Maurice is to blame!

Paul Maurice is not cutout to be an NHL coach, and I will explain why he is nothing more then just a minor league coach.
You wanna know what the problem is, it’s Paul Maurice, he is not a good coach at all. Why do you think Carolina let him go, and look what has happened to them since he left. The Leafs were a better team when Quinn was the coach, we had lots of leadership, and chemistry. Now with Maurice we have NO chemistry because the damn guy came in, broke everything up, and still can’t figure out his lines after 2 years, he sucks. He never allows a line to stick together to gain chemistry, he changes it every night. He breaks up McCabe and Kaberle, he pretty much drives all his veterans into the ground, breaking their confidence, because he likes playing mostly 4th liners instead. The guy even starts Raycroft for the first game, is he retarded? Maurice is only good at coaching 4th liners, and that is why he did good with the Marlies, because most players their are either up and coming 4th liners, or their never going to play in the NHL, just like him. He needs to coach minor league and that’s it, he’s not cutout for the NHL. Bring back Pat Quinn, the days when we actually had an identity. Maurice needs to go.

These are his lines “sometimes,” oh wait I don’t even know what the lines are because he changes them so damn much.

These are what they should be:

Blake/Sundin/Wellwood-when healthy, we need somebody to feed the puck and that’s Wellwood, he’s not big enough to be a center.
Antropov/Steen/Poni-Steen needs to play more, part of our future.
Bell/Stajan/Tucker-when Bell is healthy of course.
Kilger/Devereaux/Battaglia-Perfect 4th line.

McCabe/Kaberle-Bring it back to the perfect pairing, regain confidence.
Kubina/Coliacovo-when Healthy.
Gill/Stralman-Wozniewski takes way to many costly penalties, and we need more speed.

Starting Goaltender with no questions:
Raycroft as the backup and nothing more.

Is it really that hard Paul, or are you still wondering why you got fired from Carolina, because they seem to be doing fine with their new coach. It’s going to be a long year with Maurice calling the shots. This team will never have an identity as long as he coaches it. The End.