Marleau to Toronto makes sense


Go ahead: buy your Patrick Marleau Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys.

Let’s cut all the garbage: Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke said last week that he wanted to add a first line winger with some muscle and scoring touch. This isn’t “moving heaven and earth” to get John Tavares . The draft was too big a puzzle to pull that off.

But throwing money at a guy? Burke can do that better than anybody and remember: for better or worse he usually does what he says he’ll do.

So never mind the song and dance that’s going to follow. Or that Marleau doesn’t mind San Jose – there are few places I’d rather live than the Bay area, too. Of that it’s such an obvious marriage that a true skeptic would shake their head and say: ‘Nah, too obvious. Never happen.’ But if Marleau really wants to think about it, he’ll realize that even though the Leafs have their own warped history – 1967 and all that – being on the same team as Dany Heatley dooms him because Heatley is the ‘Typhoid Mary’ of NHL players: he brings nothing but bad karma with him. He’s like the ‘Old Maid’ of NHL players … the guy you don’t want to be stuck with.

Patrick Marleau .


Get used to it.