McCabe Information to fuel the fire —

Bryan McCabe did OFFICIALLY reject a contract:

4 years at $16.5 million.

Watters and Kypreos claim that no new offer sheet was ever sent to him, but that part is speculation.

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  1. Jar_21 says:

    mccabe is gonna turn into a gonchar. Hes gonna ask for 5 mil a year and 4-5 years. I say trade him. There is no more can openers left in him in this nhl hes only left with a hard shot at the point and thats not enough to get 5 mil a year.

  2. PaulK123 says:

    What does this guy want? 5.7 million? He is good

    offensivly, I will give him that but he proved with his play on Team Canada he is nothing more than another Sheldon Souray.

  3. The-President says:

    Good Bye, Greedy Bastard, Get the hell off the team.

  4. hackm says:

    If you’ll notice :

    That offer is $4.125 a year.

    LESS THAN Kaberle.

    So, it is a little insulting…

    And it turns out the rumours of his past ‘rejection’ were full of crap.

    So, I don’t know now. I’d love to see him traded for a better future, but he will probably accept a control equal to Kabbies..

  5. hackm says:

    ‘contract’.. not control.. but I made a freudian slip, there, lol.

  6. sidleaf says:

    See ya around McCabe, if he liked Toronto he’d realize that he should settle for the exact same deal as kaberle got, and be thankful for it. He hasn’t done shit since any team has stuck a high point penalty killer on his ass…

  7. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    you are made of BS, prove McCabe was sent an offer like that. Sorry if i tend to believe Kypreos over you, he has significantly more connections than you.

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