McCabe, McCabe, McCabe!!!

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I’m fully aware that posts have been made with regards to Bryan McCabe’s poor playing ability, but I felt that tonights loss against the Buffalo Sabres in overtime, really emphasizes the frustration of Leafs fans with this particular player. Game in and game out, one cannot accuse McCabe of being inconsistent; although his consistency is of a negative nature. He continues to be a (-) minus player this season, and has even lost his scoring touch.

Prior to the NHL lockout, in the age of the ‘can-opener’, McCabe was a highly touted defense man, until the new rules took precedent, and all he was left with was a hard point shot. However, teams quickly adapted to this point shot, and his ability defensively, as well as offensively has continuously declined. I’m not sure whether it’s the new rules, the ridiculous contract ($5.75 million a year on average), or a combination between the two, but he does not deserve a starting position at this point in time.

Perhaps what is needed for McCabe is a change of scenery; either send him down to the minor leagues, or trade him (I’ve heard speculation of his desire to play in New York, for the Islanders). I honestly believe that Ferguson should put his pride behind him, and ask McCabe to waive his no-trade clause, similar to what was done to Redden by Bryan Murray. The fact of the matter is, our top three defense men make upwards of $15 million a year, and continue to be one of the worst defensive tandems in the entire NHL (with the exception of Kaberle). I know many may ask, ‘who will fill the position?’. The answer is quite simple; give an opportunity to another young prospect, such as Straalman. Whether this be a temporary or permanent solution, there is no denying that competition, and change is needed.

By continuing on with this charade, the Maple Leafs organization is doing nothing but hinder its own hockey operation by placing a barrier in their winning ability, as well as with their cap situation. I realize there will be a lot of posts affirming my position, but my real question to all of you is, ‘what will it take for the Toronto Maple Leafs to realize the defensive situation (e.g. McCabe), and how long will they allow their franchise to suffer before they actually do something about this problem? I look forward to all of your responses. Thank you.

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  1. The-President says:

    I'll take that as sarcasm, unless you want to assure me that you are serious. You know I took a lot of heat for my article when I blasted Maurice, and now it seems like everybody is seeing the picture sort of, I'm glad I put it out there.

  2. nordiques100 says:

    this is a far cry from last season when maurice could do no wrong. in fact i found it to be sacreligious to even mouth one bad word on the leaf coach.

    suddenly after all that "great" work by the team and 91 meaningless points. playing "great" defensively limiting shots and chances last year only to be let down by their goaltending and goaltending alone has evaporated after 7 games.

    gee i thought it was far too early to make such judgements and such grand predictionsn and assessments? that assessment was worthy of criticism after 4 games and 10 years for that matter that was argued previously. so how does this become so crystal clear now after 1 bad half period and a bad OT?

    did we not have the duty as leaf fans to completely abandon reality and see everything with the glass half full all the time?

    shouldnt we be saying that kubina got an assist last night which is a good thing even though 3 of his blunders ended up in the net? why are we dwelling on the negatives all of a sudden?

    shouldnt we be praising mccabe for using the glass at least once this time in the last game instead of hammering him for putting the puck into his own net? afterall it was raycroft in goal. perhaps if he didnt let in such a fat rebound or be so far to the side of the net the puck wouldnt have gone in.

    its "only 1 game!" right? are we not suppose to say "we wouldnt call chris pronger a bad defenseman if he made a bad play that ended up in the net". mistakes happen right?

    didnt the team play "2 great games against ottawa" and didnt they play well for 48 minutes last night? they totally deserved to win based on how well they were playing last night just like they did against the sens right?

    didnt you "fans" completely dismiss the horrible defensive blunders and penalties in those ottawa games only now have these same points valid after the last two games against pitt and buf which the team "should have" won like they "should have" won against ottawa?

    why now does an assesment after 17 bad minutes from last night completely make sense now and have opened eyes now after a decade of ineptness defensively has been witnessed? i only ask because all the mistakes and examples of bad play have been dismissed previously in great fashion by the "real leaf fans who support the team no matter what".

    i thought we were to hang on to our amazing and wonderfully dominating play against the eastern champs no matter what happened over the next 80 games to emphatically prove the leafs are great despite getting 1 of a possible 4 points and throwing the game away that was clearly pointed out by some. its interestning now we are not giving mccabe and kubina and others the benefit of the doubt now when the team earned a point but not when the team got humilated at home 7-1. afterall the determination by the "experts" was that it was just 1 game.

    so lets get back onto the bandwagon again and cheer on our buds or else we shall burn in the firey pits of hell for uttering any negative words on our beloved blue and white warriors.

  3. the_word says:

    I have nothing against criticizing Maurice, but put forth something with a little more depth than 'Maurice is an idiot'.

  4. The-President says:

    Just throwing this out there, if Pat Quinn was running the team right now, do you think the Leafs would be better I do. Let me just give you an example on why Maurice is a coach that had only one good season like 5 years ago, basically what I'm trying to say is he sucks.

    Pat Quinns Defense:
    McCabe/Kaberle-they were both awesome under Quinn, especially McCabe maybe thats the problem, Maurice doesn't know how to use him.
    I can't really remember the rest but alot of them were no names that really truly sucked ass. Names such as Berg, Lumme, Manson, Khavonov, Belak, Yushkevich, I can't remember anymore off the top of my head but as you could see Quinn's defense was horrible, but you know what, they played better then our "NAME" defense under Maurice. Quinn never had players such as Kubina, Coliacovo, White, Wozniewski, Stralman, I mean these players aren't awesome but their supposed to be better then Quinn's defense aren't they. Maurice is supposed to be a defensive minded coach, but from what I see he doesn't know how to use his defense. Quinn got the most out of his players, why can't Maurice? Let me just throw this out there, on the subject of McCabe, he had his best years under Quinn, could it be Maurice, ever think of that?

  5. The-President says:

    I just did, scroll down a little,  but I don't feel like I have to elaborate, I know you read my article, I know you get what I'm saying because I wrote it the other day, I don't feel the need to reiterate on why I think Maurice is an idiot, it's obvious.

  6. the_word says:

    "McCabe are definitely this team uncertainties"

    Is this unclear?  I never endorsed either McCabe or Kubina.  I call them uncertainties.  Its unfair to characterize me as a fanatic, I've taken a more moderate position on the Leafs (unlike yours which is extremely cynical).  I certainly never called McCabe a Norris candidate.  How you can confuse calling McCabe an uncertainty (as he is a liability in his own, but has tremendous upside on the PP, somewhat of a double edged sword) with calling him a top five defenseman is beyond me.

    You're making an embarrassing ridiculously interpretation of one of my previous posts.  McCabe has been terrible in his own end for years, and has looked especially bad this season.  Kubs has looked really had this year, which I find surprising.

    I can make the distinction between the team and McCabe/Kubina. I certainly don't think that things are all bad for the Leafs.  I've never said the Leafs are without their issues.

  7. The-President says:

    I still like the leafs regardless of if they win, lose, their coach sucks, it doesn't matter what happens, but all I'm saying is Maurice needs to go, everyone will see at seasons end when he gets axed.

  8. the_word says:

    Keep painting static pictures of those who didn't agree you, ignore that the Leafs performance is in a state of flux (try not to confuse this statement with calling the Leafs a contender).

  9. dog_farts says:

    Amen, he WAS useless in 2003.  I'm a Hawks fan, and I clearly remember being happy that they traded him even though they only got that useless tit Karpotsev in return.  He was horrible then and he's horrible now.  If he hadn't put on a Leafs jersey, he would've gone the way of other defensively inept defencemen such Bryan Berard and Andy Delmore.

  10. dog_farts says:

    I agree totally.  They've done it with every fan favourite.  Domi making $2 million.  Wade Belak being a regular on your team.  In what other city would that happen?  Even Sundin.  He's a talent consistent player but I heard them the other day talking about how he's instantly going into the Hall of Fame.  Why?  Just because of his points?  He hasn't won anything.  The Leafs have never gone higher than final four with him there.  Alfredsson should get consideration before him, at least team's led the league in points consistantly and gotten to the Stanley Cup Finals.  If he goes in then why shouldn't a guy like Steve Larmer.  He's led his teams in points and gotten the Blackhawks to the finals and won the cup with the Rangers.  This town overrates everybody.

  11. dog_farts says:

    I thought I was the only one who noticed him shoot at his own net with like 13 seconds left in the third.  It's funny how dillusional the Leafs fans have become that no one has even mentioned that.  And you're right, Maurice rewarded him by putting him out there for almost the entire overtime.

  12. The-President says:

    I saw it, minor heart attack when it happened!

  13. mojo19 says:

    Don't be down on Yushkevich or Svehla, those guys rocked!!!

  14. mojo19 says:

    What season was he our best d-man exactly??? Never, that's right. Since the lockout its been all Kaberle. I assume you thought McCabe was better that first year after the lockout like so many people who don't fully understand the game, so I'll let it slide. Even though that year I kept telling everyone how much better Kaberle was (and some listened) there were still the few fans like you out there who didn't understand.

    The one thing I agree with you on here is that McCabe should play less minutes so he makes less mistakes.

  15. The-President says:

    Svhela was awesome, and I'm still pissed at him for retiring so early. On the other hand, Yushkevich wasn't that good, he was at best average, he was overrated by the Leaf fans, other then me, ever notice what happened to him after he left Toronto.

  16. nordiques100 says:

    did you not tell me that "is the sky falling already?"

    you called them uncertainties and 3 games later your uncertain feelings were confirmed with the way they played. yet when i used the examples of the first 4 games of the year to describe the leafs plight the last decade, i was apparently jumping the gun and getting to analytical far too early into the year and being far too cynical after 4 games. you're now doing the same thing.

    i could care less who agrees or disagrees, i actually agree with many of the things others said.. but you have been dead set that i was far too critical and pessimistic and after 3 games you are already bailing out of kuby and mccabe. its a long season isnt it?

    mccabe was actually in the top 5 for norris voting a few years back and did receive some first place votes. with 75 games left he could still have such a season where he is regarded in that fashion. that is what i meant when i said that. i was trying to take a less cynical view as you keep pointing out that i take with such a large portion of the season to go. he could still pull through and show everyone that he can play to that calibre. anything can happen right? 3 games to analysis everything in a nutshell is a bit too soon to say he wont right? i learned that from you and what others were saying when i criticized the team after 4 games.

    now that people are jumping all over those 2 blueliners after a couple of bad games, would it not be prudent of myself to make those same arguments that others made when it was claimed i jumped the gun far too early when i criticized the leafs play in their first 4 games and the last decade ofr that matter? is that not a valid argument now as it was for others when they counter argued my points?

    you say mccabe has been that bad for years. true. i claimed the leafs were bad defensively for years. true but i was considered to be overdramatic about it.

    i'm just finding it hypocritical to be slammed mercilessly for pointing out some pretty obvious points and using examples to back up my claims only to be considered overreacting as it was merely 4 games. when i did in fact say this type of play has been happening for years and then now people are creaming kubina and mccabe already after their latest 2 games (clearly known that they are not solid defensively like i said about the team clearly not being solid defensively) and deeming that to be an acceptable analysis. when i counter argue, saying its jumping the gun, that appears to be the wrong answer.

  17. nordiques100 says:

    well no matter how good a job he does. if ferguson gets fired, maurice has to go as well. many have claimed he doesnt deserve to get fired but good or bad he should be dismissed so that whomever is in charge of the hockey team can bring in his own people.

    problem with the leafs has been that the team has been forced into situations where people hwo hate eachother are forced to work together. not since the fletcher/burns years have we seen a clear GM and caoch tandem that worked in synch.

    when dryden came in, the leafs ended up with a GM committee with mike smith, watters, quinn, hedberg and dryden deciding personnel moves. not healthy.

    then quinn and dryden were in a power struggle that resulted in ferguson being GM because each of them hated eachother's choices. clearly that work enviroment was not healthy as quinn a long time executive couldnt fathom working for a "young hotshot" GM.
    couple all this with meddling owners who want a piece of the action and its been a recipe for disaster. maurice is fergie's coach but if JFJ is gone, maruice has to follow him out the door.

  18. morrissey says:

    Having a one dimensional offensive defenseman like McCabe wouldn't be so bad if the rest of the D was solid, but when Gill & Kubina are also in your top four then ouch! Not making the playoffs with this group on D and chewing up so much cap space, sorry Leafs fans.

  19. nordiques100 says:

    they've been in a state of flux at least defensively for years….even when they were contenders during the quinn years.

    its not just a few games. these defensive problems are not going away any time soon. if it was just a few games, then yeah, time will tell if tehy can turn it around and my opinion over the first 4 games of the year wouldnt be valid.  but under 2 coaches and 4 goalies and several seasons later, the same players over the years have not been able to get it done. the same defensive zone mistakes and excessive penalties are still happneing no matter hwo is in the lineup but at the same time also under the same group of core players.  its that simple.

  20. habsrock99 says:

    it's not a no-trade clause, it's a No Movement Clause, which, if I am correct, cannot be waived.

  21. mojo19 says:

    He wasn't overrated, he was voted to the all-star game and was known as one of the league's best hitting defensman. After he left the leafs he couldn't stay healthy and had to retire at the end of the season split with Florida, LA, and Philly at a relatively young age. But he did come back to haunt us scoring big goals for Philly in those playoff's and laying out big hits.

    The best thing he did with the leafs was in the '99 playoffs when he was matched up against Jagr in the 2nd round, leafs won in 6 and everyone remembers Valks goals, Berezin's big tap in goal, Lonny Bohonos coming up taking Modins spot and scoring in the first period, but people don't talk about the shut-down job Yushky did on Jagr. I definitely wouldn't call him overrated.

  22. senators101 says:

    You're Right.  Clearly, if Quinn was coaching, McCabe wouldn't have scored on his own net because that was Maurice's wrongdoing.

  23. Radio says:

    lol Andy Delmore…what is that guy doing these days? Sucking farts out of bus seats?

  24. Hoondog2 says:

    Lets get some perspective here people.  A week ago when the Leafs smoked the Islanders, most of you people were convinced the Leafs were back on track, now after this game the same people want to blow up the team. 

    Going from extreme to extreme, i think people are missing the middle here.  The Leafs are not a great team defensively, this is no secret, and they're not going to pop in 8 goals a game either.  The Leafs will be in the top half of the league offensively, and in the bottom half defensively.  They need to get that middle ground back, which they are quite capable of, especially if our goalies keep playing like they are. 

    McCabe is not as bad as he is playing, but he is not going to get 70 points, and +40.  He will be around the 50-60 pt. mark with an even +/- by the time the season wraps up.  He will do exactly what he is paid to do.  He is underachieving right now as much as Antropov is overachieving.  I've defended Antropov for a long time now, and it would definitely feel nice to throw it back in some peoples faces right now, but I know he isn't going to get the 105 points that he is on pace for.  Its called keeping it in perspective.

    I have said before, and still agree that one of McCabe or Kubina needs to be moved, not because they suck, but because we have too many of the same type of defenseman that we can't fully utilize for the price.

    The Leafs have had a tough start to the season, playing some tough teams which is definitely confounding the situation.  We've lost two, one goal games to the best team in the East, a one goal game to the second best team in the East, and a two goal game to arguably the third best team in the East.  Lets at least wait until we've played as many bad teams, as good teams before we write them off.

  25. leaffaninva says:

    I've said it in the past, McCabe doesn't play to his paycheque.  Getting a trade for him (especially with his salary and contract length) will be next to impossible.  As far as his no movement clause:

    Doesn't mean you can sit him up in the pressbox and have good ole' Kubina next to him fetching *****tails.

    These two don't have to do anything on the ice and still collect HUGE $$$$$.  They could do F*&K all and, still walk away as millionaires at the end of thier contracts.  What are the leafs going to do???? Sit them???? Not a chance will the brass in Leaf land let $10 M of cap space be healthly scratches for any significant amount of time.

    If Maurice has any grapes down there, he would do just that – scratch them for about 5 games each and have them watch the young tallent vie for their roles.  The only thing that will get them (McCabe/Kubina)  playing to level that was expected of them is taking Pride in the way they play. 

  26. leafy says:

    McCabe Joke

    Did you hear about McCabe's problems with trade rumor websites?

    He can't read them because he surfs the wrong net.


  27. rojoke says:

    Article 11.8 [b]

    A no-move clause may prevent the involuntary relocation of a Player, whether by Trade, Loan or Waiver claim.  A no-move clause, however, may not restrict the Club's buy-out and termination rights as set forth in (the) Agreement.  Prior to exercising its Ordinary Course Buy-Out rights… the Club shall, in writing… provide the Player with the option of electing to be placed on Waivers.  The Player will have 24 hours from the time he receives such notice to accept or reject that option at his sole discretion, and shall so inform the Club in writing…  If the Player does not timely accept or reject that option, it will be deemed rejected.

    Article 11.8 is the only mention of no-trade/no-move clauses in the CBA.  There's nothing in it that says a team cannot asks a player to waive a no-move clause.  Paragraph a of the article limits no-move clauses to Group 3 UFAs.

  28. habswinthecup-again says:


  29. TML51 says:

    Well, apparently McCabe is the new Leafs whipping boy…which I'm sure Raycroft and Antropov (and Berg, Lumme, et al…) are sure happy about.  I'm already reading on other sites that trade rumors are poping up, but we heard all these when we the fans were convinced the Leafs were going to get half the NHL for Antropov and a bag of pucks.  I'm certain we'll see a lot more of the same.

    His play HAS dwindled, and is starting to cause the Leafs games.  But is it entirely fair to blame just him?  I actually feel sorry for Raycroft and Toskala, as they have no real defensive system infront of them to take out players.  Remember the recent Pittsburg game?  How may whacks at a puck can the opposition have before the the defense takes them out?

    I think the system is the problem.  The players within the current system look lost and without direction…I think rather than blame the player(s), perhaps the coaching needs to be revamped. 

    However I do admit that McCabe's heart just does not appear to be in it with Toronto.

  30. leafy says:

    Reading everyone's comments on this post, you would think we're discussing the 1973 Washington Capitals.

    Let's not lose perspective people.  There is still some pretty good talent on this team.  Not Stanley Cup material, but enough good pieces to make some serious noise in the playoff race, at least in my estimation.

    My preference is to build the team from scratch like the Penguins, but right now, we have to make the most of what we have – it's still premature to blow up this team.  Let's give them until December.  If they're still not playing well and out of it, then sure, have a nice firesale and get rid of the dead wood, i.e., McCabe, Kubina, Tucker, Blake,…yes, even Sundin, and get some good quality prospects and build the team from scratch.  But until then, let's see what this team can do once they've had time to get some good practices done and time to gel.  I still say the Leafs can make some serious noise.

  31. Rico420 says:

    In all honesty, the whipping that McCabe is taking from Leafs fans is ridiculous! I know that there aren't very many people around my age but this situation is turning into Larry Murphy circa 1995, everytime a FUTURE hall of famer stepped on the ice in MLG he was booed, and if this season (as young as it may be) keeps going as it is for McCabe he's going to be stuck in the same ridiculous situation that Murphy was in.

    And I thought Habs fans were overly critical, I know that Mojo or whatever the hell is name is thinks I'm funny but you know as well as I do that a good portion of the Leaf nation would have been sick if McCabe had signed with any other franchise after a career year because..obviously he's going to do it again.

    I honestly think McCabe will waive his no trade clause and the Leafs are going to be on the hook for a percentage of his salary – enjoy McCabe until the trade deadline and if the Leafs are on the bubble of the playoffs you will see McCabe shipped off.

  32. openclose says:

    "Leafs are going to be on the hook for a percentage of his salary", you aren't allowed to do that with the new CBA.

  33. jpmac says:

    So you still got them in the eastern conference finals next year?

  34. mojo19 says:

    Okay, I want to apologize to you for earlier. And you're right, a large part of Leaf nation would have been upset to lose him after his "career" year. Even though he didn't play that well that year he did produce. There were many arguments between me and other leaf fans on here about who is better – McCabe or Kaberle during that season, the next year more and more people realized the things that were obvious to a lot of us already: He's okay, but he's not a big money defensman, period.

  35. turdfergusson says:

     What's funny is that I keep hearing,"…why don't we trade him….?"

      I got news for u : the Leafs stuck with him. Who wants this guy's contract??!!
      He could be making almost half as much and the I could still get away with asking the same question based on his , if you could call it that . Getting tired of hearing about it. He's yours until 2011.  Deal with it and maybe post something else like how shitty Kubina is and how he's stuck there until 2010 !

       What a Goddamned mess.

  36. turdfergusson says:

      This has just occured to u recentley?

  37. Rico420 says:

    Hell I wouldn't even consider McCabe one of the top 20 d-men in the league you guys are lucky that you still have Kaberle or else things would look really bad in Toronto…I still can't get over the fact that Hal Gill has more points then McCabe this year thus far.

    Gotta say it was nice to see all the Leafs come to his defense though.

  38. RealisticLeaf says:

    As I have stated before. McCabe is not only to blame. Kubina right now should also bear the brunt. They should hold this burden equally. The two of them are the main reason for the lack of D in their own end. When either of them are on the ice in their own end I suddenly hear circus music start playing.

    Seriuosly….watch Kubina. I never seen someone so lost that plays D in my whole life. If he was a horse I would have had him put down!!

    Larry Murphy…former Leaf whipping boy…was on the radio yesterday going on that if people were true Leaf fans they would not boo either of these guys. I got news for you Murphy….it is because we are Leaf fans that we boo them. They are booed cause we want Leaf management to take their head outta their @ss and do something about this mess they created!! We boo not fully because of the player…but the mess that management has created. Murphy was right off the mark here. When you get players who are massively overpaid and not playing up to their contracts then there is bound to be an outcry from fans. Against both the player and the management group who gave this to them.

    I for one am going to boo every time that McCabe and Kubina are on the ice!! To protest what a crap is on the ice.

    What was in JFJ's head to give McCabe this kind of contract? And for that fact Kubina's huge numbers. Any other GM in the NHL would have looked at the young quality defencemen that were coming through the system and thought to themselves….wow…we got some good young D comin up. I think I will spend the money to get some good young forwords on this team to go with the D. But no JFJ spent the money on the lousy D we see now. What an @ss. It is obvious to me he did not see the talent in Coli, White, Kronwall, Woz, Harrison , and the traded Bell. That is a lot of talent to underestimate. It is obvious to me that for this reason alone that JFJ can not judge talent. Take your pick right now and any of these guys would look better then McCabe or Kubina.

  39. Hoondog2 says:

    relax, this is a good team that is a little lost.  Booing WILL NOT help matters at all.  McCabe is staying and that is that.  I would like to see Kubina moved, and the only reason being is he can't be utilized on the Maple Leafs properly.

  40. mojo19 says:

    Yeah, they had to do that, imagine how bad it would have looked if one of them called him out? Yikes.

    Nik Kypreo's last night on Sportsnet, on Nik Antropov: "He's the closest thing the leafs have to an untouchable."

    I think Nik meant just forwards because Kaberle is overall more valuable, but I agree with that statement otherwise.

  41. leafy says:

    How times have changed.  It seems like yesterday when Leaf fans were on this site proposing trades like Antropov + 2 draft picks for whomever.

  42. RealisticLeaf says:

    McCabe hasn't shown me that he has adjusted yet defensively to the new rules and speed of the game.

    And i am sorry but kubina looks flat out lost out there. they try him on the PP and the PK and 5 on 5…how are they supose to utilize him?LOL

    I apologize man but these two are awful and yes i know McCabe is not going anywhere…i know ALL about his contract. Who in their right mind would want his contract… one.

    Sorry bud but Murphy yesterday made no sense to me and still does not.

    Also i believe the fans are also angry with JFJ and his dumb contracts he gave out with these guys. I believe that is a lot of the backlash…not all the players fault as i believe it is also that people … like myself are pissed with dumb management.

    i think it is all the above.

  43. Hoondog2 says:

    For sure, i feel your pain.  These guys will pull out of it.

  44. mojo19 says:

    Its true. Good article in the Sun today as Lance Hornby had a recent interview with former GM Mike Smith, who said when they drafted Antropov that he would be a project and they would have to wait a while before he paid off, but it would be worth it. Mike was right.

    Another former leaf employee who left and went back to Sweden (I want to say his name was something Hedin, and not Pierre, but maybe Pierre's father) Once warned Pat Quinn: "Never trade Antropov, no matter what the cost."

  45. leafy says:

    Interesting.  I remember that game he had in Florida at age 19 when he scored a hat trick (3 highlight reel goals) and the Leafs won 6-4.  But then the knee injuries hit and it's taken a while for him to get healthy like when he started.

  46. mojo19 says:

    Its true reconstructive knee surgery on his left knee, and before it fully heeled a bad injury on the right knee would force reconstuctive surgery on that leg as well. Pat Quinn would go onto say: He'll be one of our top 3 forwards, but everytime he gets healthy he finds a way to get hurt again.

    Paul Maurice while with the hurricanes would urge Jim Rutherford to make a deal for Antropov when he was involved in trade rumours, (according to Maurice) Rutherford would try but Quinn would not deal Antropov.

    Ken Hitch***** called Antropov the leafs "best player" during the 2004 playoffs.

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