McCabe a Panther

As to be expected, the Leafs trade Bryan McCabe and a 4th rounder to the Florida Panthers for Mike Van Ryn.

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  1. nordiques100 says:


    not sure the PA is all that happy about it though. i think they would have preferred mccabe to play hardball, force the leafs to buy him out and then get a big contract again, kind of like tucker.

    but mccabe probably didnt want to put his family through all that crap.

    now he is part of a deep florida defence that still has bouwmeester along with newcomers boynton and ballard. throw in bryan allen and you have lots of talent.

    its too bad its not matched up front. i have to believe bouwmeester is going to be moved for forward help.

    the leafs have the servicable van ryn who will likely battle another injured comrade in coliacovo for a spot on the top 6.

    leaves the leafs with lots of similar defenceman. only finger and frogren can be considered defensive defenceman. the rest are mostly offence which could make the D very "offensive" to watch.

    kudos to fletcher though for removing that contract.

  2. pezzz says:

    the Panthers now have the best D corp in the East, and probably top 5 in the NHL.

    they have 8 d-men signed to NHL contracts who can play top 6 though. that's a lot. BO, Allen, McCabe, Ballard, Boynton, Welch, Muphy, Skrastins.

    I believe Skrastins will be waived, as well as Peltonen and maybe Dvorak up front. that will free up to 3.5 (or 5 with Dvorak) millions of cap space, with the Panthers already having 4 millions left to spend. there's a lot of space left for forward help….

    maybe Sundin?? McCabe, Belak, good friends of Mats. Sundin loves golf, fishing…oups! welcome to Florida! he wants short travels for being fresh and not tired. Florida…Tampa….Atlanta….Carolina….all very close. Nashvill, Dallas and Colombus are not far away either. the Panthers, the sleeper pick in the Sundin's sweepstakes?? my guess is yes.

    Booth – Sundin – Stillman
    Olesz – Weiss – Horton
    Zednik – McLean – Dvorak
    Glass – Kreps – Campbell

    BO – Allen
    Ballard – McCabe
    Welch – Boynton


    that's a scary team. they could also very well go deep in the playoffs.

  3. mojo19 says:

    When you put that line up together they do look pretty strong. But Take Sundin out and are they a playoff team even with J-bo, Allen, Ballard, and McCabe as a top 4?

  4. Radio says:

    Good. Now get his ugly mug off the damn frontpage and don't replace him with another Leaf or former Leaf.

  5. Rico71 says:

    I agree totally.

    Get someone that represents the NHL in a good way, not a 1-year wonder boy.

    I'd love to see Sakic up there, but he's going to retire next year or the year after at the most.

    How about Phaneuf and that mug shot of a face he has? lol

    What a chin and forehead!

  6. Kramer says:

    Now that McCabe is traded, I have a feeling the Leafs made a mistake.  Let's try to get him back.

    How about Poni + 3rd pick to Florida for McCabe?

  7. pezzz says:

    Without Sundin….I don't know….Martin is known for establishing strong defensive play and winning games 2-1 or 1-0. So with this strong d-corp + Vokoun being healthy and playing great (even Anderson can get the job done), I think the Panthers could surprise. With Sundin, a playoff spot is a lock IMO. Without him, it's a roll of dices.

    Another reason for the Panthers not scoring goals last year was they lacked a real puck-mover. Bouwmeester can get the job done, but he's no 50 points guy (yet). McCabe will add this skill on the back-end. With McCabe having (hopefully) a bouceback season and scoring 15 goals/50 points, and Bouwmeester and Ballard both having 35 points season, with Murphy chipping in occasionally, the d-corp will be able to move the puck up front to Weiss, Horton, Booth and Stillman for finishing. With McCabe on the back-end, I expect a strong season from Weiss (70 points), and a 40 goals campaign for Horton.

  8. Leafinc says:

    Everyone seems to think that the leafs gave up to much in trying to get ride of McCabe.  Fletcher had no choice has florida was mcCabes only choice and as odd as McCabe and a 4th in 2010 for Van Ryan looks, look at it this way

    To Toronto:
    Van ryan
    2.85mill cap sace
    no NMC
    To Florida
    4th pik 2010
    Not that bad considering Fletchs options
  9. mojo19 says:

    Giving up the 4th rounder does seem like a bit much but you're right, this was a salary cap move all the way. McCabe's got 3 years left at a big cap hit, so it was a good move for both teams.

  10. Motherpucker says:

    Great.  Now take his ugly ass, overrated face off the banner of this website and add a real hockey player.

  11. defender says:

    I 2nd the motion and a song came to mind…"…another one bites the dust…" lol. Please anything but a Laffs player on the top…

  12. Bure96 says:

    I Say McCabe is bought out after this season and signs a 12 year, 96 million contract with Toronto after that. Well it makes sense, considering the Leafs are probably going to re-sign JFJ, or sign Don Waddall to become the new GM.

  13. Viceroy says:

    Awesome idea!  Go Leafs, do it!  Wendell Clark style!

  14. tacitus says:

    given the way the leafs operate the next leaf headline in the next few days will read….. Mike Van Ryn signs 5 year extention with No Movement Clause worth 25 million…. Next summer they trade Van Ryn for Luke Richardson,,, who then signs a 3 year deal with no movement for 12 million

  15. Rico420 says:

    OK I know that these are all jokes and everything but seriously the Leafs are pretty damned close to having the best management team in the city of Toronto for any of their sports franchise – atleast Fletcher isn't JP Ricciardi who has only done a good job at building a baseball team who's at best a .500 team and has no prayer of seeing the playoffs in the AL for atleast another ten years at the rate it's going.

    The draft pick was costly but The Silver Fox used the Jessie Ventura "do whatever it takes" approach to get something done – any team that was going to take McCabe (especially a handpicked team) was in the drivers seat in this deal – and be thankful you didn't get back the ole "Futures" in exchange for McCabe.

    And please please please come mid-season don't be squeaking about how you knew you should have kept McCabe when he's putting up his usual 45-55  points 20 goals 35 assists minus 1 campaign haha.

    And then again – atleast Vokoun is used to facing McCabe so he'll be ready to stop any shots that come his way off the stick of big Mac hahahaha

  16. nordiques100 says:

    It is clear to me now that damian cox hates cliff fletcher and has some vendetta against him

    he has gone out of his way to criticize every single move by fletcher since his return. there must be something to this from fletcher's first go as leafs GM. its getting pretty clear that he is using his free forum he has at the star to rip the leafs boss at every single chance.

    He is right on some points. the moving of all those picks is something i agree is not the right way to go since the team needs to build within, needs picks to accumulate prospects and needs more youth and homegrown talent. and i am also not a finger fan.

    but the real blame goes to people like peddie who's exaustive search resulted in one person being talked to and one person hired and that was fletch. fletch wasnt the most qualified considering bowman, armstrong and others found jobs and others like neil smith were available. they should have done way more due dilligence and been way more proactive and aggressive to get a top end person right away, not just the first guy off the street.
    unfortunately the NTC/NMC really took any starch out of the grandious plans Fletch had to reshape the team. those werent fletcher's fault. perhaps he didnt exhaust all possibilities. maybe raycroft could have been had for a pick or they didnt need to surrender a pick in the mccabe deal.  maybe he should have been more aggressive in shopping kubina as well as move mccabe, especially since it was a blueliner that was long talked about to come back to toronto.

    but when the arrogant darcy tucker smugly said he was pretty much going to fight the leafs to prevent any move, he had to get bought out. and even when you have the players agree to waive their clauses, when its just one team interested, bargaining power is completely lost.  

    players like sundin, kaberle, tucker, kubina  and their hardline stance to stay should be blamed as well.

    the leafs are trying to remove and forget anything their former GM JFJ did. that includes blowing up a core that had tucker, raycroft, sundin, mccabe and others.

    right now, fletcher cannot be anywhere close to being done. throughout the season i am sure he'll entertain talks to move antropov, kaberle, probably kubina again, one of their other excees blueliners and hopefully JFJ's worst mistake, Jason Blake.

    antropov who will be a UFA next year and Kaberle, who's NTC is revoked if the leafs miss the playoffs are the most attractive pieces out there to be had from Toronto.  they could easily go by the deadline. i think each could bring back a 1st rounder and for kaberle probably 2 more young assets with it.

    and if kaberle goes, kubina might not be far behind. sure it will leave the D barren, but having schenn to build around is a good start.

    and like this past deadline when they moved gill, kilger and belak, they could also dump pony, white, van ryn, bell, mayers and other support guys for more middle picks.
    i am not a fletcher fan myself, but whats done is done. there is still a ways to go before fletcher will finally give way to someone else. we'll see if the organization goes through with that. thats the most important thing for the leafs. if they stay status quo, then yes fletch and the leafs should be ripped to shreds for being so predictable a la JFJ> in the meantime he has lots of work and we'll see if he has the balls to do it. fletcher is showing he isnt afraid to at least do something. i think if he manages to make more moves including a big one like trade kaberle or antropov, that will go a long way to helping the team move forward.

  17. Rico420 says:

    Damien Cox is absolutely the worst "reporter" to ever pick up a pen and a piece of paper – I guess old Damien didn't sit back and think – wait a second – Cliff Fletcher has been trying to move Bryan McCabe since April…and this is probably the best deal we can get for him..

    Also I think Mr. Cox forgot for a moment that McCabe had a No Movement Claus in his contract that he wasn't likely to waive unless it was a team he really wanted to play for, so the 1st round pick at the trade deadline idea – not working if it didn't pan out at THIS years deadline and he's a year older now do you really think it'd work this year?

    I for one honestly do believe Cliff Fletcher is going with a youth movement, Kaberle was gone last season to Philly don't forget – and if you're willing to move in my opinion your best player – you're rebuilding from within.

    And the Leafs will be all the better for doing this – they need to find a person who has BUILT a team from the ground up – and this isn't Brian Burke who receives all the credit for Vancouver and Anaheim – he inherited those teams – what the Leafs need is someone like Jimmy Rutherford, Bob Gainey, Lou Lamorillo, Ken Holland, Dean Lombardi, Darryl Sutter type guy someone who can take the reins and turn it all around – the Leafs in all honesty are about 10 years overdue on this rebuild.

    Anyway I got off on a tangent – Damien Cox is a C.S.

  18. mojo19 says:

    That was John Ferguson this is Cliff Fletcher.

    JFJ's team had 5 players with No-Trade clauses.

    Cliff has that number down to just 2, Kaberle and Kubina. (Technically 3, but Hagman is only a NTC for this year only then he can be traded)

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