL, and 4 ready NHLers a a first round draft pick going to Tampa, that's 3 prospect and two vets going to Tampa and would fill the roster much better than with Vinny and Prospal in there line up. In Tampa 5 players are making a total of 28 mil/year and will have a tone of RFA and UFA to sign in the summer and all this with no space, also Tampa only have 3 natural winger on there team and also in urgent need of a good young Goalie (Kovy, Perez,Halak) and also need established d-man (Dandenault), on top of all this they would get a prospect of there choice a the 2007 NHL entry draft (Around 23rd overall). So what else do you want for overrated Vinny, and who else would give more?

  28. ferron says:

      How about "Jancevski", do you think is ready? One more thing, i think that "Grabovski" is NHL ready and will play next year but who out of those players will get call up next year, Price, Urquart, Locke(24 years old), Chipchura, O,byrne, Maxwell or Kostitsyn jr. ?

  29. Pony says:

    As a Leafs fan I can say if I could get any one player in the league other than Crosby it would be Lecavalier.

    He's one of the very best in the league and in my mind he does it all, an elite point scorer, big center, can hit can fight has won it all before and is just hitting his prime with many more years left I would build a team around him.

    You would need a crazy trade to pry him away for the Leafs it would have be something like: Kaberle, Coliacovo, Pogge, Tlusty, Wellwood maybe.

  30. Sedin23 says:

    I didn't add Jovo, because he hasn't had a good season in like 4 years, and is always injuried.

  31. ferron says:

           You know i hate the "Leafs" but you guys are exagerating a little, Kaberle' s in top five dman in the league , "Coli" is getting better every minute, Pogge will be a (Turco) style goalie ( that's pretty good) and on top you would give up "Wellwood and Tlusty" look it's like i said i hate the Leafs but i know good players when i see one. Your a "leafs"s fan i can't believe you would part with "Kaberle" that easy! I'm a habs fan and i would trade Souray anyday for Kaberle he's just so smooth the way he skates and passes, anyway no way that i would trade my top player (Kaberle) along with, not one , not two or either  three prospects but your woul offer 4 top prospects, for what? A guy that had a 50 season a one Stanley cup ( because of Khabibulin not Vinny), i think that there is too much hype around Vinny.

  32. ferron says:

             I just heard on RDS that "Kovalev" warn "Gaigney" that if he was planning to use him the same way MTL did last year that he would'nt return in a "Habs" uniform next year ( WHooooooo hoooooo Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh there is a god!) All this after he(Kovy) learn that team Russia Didn't want he's sorry ass in there line up, anybody surprise, What did "Kovalev"s 47 pts supose to impress anybody. The only team Kovalev would make and be there top player would be teams like Japan, Germany, Nepal, Laos… Ha! Ha! Ha!  

    ps: Why won't you just f–K off allready, can't you see that your unwanted. Goodbye KOVALAZY!

  33. curtmang says:

    Thats good news. Hopefully Souray will return as well. Samsonov will not be returning next season. Bob Gainey said that if he can't trade him, they will buy out his contract. For more, go to

  34. DoubleDown says:

    i think the most likely to make the team next year is o'byrne…as for the forwards, it all depends on what they do in the offseason. i dont think jancevski is in the team's plans. he's not really a prospect he's in his mid 20's already. but o'byrne will fit nicely as a 6th Dman, definately ahead of jancevski on the depth chart.

    grabovski has the tools, but hes really frail. he's had a few injury problems in hamilton, no doubt because of his size. i have no clue what to make of him. but kostitsyn jr. might make the team if he has a great camp; dale hunter was raving about him this week, saying his defensive game is much more polished than the average 20 year old.

  35. ferron says:

           But now what are the option for "Kovy" ? i just saw something else on RDS and now it's for sure i think , he won't be back next year! So what can we do him(Trade,Waiver or else?). Also i heard that if a team bough a player out( exp.Samsonov)2/3 of his salary would count against the cap next year, is that true?

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