Marty Turco Suspended

Ever since The Bertuzzi/Moore incident, the league has been handing out suspensions left and right. 10 players have been suspended, the latest being Marty Turco (4 games) and Jody Shelley (3 games).

The league is looking to right its ship in the wake of the Bertuzzi/Moore incident by clamping down on illegal hits and play. But do you think the league has gone too far? Shelley got 3 games for punching Alex Henry during a scrum. This has happened many times during the season, the player usually gets an instigator and other penalties that hurt their team during the game. I can only think that Shelley’s hit resembles Bertuzzi’s hit, as Henry was blindsided… 3 games?

Marty Turco got 4 games, but he was suspended last season, and his hit looked intentional. Keep your cool, Marty!

Messier’s hit has been duplicated many times the past seasons without a suspension like his.

Sutter was suspended for his actions at the end of the Nashville/Calgary game.

Oliwa was suspended for abuse of officials? Didn’t see the video, but I heard he bumped a ref. But Oliwa did start the melee. Far worse happened from the Philly/Sens game. But no one was suspended. I can see the League trying to clamp down on end of the game brawls in the wake of the continent wide media attention for the NHL.

What are all your opinions about all these suspensions? Are they fair, or just a new policy to help recover the NHL’s behind?

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  1. Flyers_01 says:

    I think it’s partly the NHL trying to show the media that they are tough on violence but also the players I think are losing their cool a bit more often.

    In my mind the suspensions are making the NHL look worse if only because there is no rhyme or reason to them. Belak and Turco are both repeat stick offenders yet Belak get’s 8 games but Turco 4? Can anyone explain how, in a rational manner, Messier only get’s 2 games while everyone else is getting 4 games+? That Hall of Fame career carries a get out of jail free card. Brewstar is right though in that Messier has speared countless people and usually the NHL looks the other way because he was one of their PR guys, which makes this look even more ridiculous.

  2. comrie44 says:

    What about Brad Ference?

    He suckers punches a guy 2x in the back of the head and gets off scot free?

    Lucky for him he punches like a girl, or he’d be in the same boat as Bertuzzi.

  3. Lint07 says:

    sorry for the double-posting, guys. DG posted the other article while I was editing this one… At least it is kind of different than the other one

    ok, now my thoughts about the Turco suspension:

    Very fair suspension.

    The most surprising thing is that the NHL actually did suspend him. Let’s face it, the Stars are at the end of a very tough playoff race where all the games are incredibly important and Turco got suspended for 4 of their last 5. Way to go, Mr. Campbell.

    On the other hand, Ryan Smyth is the most annoying pest around the net for a goalie. Being a goalie myself I kinda notice these kind of things… Did anyone noticed what actually happened before Turco stopped the shot? Smyth was pushing his stick blade right on Turco’s mask trying to blind him (this actually works well because it looks like the player is going for the deflection, while he really isn’t) He got away with it and that’s why Turco was mad at him.

    Another incident I noticed (I don’t get to see much Oilers game here unfortunately) was in a game against San Jose where Smyth was on the side of the net, right behind Evgeni Nabokov and slashed him on the higher part of his stick… which made him lose the stick… which lead to an Oilers goal.

    Now don’t get me wrong guys, I think that this is an amazing feature (when he doesen’t get caught) but I can understand why a goalie would lose his temper over him.

  4. Bubblenuts says:

    I guess the sad part about these incidents is that next year (or whenever) suspensions will probably fall back to the 2 game avg again, rather than pressuring everyone involved to move these situations out of the game. Much like their “crackdown” on obstruction, knees, cross-checks, high-sticks, etc etc etc.

    On a side note, it’s a good thing I have never had the chance to play against Messier…

    i’d be deflated.

  5. The_Conductor says:

    The thing about these suspensions that bug me the most. Is why are there different sets of suspensions for different players?

    Belak gets 8- Turco gets 4.

    If Oliwa were to spear a player he would get 5… Messier gets 2.

    I mean the league shoud say… high stick draws blood..2 games Swinging motion 4 games… 2 handed 8 games… etc.. etc.. etc..

  6. The_Conductor says:

    I think Holmstrom for Detroit is more annoying!

  7. leafs_man says:

    Marty Turco is a very well resected young goalie and im diapointed in his actions but as being an x-nhler myself ive learned that it is easy to get in the zone and behave in ways you do’nt and from what i’ve read and wached Marty was in the zone and i respect Marty just as much as i ever did and he is a great person and do not always behave in theses ways


  8. Lint07 says:

    well just like in court, the judge take into consideration the past actions of the accused player.

    If Messier speared someone and it is his first “bad incident” he’s had in years, how can you say that he should get the same amount of games than Oliwa, who happens to be suspended regularly by the league..? Not convinced? re-read it with Markus Naslund’s name instead of Messier then.

    I think it’s ok to get rewarded for your past good behaviours.

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