Mathieu Dandenault has asked to be traded is reporting that Montreal Canadiens defenseman Mathieu Dandenault has informed GM Bob Gainey that he wishes to be traded. It is also noted that Gainey has apparently stated that he will do his best to accommodate Mathieu Dandenault’s desire to be moved.

It is reported that “The 33-year-old has politely informed Canadiens general manager Bob Gainey he would like to be moved and according to source, Gainey has agreed to help him out.”

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28 Responses to Mathieu Dandenault has asked to be traded

  1. HABSSTAR says:

    Wonder what you could get for him?

  2. pezzz123 says:

    a waiver claim?

  3. wayne2 says:

    What about packaging him in a trade say…
    To Ny islanders:Obyrne and Dandenault
    To Montreal:Witt

  4. mtlman2005 says:

    id be happy with a pick! Any pick, as long as we can dump hes salary and go for someone better!

  5. RossCreek says:

    6th round pick

  6. Skeeterzx225 says:

    how about a bag of pucks? dont know whats going on with the habs. i hate them but there falling off the face of the earth.

  7. Kyleton says:

    If they package him with Higgins and Halak he could be the missing piece that will land the Habs Vinny!

  8. RossCreek says:

    Habs place Doug Janik on waivers. Ha!

  9. RossCreek says:

    The Habs also claimed former Flyer F Glen Metropolit off waivers.

    Meanwhile, the Canucks claimed D Ossi Vaananen from the Flyers.

  10. micky says:

    in a heartbeat….habs could use Witt's toughness.

  11. Plekanec says:

     The Habs just picked up Metropolite from waivers????? Another bum! I sure hope Gainey's gonna make more move cause I don't see them going further with Janik, Schneider and Metro, What's the point of being a Buyer if all your gonna buy is Garbage!

     Like I said unless Bob makes another move for a talented player(s), all those previous moves will be useless!

    BTW I rather Have Begin and Dandenault on my team than Metropolite and Janik!

  12. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    It now seems that Dandy never asked for a trade.

    The only network to go with the story, whether it was substantiated or not, was TSN.

    No other news source saw fit to go with that story.

  13. mojo19 says:

    Might get a 6th round pick for him. He plays RW and D so he's versitile in that regard, but he's not a tremendous player.

  14. Habfan17 says:

    He has played well when he has been in the lineup and is valuable in the playoffs. I could see a strong team like Detroit giving up a 4th round pick, which of course is almost like a 5th round! I used Detroit as an example, but for a very good team to add some versatile inexpensive depth for the playoffs, I think a 4th round is fair.

  15. Habfan17 says:

    I think that Gainey picked up Janek to use in Hamilton because he either needed the depth and that would remove whatever was against the cap for Begin…or… Someone wants a dman that is currently in Hamilton and he is replacing him with Janik. Maybe O'Byrne or Carle!

    Metroplit may just be for depth if Dandenault in fact does get traded and there are more injuries!!

  16. Habfan17 says:

    TSN is pretty reliable and must have confirmed that it was true before running the story. If he wants to go, he would have value to a strong cup contender who wants an inexpensive versatile player, with cup experience.

  17. NHLSlayer says:

    This time of year, where hockey is involved, TSN is NOT very reliable at all.

    TSN strives so hard to be the network that breaks any moves, that it's not uncommon at all for them to run a story that has no substance, and this looks like another one.

    Who knows, maybe TSN goes under the whole "a blind squirrel will eventually find a nut".  But, if you are looking for credible reporting, go somewhere, ANYWHERE, but TSN.

  18. Habfan17 says:

    Of course they did! It is a league rule that players must clear waivers before being assigned to the minors. Gianye said it in the interview after the trade that Janik was acquired for depth in case of injuries and that he would be assigned to Hamilton assuming he cleared waivers! So what is with the Ha! ?

  19. RossCreek says:

    The "ha" is in reference to every little bit of Hab news is a big deal. I'm not a Hab fan (or  a hater really) yet i posted it before a Hab fan. Hence, HA! Thats it, thats all. Sorry to everyone I "offended".

  20. Canadiens81 says:

    I would rather have Metroplit.  He played really well against the Habs in the playoffs last year and will be an asset as our 4th line center and on our PK and I believe he comes cheaper than both Dandenault and Begin.

  21. LeafsNation91 says:

    ??? He is worth as much as Brad May was

  22. Joe_Pass says:

    Stupidity is more entertaining than offending. Don’t feel bad.

  23. RossCreek says:

    Who knew a little "ha" would stir you guys up so much. I don't live in Hab-Land. I don't live & die Habs. I don't normally "report" Hab news, and therefore thought "ha", I beat all the Hab posters. I did not look into the reasoning behind it, just assumed it was because of Metropolit

  24. RossCreek says:


    "The Montreal Canadiens claimed centre Glen Metropolit on waivers from the Philadelphia Flyers on Friday, sources tell Sportsnet.

    Metropolit is known as a dependable penalty-killer.

    He has four goals and 14 points this season and is minus-1.

    Metropolit is guaranteed $1 million this year and is also guaranteed $1 million for the 2009-10 season.

    In response, the Canadiens placed defenceman Doug Janik on waivers. Janik was acquired Thursday from the Dallas Stars in exchange for left winger Steve Begin"

  25. Joe_Pass says:

    Hmmmmkay, don’t get so stirred up.

  26. Habfan17 says:

    I wasn't offended, just confused. It appeared that you weren't aware that players need to clear waivers and that you were refering to trading Begin for a guy they weren't going to keep!

  27. broc says:

    Schneider has 3g and 2 a in 5 games with the Habs you fool. And you call him garbage. You are a bad fan….. a BAD FAN@!!!

  28. HABSSTAR says:

    I don't know, they were in a tail spin for a while there but just put three wins in a row together.  Maybe all the shit that they just went through cleared the air or something. 

    Keeping my fingers crossed.

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