Maurice to be Leafs head coach

According to the Globe and Mail, Paul Maurice will be named the next head coach of the Maple Leafs as early as Friday.

This is a great move by the Leafs IMO and should give Leaf fans something to be hopeful about next season.

Next thing on the table is to get a new GM (I complained they should have gotten Burke when he was available but they didn’t listen lol)

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  1. thatleafsguy says:

    big shocker…..

  2. EasternHockey says:

    Hmm… 239-258-91 in his NHL coaching career. Managed to coach a minor league team to the playoffs. Excuse me while I do not get excited. JFJ should get canned.

  3. toronto77 says:

    i’d rather get sutter but, oh well beggers can’t be choosy. atleast maurice is fimilar with this young squad, so whose gonna coach the marlies.

  4. gregpb says:

    Hopefully Tie Domi so he doesn’t have to play for us next year. In Reality, my guess is Keith Acton will be given the Marlies head coaching position.

  5. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    Worst kept secret in Toronto sports history.

  6. shakrmakr says:

    Maurice will be a welcome addition to the team. He is way better then Quinn anyways.

  7. shakrmakr says:

    You wouldn’t want Sutter. The reason why Sutter has a successful junior team is that he coaches through intimidation. You can’t really intimidate NHLers’ like you can teenagers. Plus you can only coach by intimidation for so long ask his brother that in Calgary. Sutter’s players don’t play for him that long due to age restrictions in junior so he is able to maintain that intimidation strategy in Red Deer which he wouldn’t be able to do in the NHL.

  8. Tweek says:

    This is the BEST thing Ferguson has done thus far as the GM. Maurice is not only a great coach but the perfect coach for the Toronto hockey market. He has a dry sense of humour and is very well spoken which should work extremely well for Toronto’s idiotic media. During the press conference this morning he handled himself extremely well and didnt let any of the media members questions get to him at all. Maurice should help the leafs in the defensive zone as this has easily been their weak point for the last 7 to 8 years. If Ferguson can get some good quick, hard working players while shifting some of the farms younger players into the line-up the leafs should be a competitive team next year and the fact that Maurice will give Sundin 20 to 24 minutes of ice time a night will help a lot as well.

  9. Gretzkin says:

    We all knew this was going to happen, providing Maurice didn’t get any better offers, which was a possibilty.

    He’ll be able to revitalize the Team and has a great advantage, having developed many of the youngsters from the Marlies.

    The challenge now goes to Ferguson.

    In the Post Quinn era, it’s time to take this team in a different direction.

    Mistakes were made with the team after the CBA, and they were satisfied to “Stand Pat”, after the previous season earning 103 points.

    The Leafs were stuck with an aged roster, and Quinn was not interested enough to give the youngsters a good enough shot, until injury forced his hand.

    The team did much better when there were young rookies fighting for permanent spots, and we got to see some talent out of people you wouldn’t really expect. Ben Ondrus was a great fit, John Pohl showed promise, and it was nice to see Jeremy Willliams pot his first NHL goal (on his first shot, I think).

    Ian White, though very small played excellent, and should stay with the big club.

    Harrison and Wozniewski also had some success with the big club, though I think Leaf fans put a bit too much stock in their limited appearances and short lived success.

    I’d like to take a good look at Robbie Earl, as well.

    Suglabov is, and will be a bust. He should be re-traded.

    Coliacovo, though very good, is going to be an injury liablilty for the rest of his career, and the Leafs should deal him at the soonest, unfortunately for them.

    I haven’t even mentioned Wellwood, Steen (Superstar material), or Mississauga Mats Stajan….

    This team does have the youth to go with, and having Maurice coach them is the right fit.

    Now, it’s time for them to unload some of the deadwood, fail to re-sign the injury liability crew (Lindros, Allison.. though Allison is slow, he still had a point per game… not as bad as people made him out to be). Sign a top caliber defenseman, that is NOT named McCabe (or two?), and get a bonafide Goaltender.

    Aubin got lucky, or at least, his inconsistancies hadn’t kicked in yet, and Tellqvist isn’t ready to hold a #1 spot.

    Still have Kabby, Mats, Tucker and O’neill. Hopefully O’neill can bounce back after a dreadful season that included the loss of his brother, a fear of flying, and shoulder woes…

    Anyways. For the direction Leaf Fans want this team to go in, Maurice is the man for the job.

    Can JFJ see this? You’d figure he must….

  10. my_sphincter says:

    The Leafs get a coach with a losing record in the NHL. At least he’s prepared for what lies ahead.

  11. mikster says:

    Good choice. Maurice is a good coach, despite his record with a weak Carolina team for most years.

    He will give the Leafs a real system to play with. He coaches young players well. But, JFJ will need to give the guy a solid team to work with, though. Starting with…. a goalie.

  12. toronto77 says:

    will be named head coach as early as friday……he already was named, according to Z103.5…

  13. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Big Deal. I wouldn’t expect big things from Maurice. The guy has coached his way to a record of 40 games under .500 and that was with players such as:

    Cassels, Kapanen, Burke, Wesley, Emerson, Coffey, Shannahan, O’Neil and Geoff Sanderson.

    This was when they were in there primes. Now look who he’s got:

    O’Neil, Sundin, Tucker, Belak, Antopov, The list of losers could go on and on.

  14. Kashin says:

    Is this the same Paul Maurice that every player on the canes hated? How is this a great move? He led the canes on that one good run to the cup finals but I dont think he is the right guy. Yes all the sudden leaf fans will be like “Maurice the best coach ever, when he is he going to the HOF” but again keep in mind every player on the canes HATED him

  15. Kashin says:

    Is this the same Paul Maurice that every player on the canes hated? How is this a great move? He led the canes on that one good run to the cup finals but I dont think he is the right guy. Yes all the sudden leaf fans will be like “Maurice the best coach ever, when he is he going to the HOF” but again keep in mind every player on the canes HATED him

  16. EasternHockey says:

    Heh, good one.

  17. Wigdog says:

    The only person that Maurice had a problem with was O’Neill, and now he’s got him again. Guarentees O’Neill won’t be back with the Leafs.

  18. Mimo says:

    Is there an echo in here?

  19. 92-93 says:

    gotta love the way Maurice speaks.

    it was evident in the press conference too, he’s pretty up front about things.

    he will make the Leafs work hard – as it is well-do*****ented and he’ll sit WHOEVER is not playing. at the same time, questions still remain about the lame duck JFJ.

  20. 92-93 says:

    wow, well i guess you havent been reading any of the comments of current Cane players as well as Battaglia and O’Neill who played under Maurice … all of whom praised this guy as ‘the best coach they ever had’

  21. 92-93 says:

    i dunno,

    O’neill has said the opposite … but you never know the secret dynamics between their relationship that we dont know about. we’ll see.

  22. 92-93 says:


    its all in Ferguson’s hands now. he does anything below-average in the free agency period and leading up to that period, and he should (and probably will) get canned … considering that his contract will not be renewed anytime soon.

    I think Harrison and Woz have the potential to be a solid 3rd-tier, #5, #6 D-guy … and again, you have to understand how excited leaf fans are about that possibility considering the likes of Aki (ice)Berg and Belak and a variety of other very bad 3rd-tier d-guys.

    the prediction about Suglobov is intriguing … not sure how you can judge him based on his NHL numbers (he’s played like 5 NHL games) and if you judge him by his AHL numbers, he is going to be a potential top-6 forward for years to come. if you just want to judge him on how he has played on the ice lately and progressed since he came into the Devils organization, then one must conclude that he is progressing quite well.

    Coliacovo is injury-riddled and its a shame. i dont t think he is coming back. if he does, he – along with White and Bell and possibly Pilar make Bryan McCabe’s offense from the blueline redundant in the next few seasons (not even considering his not-so-stellar-play in his own end).

    hmmm. interesting post overall … considering i’ve said many of the same things you have but have been judged by others here on HTR as being irrational and overly-optimistic.

    favourite part of the press conference: Maurice promising to play Sundin much more often and to give him way more minutes.

    dead wood: Domi MUST BE BOUGHT OUT. Richardson MUST BE LET GO (regardless of who or how many defencemen are signed going into the free agency period), Belak and O’Neill will hopefully be let go after their contracts expire. Antropov should be qualified and traded (yes, he does have some trade value) … and McCabe should be resigned and traded over the next year as well (should have been traded at the deadline).

  23. 92-93 says:

    let Al Strachan (a guy i frequently disagree with), answer your ridiculoust post (cant you talk hockey just once in an objective fashion?):

    “Maurice inherited a fairly bad team. The Whalers did not need to auction off any Stanley Cup banners when they left Hartford. With that kind of team, in that era, a defensive posture was the only one that made sense. And at the time, the team was transient. It had left Hartford, but its present-day arena in Raleigh wasn’t ready. So the games were played in Greensboro, in front of small crowds that didn’t know hockey and didn’t really care about it.

    There has also been some concern about the won-loss records of Maurice’s teams. The numbers show that he’s under .500. But again, he had weak teams. And one really bad year — the injury-plagued 2002-03 season — brought the average down even further. He did, however, get one of those mediocre teams to the Stanley Cup finals, a claim which no recent Toronto Maple Leafs coach can make.”

  24. 92-93 says:

    have to agree with Strachan here (which is rare):

    “Under Maurice, the veterans on the Leafs will be expected to perform in the manner that allowed them to become veterans. The youngsters will be given specific assignments, told what to expect from the opponents, encouraged when they do well and corrected when they do wrong. There will be a sense of accountability. If you deserve to play, you will. If you don’t, you won’t.


    General manager John Ferguson has made a number of mistakes during his tenure in Toronto. But the hiring of Maurice goes a long way to making up for all of them.”

  25. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Terrible move, he seems like a nice guy, but he went out with the trap. Leafs are going down this year, can’t wait for Angelo Esposito eh? I read an article that says Mats Sundin is considering leaving, by Steve Simmons, damn, I hope he does, it’ll be better for him, and I know he just wants to win, which he won’t do here.

  26. 92-93 says:

    a) please do yourself a favour and STOP reading Steve Simmons.

    b) he went out with the trap – true, so did about 20 other head coaches during that period. Leafy, have you not watched any other Marlies games this year, did you not listen to Maurice’s own comments in the press conference?

    i think this is a solid move by the leafs in every conceivable aspect. Sundin sold his house and apparently Simmons – who has been wrong on so many occassions – has suggested that Sundin might not return to the NHL this year at all. problem is, Sundin has made every indication that he will return and that he thinks that even if the leafs got younger this year, it was a necessary thing. i am sure he wasnt happy about Niewy and Roberts departure, but if i were you, i’d be more worried on his dissatisfaction with what Tie Domi has done to this team and the fact that he STILL hasn’t been bought out.

    i CAN see Sundin leaving over something like that, because keeping Domi for next season undermines anything positive the Leafs and JFJ do this summer – including this very good move of hiring Maurice.

    i am sure that even if Sundin did want to leave the leafs this summer (which he wont), he would certainly wait until the free agency period when Ferguson would be making his signings and THEN deciding on whether to stay or leave. also, Maurice’s comments on giving Sundin much more ice time shouldnt exactly be discouraging Sundin either.

    Simmons has lost all credibility as a journalist. he criticizes the Leafs and that is his job. but also part of his job is criticizing in a fair and objective manner as possible and he has NEVER done that. he criticized Fletcher and Quinn all the time and now talks about them as if they did no wrong. He’ll pose the real difficult questions to JFJ at a press conference (again, good thing), but then turn around and tell the guys at Leafs Lunch to “stop criticizing and lay off #28 [Domi]” … again, how can you take what this guy says as credible when he finds fault with everyone BUT Domi?

  27. 92-93 says:

    again, not saying that Ferguson being blamed, but most people would agree that Domi has played a terrible role in all of this.

    my prediction. Sundin stays (obviously), Maurice eventually sits Domi until Domi retires after he loudly protests but realizes that Maurice has too much integrity to play Domi, Sundin gets more ice time and puts up about 80-100 points, and the Leafs squeak into the playoffs with a faster, younger, harder working club (and as we know from this year’s playoffs, ‘squeaking into the playoffs’ does NOT mean automatically losing in the first round).

  28. shakrmakr says:

    This is the best thing to happen to the Leafs since Pat Burns. Who ever disagrees are idiots. And who the hell made up this shit that players on Carolina hated him?

  29. FlamingHomer says:

    You are so right. I don’t think an NHL goalkeeper would accept being pulled after a bad goal, ripped apart on the bench for 10 minutes then sent out again. I’ve seen him pull that move a couple of times.

  30. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Now everyone knows you’re a complete, blithering, biased and blind idiot. Congratulations.

    Eh, I’ve got a bone to pick with you. After two games in the first round, you were advising people to go out and buy brooms. Now, I forwarded this advice to some people I know, and they proved their stupidity by actually going out and buying brooms. Well, I needn’t remind you what happened, but it is so much fun to so I will: Montreal got swept in the next four games. They barely deserved to be in the same arena as the mighty Hurricanes. Anyway, even though they effectively got swept from games 3 through 6, because they fluke won the first two games, it doesn’t count as an official sweep.

    Anyway, I’ve strayed from my point. My point is that I know a bunch of people with brand new brooms, and because Les Homo-tants got swept, these people effectively wasted their money. Good work, Larry.

    That’s all. Just wanted to remind you that your high and mighty Habs got dumped by the Canes. That’s all.


  31. wingerxxx says:

    Just because Jeff O’Neill didn’t like the guy in Carolina doesn’t mean the all the players on the Canes hated Maurice. That is ridiculous. That was more of O’Neill not being a trapping kind of player in Maurice’s system back then. He wouldn’t have lasted so long behind the bench there if there was constant tension.

    I like this hiring. Maurice isn’t the same trapping coach that he used to be in Carolina. He will bring a very aggressive forechecking approach to the offense in Toronto, which will be needed. This is also a signal that we are going to see some younger players getting ice time next year. Lindros, O’Neill, etc…for the team’s sake, they should be gone.

  32. nordiques100 says:

    Sundin has a condo, he’s moving there according to mark zwolinski of torstar. he’s had it for years.

    also, him and his ex bought that house. i am sure him and his new GF dont want to live in the house the ex decorated.

    common sense if you ask me. spoken by someone with experience 🙂

  33. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Who would give the habs much of a chance with Mike Riberio as your #1 center? The comment was made pre-Saku eye injury. The series would’ve been a whole lot different if he wouldn’t have gotten injured.

    P.S. – As for your “mighty Hurricanes”. Did you even watch the games or highlights? They won the 4 games by 1 goal that they had scored mid to late 3rd period. Not 2 goals, not 3 goals, 1 goal. Don’t tell me the habs got “schooled” because each game could’ve went the other way.


  34. 92-93 says:

    yeah, i know what you mean.

    like i said though, JFJ should be blamed for a lot of things at the NHL level, but that doesnt mean we have to throw our brains into the toilet and agree with every anti-JFJ remark made by a guy like Steve Simmons … who stands behind – of all people – Tie Domi.

    I like Sundin-Wellwood-Stajan-Pohl/Williams down the middle and Maurice as head coach. all JFJ has to do is get a guy like a Carter or Langdenbrunner (or – we can all pray but probably won’t happen – Patrick Elias).

    The kind of style the Marlies played was quite effective this year. you look at their record considering what they had to work with (their D was absolutely DECIMATED this year – via call-ups and injuries) … you look at how they lost to the 1st overall Grand Rapids team (2 overtimes including a triple-OT) …

    there is a lot of hope for next year’s leafs, if Maurice gets his way and employs his style of hard, fast forechecking (i just love the thought of that style for the Leafs). But the problem with that is simple: you cannot have that style with guys like Allison, Domi, Antropov, or even Lindros …

    so: resign Antropov and trade him at the draft, don’t resign Allison and only resign Lindros if he is willing to sign for less than a million and for one year, BUYOUT Domi … otherwise, JFJ, you leave a very messy situation for Maurice when the regular season starts.

  35. EasternHockey says:

    A series is only swept when the final result is 4-0, not 4-2. Especially not when the captain’s not playing, and the opposing team seems to only be able to win games by a single goal.

    Not only are you a dumb tool, but you sir, are a douchebag.

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