Marleau a Hab?

According to a Montreal radio station called the Team 990 and also reported by the San Jose Sharks and Montreal Canadiens may complete a deal soon. Here’s the proposed trade:

To Montreal:

C Patrick Marleau

To San Jose:

RW Alexander Perezhogin

D Andrei Markov

1st Round Pick

Marleau would be an excellent addition for the habs in that oh so needed big centre role. That being said I really dont want to have to give up Markov to get it as he improved so much last year. Plus we would still have Ribeiro giving us a lot of centres. I would take out Markov and put in Ribeiro. This would make more sense and be an excellent trade for both sides. Well more for us really :)! Altough economically I do not think this trade could work as Markov and Perezhogins combined salaries equal about $2.5M and Marleau is getting about $4M. This is another reason to add Ribeiro to the trade instead of Markov because Ribeiro is getting about $2M alone. However even with Ribeiro in it i think the habs would need to dump someone to get under the cap.

Here’s the link: