Martin Biron rips off 12th win in last 12 starts

No, it’s not 12 straight wins outright, the 5-0 loss to the Sharks where Noronen started and Biron finished is sandwiched inbetween. But it’s tough to say any goalie in the NHL is playing better than Marty Biron right now, and if there is a goalie playing better his team isn’t bailing him out on an off night and winning games like the Sabres are right now.

Biron became the 1st NHL goaltender to win 11 straight starts since Marty Brodeur in 2001, now he’s passed Brodeur’s mark with 12. Even Dominik Hasek in his prime never managed a streak such as this, but he also never had a team like the Sabres are this season. The big winning streak could end tonight, but it wouldn’t change the fact Biron has won 12 straight starts. I realize that I’m one of maybe 3 Sabres fans that ever post on this board, but how many games must the Sabres win before anyone here says a damn thing about it?

Recently, for the 1st time I can ever remember has been writing tons of feature articles on the Sabres. There was one about the work ethic the team has shown this year, the way guys have stepped up when key players went down, and even one calling Irish tenor Ronon Tynan the Sabres’ version of Kate Smith. That is something I’ve noticed during this run they’ve been on. They’ve won games with key players being out for several games. Daniel Briere was out for quite awhile and the Sabres kept winning without him. Ryan Miller broke his thumb in October and I remember writing the article about how a goaltender would have to step up to keep the Sabres in the race. Biron has done far more than anyone could have expected him too. Jay Mckee (the league’s leading shot blocker) and Toni Lydman have both been out with injuries this season, and Dumont is due to be out until after the Olympics. This team is truly a team, something past successful Sabres teams were not. They were all about Hasek, if they managed 2 goals in a game they were going to win because you weren’t going to score 3 on Dominik. This team isn’t a groin tear away from being on the skids like those teams were.

They’re right behind Ottawa now for the division and the top seed in the Conference (granted the Sens have games in hand and have pounded the Sabres head to head this year). I think the way Ottawa has looked human in recent games if the Sabres stay hot they may catch them by Christmas, what a Christmas present for Sabres fans even if Ottawa still has games in hand. The Sabres may cool off soon, but Ryan Miller is set to return as soon as Marty stops winning games. Right now the Sabres will play Biron until he looks human again, then give Miller a chance to step back in.

With the season ending injury to Cloutier in Vancouver there is plenty of speculation that the Nucks would try to deal for Biron. His trade value will never be higher than it is right now, but the Sabres don’t need to do anything right now. In fact, I wouldn’t even think of making a move and messing with the chemistry the team has right now. I don’t know what’s going to happen but I have certainly enjoyed the ride so far.