Matt Cooke's Dirty Hit on Marc Savard a Sign That Rules Need to Change in N

James Murphy

A solid effort and textbook road game by the Bruins ended in an unfortunate 2-1 loss to the Penguins on Sunday. But the result Sunday was secondary, because Bruins center Marc Savard was the victim of a vicious blindsided elbow by Penguins forward Matt Cooke and, according to team representative Eric Tosi, will remain in Pittsburgh Sunday night with a team physician.

“Marc lost consciousness briefly on the ice after being struck in the head,” Tosi told the media following the game. “He suffered a concussion from the hit. He was not transported to a hospital but will remain at the team hotel in Pittsburgh with a member of the Bruins’ medical staff tonight as a precaution. No further update on Marc’s condition is expected tonight.”

In the original clip on NESN, it is hard to tell if Cooke elbowed Savard, but this video clip posted by a Penguins fan clearly shows Cooke’s elbow hitting Savard’s head and, more importantly, intent to injure. Savard had just let a shot off and was clearly unaware of Cooke bearing down on him. Cooke has time to follow through cleanly or not use his elbow, but he does.

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  1. hockey_lover says:

    Oh dear …. wait for it .. wait for it …

  2. ovechking says:

    I hate Matt Cooke, he's dirty and never backs it up. But, in the video you can clearly tell it wasn't an elbow. Savards head was hit above the numbers on the arm right in the shoulder area. And seeing how he got knocked out it was probably one of the harder parts of the shoulder pad. 

    I'm sorry James Murphy but you must be blind if you think his elbow hit his head. With that bad of footage you can freeze frame at 17 seconds and then again at 18 and you can clearly see where the elbow is and where the head makes contact. Directly above the numbers which is above the elbow.

    Why all of a sudden do players not have to be aware anymore. John Mitchell of the Leafs got it the other night pretty similar and nothing came of it and it was a hit by Chris Neil a repeat offender.
    Mitchell got knocked out of the game and all anyone said was that he should be more aware of who's on the ice and to keep his head up.
    Just because Savard is more of a star player does not mean he can play a contact sport with his head down. Ya he just took the shot and Cooke came from the side but Sarvard made the choice to position himself like that completely unaware of his surroundings. 
    It sucks beyond belief that a player gets knocked out like that but when it comes to making up details to emphasize a point, that's just pathetic.
    Are you going to blame the defensemen who run over forwards who are looking back to accept a pass? 
    No! That's called a suicide pass and players do everything they can not to be put in that position. But when it comes to a player willingly positioning himself in the very centre of the high slot he should now become untouchable because he chooses to put himself in a spot unaware. 
    That's just dumb. 
    It's a clean hit whether he gets him in the head like he did or if he would have got the shoulder like he just missed. If you look closely you can see Savard's shoulder actually gets hit slightly first. 
    I feel bad for Savard and i still hate Cooke but it is what it is.
  3. nordiques100 says:

    excessive expansion and a complete lack of understanding to move with the times has created all these problems.

    too many teams means too many marginal players playing in the NHL. Cooke is an ok player, but would he be an NHLer if we didnt expand from 21 to 30 teams? probably not. He has been a borderline dirty player who has made a living hurting others. His record speaks for itself.

    Every team has these dirty, useless players at the bottom of their roster.

    in the olympics we saw 2 dangerous plays, one resulting in a suspension to pitkanen in the 2 week tourney. the other was tollefsen on bartecko. in the NHL, we see probably 2 or 3 per night.

    I think we can all live with clean hitting where headshots are deterred (a rule in international hockey which refs call with regularity), and no fighting.

    but, we cant leave the dark ages it seems. this is why players like savard are vulnerable. not because shawn thornton or chara couldnt go and maim cooke for revenge, but just how it is where barbaric, dirty play is encouraged, not discouraged.

    we need to rid ourselves of the headshots. and i think with no fighting we remove the cam janssens of the world and maybe add a more skilled player.

    fighting will probably stay. i dont feel the league needs it to survive but they feel stuff like that and shootouts add entertainment.

    headshots and seeing savard carted off on a stretcher do not. i would gladly love to see severe penalties for headshots over any other changes.

  4. blaze says:

    Great all the b*tching and moaning is going to reach critical mass and from now on you'll have to ask opponents before you can hit.

  5. ovechking says:

    Exactly! Not only will you have to ask but they have to be within the right size dimensions too. So you can't hit someone who's 2 inches shorter or 2 inches taller and if they weigh 10 pounds more or less same thing.

    I think by attaching endless amendments to the rules is the only way to truly grow this game……………… into women's hockey.
    (not bashing women players, just the entertainment they produce)
  6. dumbassdoorman says:

    they could make practise jerseys the newe game jerseys….lol…different colours for different groupings

  7. dumbassdoorman says:

    crappy deal that he is gone for the season…tough break for sure. hope he has a good recovery

  8. reinjosh says:

    yeah that is a terrible way to end a season
    regardless of my feelings towards the hit (i dont think its as dirty as every seems to think), its just terrible to see a player go down for any time after a hit like that.

    on another note, how unlucky have Boston pivots been with concussions
    first Bergeron, now Savard.

  9. dumbassdoorman says:

    Ya it has not been good for them in that way for sure. i don't think was dirty or there was a clear intent to injure. I do however think was just another unecessary hit to the head.

  10. FlamingHomer says:

    aaaaaaaand no suspension. Colin Campbell sets a precedent for all the evil players.

  11. bbruins37 says:

    lol yep. basically it's "hey guys, if you want to maliciously injure a player, by all means go right ahead. but could you just make it a headshot so i can come across as "consistent" with my suspensions? i've got a reputation to uphold you know…unless you're a star of course. then just do whatever the hell you want."

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