Mats Sundin Needs to Have an Heir But Who?

Mats Sundin is still and elite player and a great leader. However, his years are getting to him. Now im not going out and saying get rid of him like many people on this website would. Sundin will need a heir and it will cost us. Our absolute best option would be send a package and steal one of Malkin or Staal but in all likely hood that wont happen. Our second best option would be making this trade.

Patrice Bergeron
Kumelin, 2nd rounder, Matt Stajan

That seems a bit crazy but Bergeron could be just what we need. He can pass and score and be an heir to Sundin.

I am going to go back to the Pittsburgh deal which could only happen if we overwhelmed them with quality players.

Jordan Staal

Kumelin, Steen, 13th pick this year, Hal Gill, Poni

Yes its not all that much talent but eventually Staal or Malkin will leave due to lack of cap. They will both be 7 million dollar men and they wont be able to afford that. Kumelin was Malkins linemate and they showed great chemestry. Steen could somewhat replace Staals defencive abilities. Hal Gill can take pk minutes and Poni can chip in 20 goals.
pls Brugmanus go easy on this.