McCabe done in Toronto?

The Toronto Sun is reporting the speculation that the Leafs are actively trying to force McCabe out of Toronto. The article reports that the Leafs will most likely not buy McCabe out of his deal and will not invite McCabe back to team next year possibly in an effort to force McCabe to waive his no trade clause.

One thing is for sure, the Leafs are taking a very tough stance on their veteran player who JFJ signed. HTR feels that one of the problems that could arise out of the handling of these veteran players is a possible reluctance to sign with the Maple Leafs.

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  1. oilcountry88 says:

    Can every leaf fan plz shutup about how u think Antropov is worth a 1st rounder?? He has one good year so hes all of a sudden has tremendously high value. Honestly come on.. I can see a 2nd and a 4th for him or a mid level prospect but not a 1st.

  2. mojo19 says:

    oilcountry88 your anti Antropov comments make you among the dumbest people on the site. His one good year statistically shows that you only have looked at the stats and have never watched him play. If he was traded for less then a first round pick and a top prospect, leaf fans who are knowlegdeable would be fuming. He’ll be the star of the team next year.

    As an Oiler fan let me give you a comparison, think Hemsky with better defensive capabilities and more size.

  3. oilcountry88 says:

    I dont think there is any comparison to Hemsky talent wise…

  4. cam7777 says:

    than you haven't watched antropov play very often.  he is a magician with the puck.  last year was just the first year he started using that skill with any sort of efficiency. it seems like someone on here starts this argument every week, but just a reminder, antropov was ranked by GM's as the 2nd most under-rated player in the league.

    aside from his skill, size, and defensive prowess, i would argue that he is also more passionate than hemsky.  antropov is a competitor, and he hates to lose.  he showed sparks of that intensity this year, smashing his stick, and losing his temper.  it cost him a suspension once, but you know what, that's the kind of guy i want on my team.  i mean, i don't want him throwing a fit every game, but that competitive spirit goes a long way.  he's learned a thing or two playing next to sundin, that's for sure.  that said, i love hemsky, don't get me wrong.  i'm just saying, don't think for a second that hemsky is in a different league than antropov. 

  5. the_word says:

    I know I can get around Quebec speaking english, or french, growing up in Canada most are bilingual. However that isn't the issue at hand, its a matter of perception when trying to land UFA. I'm sure Edmonton is a great city to live in, but they still have trouble attracting UFA talent. Such is the case with speaking french.

    The Koivu thing…. Which is it? There is an issue with players having to learn a third or second language or there isn't.

    Toronto and Montreal are quite distinct markets, to compare the two would be like comparing Chicago to New York.

  6. the_word says:

    Again its less impressive when teams resign a player that is already accustomed to the market. Its not the same thing as bringing in a UFA.

    Hamrlik to Vancouver? Nope, Nucks had one of the deepest bluelines in the LNH last off season and little caproom. Toronto had no interest in him, I would have taken notice if they had. I'm sure Calgary tried to resign him, but not at that price. Reaction to the Hamrlik's deal was pretty universal, he was grossly overpaid. Thats not to say Hamrlik isn't a good defenseman.

    Surely you jest when you paint the picture of the McCabe situation being comparable to Patrick Roy. McCabe wants to play for the Leafs, the Leafs don't want McCabe. Big difference, not to mention McCabe doesn't have remotely the signifance that Roy had in Montreal. I think the case for Lawton, Daige and Stefan were that they were all busts despite the pressure.
    Its funny that you won't recognize the fact that despite all MLSE's woes over the last few years, no one wants to leave under any circumstances and the Leafs still managed to sign more attractive UFAs than the Habs.

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