Markov Salary Details

With his new 23 million dollar contract tucked firmly into his pocket, Andrei Markov will now be earning an average of 5.75 million dollars per season for the next four years. Such a large contract has many Habs fans doubting the signing of unrestricted free agent Sheldon Souray. GM Bob Gainey has said, however that his “priority will be Sheldon Souray,” adding “I expect to have talks with Sheldon’s agent in the coming days.”

With the likely departure of Aebischer, Samsonov, Niinimaa, Johnson and possibly Kovalev (That would free up roughly 13.5 million in total), the chance of locking up Souray is not as farfetched as some make it out to be. Even if Gainey matches Markov’s contract in an attempt to hold on to Souray, the Canadiens will still have about 7-7.5 million dollars left in cap space, leaving room to sign a high profile forward like Chris Drury or Daniel Briere.

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  1. Muff2k says:

    so we let souray walk or we make him an offer….

    either way, markov's deal set the bar high – and as valuable as Markov is to the team he didn't have a year like Souray.

    Looks like alot of our young guys will be called up this year. especially after the playoffs the bulldogs are happening

  2. bobsUruncle says:

    the UFAs not resigning–>Aebischer,Bonk,Johnson,Ninnimaa,Downey
    9million off the books
    moving Samsonov will bring that number up to 12.5million.
    assuming that no one else is moved (highly unlikely), we can still sign Souray to a 3 million increase…and have roughly 10 million left to sign our RFAs and a potential big name player.
    Personally I think Bouillon or Dandenault will be moved, and I’m thinking the former. Dandenault still brings a veteran presence.
    Kovalev and his 4.5mil are staying, and I predict he has a rebound season. He just needs the right linemates!
    Koivu will probably be our SECOND line center next season, where he belongs.

    ———- ————- Kovalev
    Latendresse Koivu Ryder
    Higgins Plekanec Kostitsyn
    Begin Lapierre Chipchura

    My personnal hope is that we bring up Grabovski to play with Kovalev, and Gainey focusses all his efforts on a Left winger for our top line.(can anyone say Smyth??)

    And btw…I am predicting now, Carey Price will be our starting goaltender this coming season. Gainey will move Halak (probably at the draft)!

  3. passionch says:

    Let's hope Markov will post up his best numbers during those 4 years and not in its last, like so many other players.

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