Markov May Take Off

Andrei Markov is in the last year of his contract and is scheduled to become an UFA at season’s end. This is a tricky situation for Bob Gainey and the Canadiens. What should they do?These are the basic options.

1-Keep him all year, and lose him to Russia or an NHL rival.

2-Keep him all year and resign him.

3-Trade him to another team for whatever can be had before the deadline.

In the event of 3 happening then they have a chance to resign him in the summer.

4-The best option is to resign him during the year to a deal worth around $4 million a year for 3 or 4 years.

Number one would be a catastrophe for the Habs. He is their best offensive defenceman, and there isn’t really a lot of depth on the team at this position. All of the prospects in the system are defensive defenceman or of lower quality than the enigmatic Russian. Emelin, O Byrne, Archer and Gleed are shut down guys, and Carle and Fisher are still really young.

This must be avoided at all costs. He might also go to Russia. If he wants $5 million a year, well…bye. The Russian National team views Markov as their most important defenceman and his value in the eyes of the Super League teams is commensurate.

Number 2 is risky, because it involves trusting a guy who dosen’t even talk to anybody. The fact that Kovalev, Samsonov and Perezhogin are there might help.

The return in a trade would be less than his value. The chances to resign him would be slim as well.

What could they get in a trade?

Aebischer, Ribeiro, Markov, draft picks and prospects could fetch the big scoring center and a replacement offensive defenceman.

Patrick Marleau in San Jose would be great.

Simon Gagne would also be good for the team. As it stands now he’s unsigned, but I don’t see Philly wanting Markov with Pitkanen there. Aebischer might be good for Florida if Belfour falls apart and Auld is average. Imagine Bouwmeester in Montreal? Aebischer, Markov and a high pick or a prospect like Perezhogin might do it. What do you think?

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  1. CrazyCanuck says:

    Maybe but highly unlikely…I don’t see San Jose trading away Marleau eventhough I would like to see him here. We still have Souray as an offensive weapon from the point…I thought Mtl had enough offense from most other teams out there. I don’t see Markov leaving next year and if he decides to leave, there will be someone else there to take his place. Don’t get me wrong, I like Markov but I don’t think he’s worth 4 mil a season.. I do see him being packaged in a deal though but not to an eastern team…more likely to the West

  2. TheStryker says:

    I like your train of thought about trading Markov.

    This guy is loaded with talent, but he seems like a bit of a flake. Here are just a few other options that I thought about

    Markov, Rebeiro, Perezoghin

    To Detroit

    Lang, Kronwall, 3-4 round pick

    Markov, Rebeiro, Ryder

    To Chicago

    Vandermeer, Handzus, 2nd Round pick

    Markov, Rebeiro, Ryder, 1st Round pick

    To Philadelphia

    Gagne, Umberger

    Markov, Rebeiro, Ryder, Perezoghin, 3rd Round pick

    To San Jose

    Marleau, Mclaren

    Markov, Ryder, Rebeiro

    To Colorado

    Liles, Laperriere, 2 Round pick

    I know these are a little far fetched but it is fun.

  3. habsoverserver says:

    The likelyhood that Markov accepts a fair offer from Gainey is about 50 times the likelyhood that Montreal trades him for Bouwmeester, Gagne or Marleau.

  4. blarneylad says:

    i think he likes montreal, but he barely speaks english, he might jet to russia

  5. habs4eva says:

    markov is stayin cuz look at the amount of russians in our team and prospects

    i honestly think huet will be a fluke by mid-season so i think gainey will trade him

    souray+huet+ryder+3rd=jokinen bowmeester and 4rd

  6. Habfan1234 says:

    He is not going anywhere. Markov has gotten better every year that he has been in the NHL and this year will be no exception. Moreover, he is the Habs only consistant point producing d-man and showed his improtance to the team when he went down with an injury. During the time he was out with an injury, the Habs were 2-11, I think. He will probably be signed to a 18 million deal over 4 years in the early Spring.

    The Habs will find that centreman that they are looking for via a trade of one of their goalies and a prospect or via the free agency period next season.

    Moreover, for European hockey players, playing in Montreal should be quite enjoyable as it is the most European city in North America. That could have been one of the reasons why Samsonov decided to sign in Montreal. Is this assessment of Montreal correct? I live in Vancouver and would like someone from Montreal, or has visted to Montreal, to verify or disprove my assessment.

  7. RickZombo says:

    Damn right,Montreal is a culture melting pot,involving european,american and hispanic influences.

    And I wouldn’t understand if we let go Markov,who is the best D-Man we had in years.+13,46 points in 67 games is not too shabby for a,and I’m quoting some dudes here:at best 3rd defenseman anywhere else inthe league….rriiiiiight…

    We can assume that Markov will hit the 50 point-mark and have is career year in 06-07,since it’s his last year of contract,anyone who watched hockey in the last decade knows that it’s always their best year…

    I would ship out Sheldon and Rivet,in separated trades,to get younger.

    A trade that would fit greatly:



    2nd round


    Nathan Horton

    Mike Van Ryn

  8. TheStryker says:

    Being a Habs fan i would love to see that happen, but alas it will not. If you want that trade to go down you’ll have to sweeten the pot. Horton will be a consitant 25 goal scorer and he’s very good in his own end. Remember Souray is a UFA at the end of the year, and will most likely sign with a team on the west coast.




    2nd pick

    to Florida



  9. blarneylad says:

    giving up too much, but i guess thats wat it would take to get a guy like bouw

  10. mtl_prince says:

    k, take out riberio and that 2nd round draft coice and that might be a fare trade, markov for bouwmester, ryder for horton…..

    iether way id rather keep markov and ryder, markov will b a hab for life!

  11. Les-Habitants says:

    What is this?? Yes, Markov is going to be UFA next year but creating a post with this title is retarded. Man, the season hasn’t even begun yet and some people have already started making random trade suggestions.

    Argh, and those trade ideas are no where near realistic. Bouwmeester? Marleau? I mean comeon, post something that’s worth reading pleassseeee.

  12. LeRooster says:

    Thinking over a trade involving Markov isn’t easy, but some comments come to my mind about what you wrote…

    Detroit : we might need Lang but he’s old and doesn’t have the best work ethic…some guys we had before had the same problem… they got traded for not much…plus Detroit don’t need another center, now that Zetterberg wants to play to the center… For Zetterberg I would trade, but I doubt they will want Ribeiro

    Chicago : Hanzus ? what the hell are we going to do with him ? we already got Bonk…

    Philadelphia : no way they are going to trade Gagné for that offer… he would be great in Mtl but he’s not worth 5.25 millions

    San Jose : McLaren in Mtl… gotta be nuts to get him… it’s been 5 years, we still remember

    Marleau in Montreal would really solve our problem at the center, and I would be willing to sacrifice Ribeiro, Ryder, Perezhogin… but losing our 1st defence… we keep either Perezhogin or Markov, but not both in the same trade

    Colorado : we dont need Laperriere… dont know what he would do in Montreal

    The only trades which I would accept concerning Markov would be if someone like Zherdev, Zetterberg or Marleau would come to Montreal, Marleau especially (would fill the "we dont have alot of Quebecois" and "a captain who doesn’t speak french" problems)

  13. passionch says:

    I don’t think Markov will leave the Habs yet since there really isn’t a reason for him to leave when he is considered our best d-man here.

  14. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    sign this guy. teams that have no scoring on the blue line become one dimensional.

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