Marty Turco Suspended

Ever since The Bertuzzi/Moore incident, the league has been handing out suspensions left and right. 10 players have been suspended, the latest being Marty Turco (4 games) and Jody Shelley (3 games).

The league is looking to right its ship in the wake of the Bertuzzi/Moore incident by clamping down on illegal hits and play. But do you think the league has gone too far? Shelley got 3 games for punching Alex Henry during a scrum. This has happened many times during the season, the player usually gets an instigator and other penalties that hurt their team during the game. I can only think that Shelley’s hit resembles Bertuzzi’s hit, as Henry was blindsided… 3 games?

Marty Turco got 4 games, but he was suspended last season, and his hit looked intentional. Keep your cool, Marty!

Messier’s hit has been duplicated many times the past seasons without a suspension like his.

Sutter was suspended for his actions at the end of the Nashville/Calgary game.

Oliwa was suspended for abuse of officials? Didn’t see the video, but I heard he bumped a ref. But Oliwa did start the melee. Far worse happened from the Philly/Sens game. But no one was suspended. I can see the League trying to clamp down on end of the game brawls in the wake of the continent wide media attention for the NHL.

What are all your opinions about all these suspensions? Are they fair, or just a new policy to help recover the NHL’s behind?