Martin fired. Step one complete

Jacques Martin was fired today by the Ottawa Senators.

I think he is a good coach, of course, but this had to be done.

Now, Ottawa needs to do the following.

Remove the C from Alfredsson. Alfredsson is a great player. I think he will get even better if he is allowed to just play. He severely lacks the demeanour for a captain anyway. I say try to land a vet like Messier. He is probably good for 30 points, will do whatever is necessary to win and pass that on to the rest of the team. What he will bring most is accountability to that dressing room.

Get rid of some of the “sweethearts” as Don Cherry would say.

Bonk, and Havlat.

Bonk, because he has a history of disappearing in the playoffs. Havlat because he was all but invisible this year AND you can likely get something good in return… Like Jeff O’neill + ?…

Look or a first rate goalie. Easier said than done. What about Kolzig? I bet Washington would deal Kolzig for Bonk+ (maybe not). Kolzig was very good for Washington down the stretch and the poor last couple seasons can be blamed on a horrid team as much as anything.

Finally, another forward with grit. Mike Peca perhaps?

As much as people hate Tie Domi… Ottawa has nothing like a Tie Domi on their team. He worked his ASS off. Chipped in the odd point (including some excellent work on the all-important first goal in game 7!) and if you pay attention you will realize that he skates very well also so you don’t lose in speed. He is possibly the most useful *goon* type player in the league.

They do these things and they will change the complexion of the team and STILL have a lot of excellent young talent. They will win a cup with this kind of tweaking.

Now, who is the next coach?

I love the idea of Keenan in Ottawa, LOL!

Did Quenville already get hired?

Is Larry Robinson coaching?

(forgive me but I am out of touch with who is coaching who in the NHL)

Finally, what about if the Leafs go no further? Pat Quinn may also be available!?! A wild thought, to be sure, but Pat Quinn’s “us against the world” act could be just what Ottawa needs.

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