Maybe missing the playoffs is a blessing in disguise for the Leafs

Leaf fans are getting used to making the playoffs, but never winning the stanely cup, now the Leafs might wake up and realize that a change is needed. Lets start at the top. John Ferguson Jr has done some dreadful things as Leafs GM. Lets look at Nolan, who was with us during two playoff runs. He was injured in one of them, and was playing injured in another. How about Ron Francis? Brian Leech? Jason Allison? and he’s a terrible negotiator. Look at some of the contracts he’s mad for the leafs. Belfour 4.5mil, Allison 4.5mil, Kaberle 4.25mil, Domi 1.25mil. Ferguson has got to go. I say, put Pat Quinn back as GM. His aquisitions are not that bad:Joseph, Mogilney, and he’s done a nice job as coach every year except for this and he’s only struggling now because Ferguson gave him a terrible team to coach. Luckily, Pats coaching abilities have allowed him to produce rookies such as Steen, Wellwood, Colaiacovo, Kaberly, Kronwall, and many more.

Next lets look at goaltending. The new nhl is killing Eddie, his time is up. But Tellqvist is blooming into a fine goaltender. I say give Tellqvist the starting job and bring up Rask as a backup. With the wealth of young rookies the leafs have, it would be foolish to sign another (Like ferguson did with Aubin).

Defensively, the leafs are in good shape. McCabe is at his prime in many catagories, including penalty minutes. The Leafs hould let him go. (Besides, we’d have to pay an armand a leg just to keep him). We’d be better off to pic up wade Redden. Redden is cheaper (although we may have to outid the Senators) and a more sound player Defensively. Also we should let Khavanov, and berg go, and resign Luke Richardson, and Karel Pilar.

Offensively we need a bit more speed and grit, and we need to let go of the guys that constantly sit in the penalty box. Let go of Allison and Domi. Then get Mogilney back and play him with Sundin, everybody knows how well these guys play together. Then Sign Free agent mark Recchi, wo is, in my oppinion, a hard worker who would do wonders for this team.

Here are the lines:













This team may or may not do well next season, but it gives oppritunities for our rookies to become star players.