Martin Brodeur's All-Star Team…

Martin Brodeur writes, from time to time, his own column in a Quebec newspaper. In his latest column he decided to write down his own all-star team, composed of 4 offensive lines, 3 defense pairings and 2 goalies. I found it interesting enough to go ahead and transribe the article for people of the site, so it goes like this…(Journal de Québec / Journal de Montréal)

please excuse any syntax mistakes that can occur during the translation.

”I just lived another beautiful all-star weekend.

It’s always nice to meet again with players you learned to know with the years and that are now part of the NHL elite.

I only allowed 1 goal during the period I was playing and I was glad, especially because the East won the game.

You never want to look stupid in those offensive minded all-star games, nobody plays like he’s used to: players used to shoot alot as soon as they touch the puck normally, likes to pass the puck and have fun in the allstar game.

I thought about bringing you my own all-star team. Since 1992, I had the chance to play against or with great players.

To compose a team of 4 offensive lines, 3 defense pairings and 2 goalies is far from being easy, there are so many talented players in the league.


My first offensive line would be composed of Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr. Hard to find any better, isn’t it?

Here are 3 amazingly talented players that are making NHL goaltender become insomniacs.

Gretzky & Lemieux are the 2 best players of their era, nobody can argue that.

As for Jagr, he’s been criticized these past years but for a goaltender, I can tell you that he is almost impossible to figure out because of his immense talent. When in great shape, Jagr is hard to stop.


My 2nd line will maybe surprise you a little bit. It would be composed of Paul Kariya, Eric Lindros and Teemu Selanne.

These 3 players each had great seasons in the nineties. When he was at his best, before all the concussions, Lindros was intimidating because of his gritty style.


I’d then place 3 fabulous centers on my 3rd line: Mark Messier, Joe Sakic & Peter Forsberg.

Those 3 are great leaders who each won many Stanley Cups.

Messier is still very effective even at 43 years old and I was happy to see Joe Sakic get the MVP of the game on sunday, he’s still incredibly good on the ice. [note: no word about Forsberg in the article]


For my 4th line, I’d see the infamous Markus Naslund / Todd Bertuzzi duo with a center like Robert Lang, who’s by the way still fighting with Naslund for the scoring title of the league.

The choices are even harder when it comes to D.


The first name that pops into my head when I think of a defensemen is Raymond Bourque. He was the kind of defensemen that every goalie was dreaming for, a perfect player.

He’d be a good fit with Rob Blake, a defensemen that I liked very much when he was on my team in Salt Lake City.


For my second pairing, I’d definately put my current captian on the Devils, Scott Stevens. He is so strong, reliable and solid defensively. I’d like to put him with another teammate, Scott Niedermayer, but I can’t forget what Nicklas Lidtsrom did for Detroit in the past years, winning the Norris trophy several times.


Chris Pronger and Al MacInnis would be my choices for my last pair of defensemen.

Last but not least, the goaltenders.


What about Dominik HAsek and Patrick Roy? This dream team would be coached by Scotty Bowman & Jacques Lemaire, 2 coaches that I always admired.”

So that was the article… What do you guys think about his team?