MCcabe is back to the game!

Brian MCcabe is now back from a groin injury, he will be playing tonight against the Lightning maybe the Leafs can win a second.Without Brian MCcabe the Leafs are prety week defensivly and now that the leafs star defence is back they will pull up there socks and dominate.

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  1. 92-93 says:

    well McCabe isn’t the best D-guy in his own end. but his offensive presence was greatly missed on the leafs. i think that the reason why the leafs gave up so many goals is simply because the lack of depth on D the leafs have – not necessarily McCabe’s absence. many of those games – 3 of the last 4 in fact – saw the leafs play with 5 D-guys for most of the game. With McCabe back and with Khavanov and Berg out (oh no! – i am not sure if you can hear the sarcasm there) the leafs have pretty much the D they should be playing next year (with the exception of Coliacovo’s absence):




    When Coliacovo gets back, he can replace Woz. Don’t get me wrong, the leafs do need to pick up or trade for a young strong defenseman like Bergeron (Edm.) or Leopold (Cal.) but its good to FINALLY see the young guys play – it should have been done out of training camp and Berg and Khavanov should have never been resigned.

    is it me or is Chad Kilger playing well for the leafs right now? he seems to be the perfect 4th-line winger: he can hit, chip in goals here and there and he is not a huge minus (-1). I mean 10 goals and 19 points isn’t that bad for a 4th-line guy making 475K!

    sundin’s got 38 pts in 39 games. i can’t wait to get Lindros back and i hope and pray that Quinn experiments by putting lindros on sundin’s wing – which Lindros himself has suggested.

    another thing, in their last 10 games the leafs are 1-8-1. in that stretch the leafs scored first in 8 out of those 10 games. unbelievable. only in the two games in ottawa did they not score first. the leafs are still having trouble containing faster teams and this is leading to loads of penalties. the buds are giving up too many turnovers and shots and not putting enough shots on net themselves – and this of course has to do with the lack of quickness on the Leafs (Klee, Antropov, Allison, O’Neill, etc.).

    i dont want to wallow in anyone’s misery – especially considering Toronto’s recent record. but has anyone else noticed how badly the habs are playing lately too?? in their last few games they have lost by scores of 6-2, 7-3, 3-0 (with very few shots on goal in ottawa), and 8-2 tonight. the crazy thing is that they have also defeated superior teams like the Flyers, Stars, Sharks, and Sens but don’t seem to be able to put together any kind of consistency (sound familiar toronto fans?).

    i like kyle wellwood and he is going to be solid player for the leafs. but he is too small and is continually losing battles along the boards. this is very frustrating to watch both in the defensive and offensive zones. I suggest that if Quinn isn’t going to put Lindros on the same line as Sundin, put Wellwood on the right side of Lindros because the latter creates a lot of room to move.

    finally, we all know that leafs are not the best shootout team. but they are certainly one of the best, if not THE BEST team 4-on-4 in OT. the are 5-1 in the 4th period and this is largely due to the play of Kaberle and Sundin who thrive 4-on-4. is it me or is Belfour brutal at the shootouts?

  2. 92-93 says:

    also, a must win game against Washington and NJ. Washington because this is a team that the leafs SHOULD beat even though the caps have played well lately and even though the leafs lost to the caps in washington earlier in the week.

    NJ because the leafs are chasing the devils for 7th in the East. they have a game in hand on both TB and NJ and they have to make the most of it.

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