Maurice is to blame!

Paul Maurice is not cutout to be an NHL coach, and I will explain why he is nothing more then just a minor league coach.
You wanna know what the problem is, it’s Paul Maurice, he is not a good coach at all. Why do you think Carolina let him go, and look what has happened to them since he left. The Leafs were a better team when Quinn was the coach, we had lots of leadership, and chemistry. Now with Maurice we have NO chemistry because the damn guy came in, broke everything up, and still can’t figure out his lines after 2 years, he sucks. He never allows a line to stick together to gain chemistry, he changes it every night. He breaks up McCabe and Kaberle, he pretty much drives all his veterans into the ground, breaking their confidence, because he likes playing mostly 4th liners instead. The guy even starts Raycroft for the first game, is he retarded? Maurice is only good at coaching 4th liners, and that is why he did good with the Marlies, because most players their are either up and coming 4th liners, or their never going to play in the NHL, just like him. He needs to coach minor league and that’s it, he’s not cutout for the NHL. Bring back Pat Quinn, the days when we actually had an identity. Maurice needs to go.

These are his lines “sometimes,” oh wait I don’t even know what the lines are because he changes them so damn much.

These are what they should be:

Blake/Sundin/Wellwood-when healthy, we need somebody to feed the puck and that’s Wellwood, he’s not big enough to be a center.
Antropov/Steen/Poni-Steen needs to play more, part of our future.
Bell/Stajan/Tucker-when Bell is healthy of course.
Kilger/Devereaux/Battaglia-Perfect 4th line.

McCabe/Kaberle-Bring it back to the perfect pairing, regain confidence.
Kubina/Coliacovo-when Healthy.
Gill/Stralman-Wozniewski takes way to many costly penalties, and we need more speed.

Starting Goaltender with no questions:
Raycroft as the backup and nothing more.

Is it really that hard Paul, or are you still wondering why you got fired from Carolina, because they seem to be doing fine with their new coach. It’s going to be a long year with Maurice calling the shots. This team will never have an identity as long as he coaches it. The End.

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  1. The-President says:

    Wellwood is a good player but he is too small and too injury prone to carry the responsibilities of a centerman. Do you realize that this team has more talent then his past Canes teams? Do you realize that the Islanders roster sucks, but they are playing better then they are, just as they did last year. Do you realize that the Leafs are underachieving under Maurice?

    By the way we need more goals by Sundin, our best player, and by having wellwood set him up I think it would be genius.

  2. The-President says:

    Could not agree with more!
    Great points

  3. The-President says:

    What Cup?

  4. The-President says:

    He has talent, our team is one of the top offensive teams, and we have above average dmen, but Maurice does not know how to coach them. If you look around the league look at other teams, for example the Islanders, they suck on paper, but Nolan is lighting a fire under their asses. Maurice is focusing on his 4th liners instead when hes got Sundin, Blake, Tucker, Antropov, Ponikarovsky, Steen, not exactly sucky players, right?

  5. leafy says:

    Again, very valid points for sure.  Typical Toronto inferiority complex.  They feel that players are only great after they're traded out of Toronto.

    There are many teams out there that would kill to get many of Toronto's players – Sundin, Blake, Wellwood, Antropov, Poni, Stajan, Steen, Kaberle, White, Gill, Calaiacovo, yes, even Kubina and McCabe, putting salaries aside.

  6. The-President says:

    Paul Maurice did absolutely nothing tonight but line his team up against a team that is tired-out from playing their rivals the Rangers in a hard fought game, and not to mention Wade Dubliewicz starting, nothing to really be proud about. Thanks Islanders for giving us a game for free. Thank you for being tired, and not starting Dipietro, Thank you for making us look "good" after losing 7-1 to Carolina, thanks for not embarrassing us.

  7. The-President says:

    Let me just use a little reverse here.

    So I guess since the Islanders are off to such a hot start, maybe Garth Snow is a great GM, and Nolan's success is just a result of Snow signing such all-stars,, YEAH OK, RIGHT!

  8. The-President says:

    Look at Maurice's coaching "Stat":

    After you take a look please tell me why he is one of the best NHL coaches?
    Please tell me why he is sooo overrated?

    Now take a look at Quinn:

    After you take a look, please tell me why we fired Quinn and replaced him with Maurice, Tell me who is a better coach, tell me who has the records to prove it, and don't give me crap about how Quinn isn't cut out for the new NHL. I got news for ya, Quinn missed the playoffs in his last season by one point just as Maurice did, so what makes you think that Maurice is any better. Also let me remind you if you wanna talk about talent, I believe Quinn had less in his last year then Maurice had last year, and now, Quinn is a better coach and always will be in any NHL.

  9. MR40 says:

    And I blame Roberto Luongo for the Nuck's lack of goal scoring. Stupid goalie. Can't even have a 20 goal season, and is still considered one of the most valuable players in the NHL.

    Maurice is a terrible coach though, I agree. It's his fault the Leaf's offense is so dreadful. Atleast the defense is tops in the league.

  10. mikster says:

    No. The team. The Leafs looked in sync tonight with an 8-1 vik. Sure it was Dubie in net and the Isle’s played last night, but Leafs played well.

  11. leafy says:

    Clearly that's true.  The Isles simply didn't show up tonight, so it's hard to put much stock into this game.

    Re Maurice, I don't buy the argument by many that he has no talent to work with.  On the contrary, the Leafs have some pretty interesting pieces assembled to cause substantial noise in the playoff race.  I'm not saying they're Stanley Cup material, but they're also not the 1981 Winnipeg Jets either.

  12. jpmac says:

    You could say that about the majority of the league.

    And you cannot use the arguement of putting salaries aside, because again there would probably be atleast a dozen of players that teams would take, putting salaries aside.

  13. The-President says:


  14. The-President says:

    Good one haha

  15. simplyhabby says:

    Pat Quinn did get respect but respect did not take a team to the finals.  Quinn decimated your farm system and suppressed youth development.

    Since Maurice and the Leafs won a lopsided game last night, are you going to say he is a good coach?

    Remember in Carolina, his tenure included those first few years when they first went to Carolina.  His coaching was masterful the year they went to the finals (which coincidentally you indicated is not a valid point when Quinn did not do the same with a better team).

    BTW, listen to leaf interviews…they have nothing but respect for Maurice.

    No I must wash myself with bleach as I feel so dirty defending a leaf.

    I am not saying he is the best coach in the league by a long shot but he is definately not the worse. 

  16. The-President says:

    I'm not saying he's the worst, but I don't think he's a good pick for the Leafs, also I am not going to change my mind just because the won against a tired team, that is overachieving on most nights,even though their not supposed to, but give credit to their brilliant coach, and not to mention they were playing their backup.

  17. The-President says:

    The Leafs should play better every night, where's the motivation, they can't just show up sometimes, and that's the coaches job to motivate them.

  18. Glucker says:

    kilger isn't on our second line…
    our lines are(as of thursday night)

    Blake Sundin Steen
    Gamanche Stajan Tucker
    Antropov Deveraux Kilger
    Newbury Pohl Belak

    Kaberle Kubina
    McCabe White
    Gill Woz

    Poni will likely be back this weekend, and that drops Kilger to the 4th line, and sends Belak back to the press box

  19. jarcpitre says:

    Here were my comments from yesterday just after lunch. Just wanted to make the point about Carolina again, they are a damn good team, and it showed against Ottawa last night as well. The real test now is what team will show up Saturday night, I hope is the same one as last night. Gamache added alot to the Leafs with his speed, he was all over the ice, I'm pretty sure he will stay for now. I agree with you that I was glad to see Belak too, he added a little tuffness, but either he or Newbury will be sitting out Saturday night when Pony returns. The Leafs will have a solid 3 lines when you add Wellwood and Bell to the mix and more speed on D when Coliacova comes back(spell check). Anyway what a game last night and good for Sundin, he is actually my fav Leaf and has been for years, you could tell by my bar room, lol. by jarcpitre on Thursday, October 11 @ 12:16:49 The season is still early and alot of the so called good teams are off to terrible starts. I even find this hard to believe, but Toronto is ahead of Alt, Buf, NJ, NYR, and Pitts which were all slated to have huge seasons. Just like I said its early and I believe that the Blake thing played a little distraction to the team as well as taking Carolina too lightly, this is a damn good team. I actually think that Carolina is going to be the Buffalo of last year. Anyway I'm not hoisting the white flag yet, Toronto will bounce back tonight with a solid effort. GO LEAFS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. The-President says:

    Ok first of all, look at the lines Maurice puts together, everything sucks after the 1st line. The comment about Kilger on the 2nd line was not referring to tonights game, were talking about the past 4 games.

  21. the_word says:

    Enough of this over simplified garbage already.  If you're going to look at career stats (completely ignoring the context in which Maurice and Quinn coach, i.e. the talent of their teams, experience etc…) you could say well, Quinn had Belfour whose career stats dwarf Raycorft and Toskala, so Quinn had a far superior team.  Obviously that is ridiculous, so too is your comparison between Quinn and Maurice's career statistics.

  22. simplyhabby says:

    Nolan being a brilliant Coach is something I can agree with.  Lets hope he has learned to handle delicate situations polticially speaking that won't lead him tobe unfairly blackballed for so many years in the NHL.

  23. leafy says:

    4 points and a plus-4 for Stajan last night.  Not too shabby.

  24. JuicemaN says:

    Two Words about Ted Nolan:

    He's Employed

  25. The-President says:

    I know that, I am stating that Ted Nolan does a fine job with what his GM gives him, Do you get it? Why can't Maurice do it with a more talented team?

  26. The-President says:

    Let me ask you this:

    Who's a better coach Quinn or Maurice?

  27. The-President says:

    yeah pretty good but what about the rest of the team

  28. the_word says:

    Ok, ignore everything I said (big surprise) and reduce the issue to a simple yes or no.  The answer right now, is Maurice.  If we're going to use your criteria to decide the best coach in the LNH, it'd be Mike Keenan (he did win a cup in 94 and had an awesome record in the 80s). 

  29. The-President says:

    Quinn has never had a horrible season that stands out, I mean he's had a couple and I mean only a couple of losing seasons which by the way were not by alot. Your comparison to Mike Keenan is a joke, Mike Keenan is a horrible coach no matter how you look at it. He is the definition of being a product of his players. Explain to me why Maurice is a better coach?

  30. leafy says:

    Then you agree with me.  If we could say that about the majority of the league, then you agree that the Leafs are right in the thick of things, which is my point.

  31. JuicemaN says:

    Are you being serious? Dude it's going on game 6…it's an 82 game schedule.  Do you really think Ottawa will finish with 68 wins; cause that's what they're on pace to do. toronto is in 7th place and that's about where they should be happy to be with come the end of the season…you saying if they finish 7th you won't be glad they're in the playoffs?

    Give it time; a post and rant like this is just embarassing this early in the season, you're making the stereotype on Leaf fans come true.

  32. mojo19 says:

    Stajan and Steen were awesome.

    My two favourite goals last night were the Kaberle and Steen goals, great backhand dekes.

    Shout out to Mats Sundin, he's the king of Toronto, 1st,2nd, and 3rd star last night as he passed Sittler as the all time Leaf goal scorer and points.

    Give up some love for Mats leaf fans. Greatest Leaf ever? Debateable. Top 3? no question.

  33. buds8 says:

    Leafs 8 – Isle 1


  34. The-President says:

    Are you serious, Im talking about last year more then this year, but the beginning of this year just adds to my point that Maurice sucks at coaching. Ted Nolan did the same thing last year as well with a less talented team, explain that.

  35. The-President says:

    Greatest Leaf Ever.

  36. JuicemaN says:

    Considering last year as well….Maurice said from the start "we will fight to get in the playoffs in the 7th or 8th seed"…and they did while managing to lead the league in games lost to injury.  they were top 6 in the league for goals for and top like 2 or 3 for shots on goal. That tied in with sh!tty goaltending and bad defensive play what did you expect from him?  The team he was given performed as good as it could've.

    You can't judge anything for this year…they opened against the Sens who will easily win the presidents trophy this year and lost once in over-time and the next by one goal.

    Pat Quinn would do no better….just like he finished his career with the leafs he missed the playoffs and he would've last season too.

    The blame should be on JFJ not Maurice…what will you say when they make the playoffs?  On top of that what do you expect from this team….they won't top 95 points and if you expect them to then you're kidding yourself and it explains your furiousness.

  37. jpmac says:

    There are in the thick of things, but there would no way I would consider them a cup contender or a 100 point team.

  38. leafy says:

    Not a bad Leaf career for Mats, considering that fans didn't accept him at first, because they lost favorite Wendel.  But in the end, it wasn't a bad trade, was it?

  39. mojo19 says:

    To Rico:

    Blake: 4m a year (Good player, not a 1 year wonder by any means, but Mikster's point is valid that he probably won't be worth it in years 4 and 5 of this contract)

    Kubina: Yeah I'll give you that one

    McCabe: Cap hit of 5.75, not 6+ wtf???

    Raycroft: 2 mil a year, where did you get 4 from???

  40. mojo19 says:

    Hell no. Great trade, Wendel retired a leaf at the age of 32, he was a warrior and I loved him and even in his last (full) season, he was a 30+ goal man, and an all star with Tampa. But he was no Mats.

    And yeah, everyone didn't love Mats until the last couple of seasons, despite leading the team in scoring every year since joining the team except once (Mogilny). Not to mention the clutch goals, I could go on and on, but hey I love Mats Sundin.

  41. leafy says:

    This is true.  Wendel was great, but he's no match for Mats (tongue twister).

    I remember Don Cherry at the time called the deal for Sundin a terrible trade.  Gotta love Grapes.

  42. The-President says:

    Don Cherry is a retard, as for Sundin I have always appreciated him, he's been my favorite player since he joined the team. This was the greatest trade ever, and by the way Wendall wasn't that good.

  43. The-President says:

    Paul Maurice sucks, Great call on pulling Toskala in the last minute when we already have a Powerplay, how stupid is this guy, he just killed any chance we had of tieing it.

  44. Leafforlife says:

    Is Maurice to blame, one has to remember that he has replaced Quinn. A tall order, Quinn was undobtably one of the more coulerfull coaches in NHL history, he played a rough and gritty game, hit hard, dump the puck in and shoot.

    The majoriy of the players on the current roster played for Quinn and are accustom to his style of wide open hockey. Maurice has brought a differnet style of play with him. The same as any other new coach on any other team. Maurice will learn soon enough that he has to change his system. Go back to simple hockey, lets face it Quinn only missed the play offs once in his tenure, and very marginely at that. He did it by playing simple basic hockey. This is what the majority of the players are accustom to.

    JFJ has strapped Maurice with two unproven golies, the other addittions have done very little other than upset the chemistry of the team. He is doing what he can with what he has.

    The Problem is not Maurice it is JFJ, he has spent a ton of money and has not fixed the problem but rather added to it. In my humble opinion I believe they have to replace JFJ with a Muckler type GM or even Quinn. Now lets not laugh to hard at that one until you take a good look at their resume's.

    Give Maurice the tools and materials and I think he will build a good house.

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