McCabe re-signs with Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs have signed their go-to defenseman on Thursday. Bryan McCabe signed a multi-year contract before his arbitration hearing on Saturday….
McCabe who is 29, played 75 games last season collecting 16 goals, 37 assists and 86 penalty minutes. Ferguson made a good decision by signing this top-tier defenseman, but he has been relatively quiet during the offseason, only signing aging forwards Roberts and Nieuwendyk, also signing Ed Belfour and Aki Berg.

Leaf fans were hoping he could land off a big signing this summer, like Glen Murray, Paul Kariya or Peter Bondra. But instead he figures if he can almost the same team as last year they can have another unsuccessful run at the cup.

Here’s a little something the Leafs could do to change the image of the team. Do not re-sign Antopov and Wilm so they can make room for a speedy forward that can score goals and play good on the penalty kill, Paul Kariya. Also they need a good backup goaltender who can stand tall when Belfour gets injured, someone like Jamie Storr. Tellqvist isn’t ready to play at the NHL level yet, he needs more experience in the minors to boost his confidence. Re-sign Kaberle and change his position to forward. They could trade Aki berg and a prospect to Washington for Brendan Witt, a good young defenseman who makes few mistakes and can play aggressive.

So here’s a look at what the lines would look like if the leafs made these changes.










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  1. sixteenstone says:

    Here are real lines

    Mogilny, Sundin, Roberts

    Ponikarovsky, Nieuwendyke, Antropov

    Tucker, Stajen, Nolan

    (undecided),Kilger, Domi

    Extras, Belek, Wilm, Perrot


    McCabe, Leetch

    Klee, Kaberle

    Berg, Colaiacovo/Pilar




    Now get real im a diehard leaf fan DIEHARD but there payroll is so high I do think they will sign one big name on the of season but that’s about it.

    A Lindors or a Murray i think would fit us Leafs the best. because of there gritty eastern play. As i would love Kariya being a leaf he doesn’t fit in as a leaf, his style wont play right with the leafs. The Leafs need a man who will step up at any given time for the right price.

  2. sixteenstone says:

    **** TO ALL THE LEAF HATERS******

    I really do think you are a jealous group of people, I know maybe some fans may get to you but its more, everyone does know the Leafs do have a good team maybe not a Stanley Cup team but a good team. I think your very jealous because the leafs can dish out the cash and get good decent players, the leafs are one of the few teams that do make money every year. So just because fans are fantasying about a lindors or Murray hell even Kariya does it really matter? I think it looks worst on the leaf haters part because the leafs do have money to blow even if we do have a 60 million payroll. So why dont you just suck it up and watch the leafs finish with another 100+ point season again.

  3. big_booty says:

    What a joke. Leaf fans (and brass) need to wake up and smell the coffee.

    Anyone who thinks that Bryan McCabe is worth $5 million per year is a certifiable class “A” moron. This pattern of re-assembling the same team that wasn’t good enough to win the Cup last year will be Ferguson’s undoing.

    It will become more apparent after many incidents where McCabe gets caught up ice, Leetch gets muscled off the puck by a career AHL’er, Antropov leaves his game with Borat, and Nieuwendyk’s body simply disintegrates.

    With this contract, McCabe officially becomes the Patrice Brisebois of greater Ontario.

  4. bpanther83 says:

    How the hell is Gonchar better than Mccabe defensively? Mccabe was a +22…Gonchar a -14…and Mccabe was only 5 points off of Gonchar. Gonchar is better offensively, but is NOT better defensively.

  5. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    Once again you are confusing opinion with fact.Who is the class “A” moron now?.Looks like you are.

  6. bpanther83 says:

    Leetch gets muscled off the puck? The guy can take the puck all the way to the oppenents net from his own end while making every player on the other team look like the class “A” moron u mentioned. U can NOT knock Leetch…Antropov sucks I agree I hate him, but he signed cheep so I won’t complain as much, I just want him GONE. nieuwendyk is Awesome How can u diss this guy? Yes he does get worn out time to time, but he is a true playoff player, and thats what the leafs need. They will have no problem making the playoffs, they just need players to show up in it, and few are better than Niewy.

  7. PayUpSucka says:

    First off, go have a few beers and drive yourself off a cliff.

    If you can’t live with leaf signings go share your frustrations with someone who gives a sh it about what you think, you leaf hating moron. Every time you open that fat mouth of yours it’s to bash a leaf fan, the leafs players and or the organization.

    I’ll leave you with a thought d ickhead.

    John Leclair at 7 million a year. Nuff said.

    McCabe’s numbers are worthy of his salary. I mean he had more points per game last year than anyone in the league except Gonchar. As a matter of fact he’s had more points per game last year than any defensemen on Team Canada’s roster. I’m curious of what you’d say if the leafs waited for the arbitrator to award McCabe more money and Fergie walked away from him. Would you be singing a different song then?

    Why is it you won’t open your mouth when Wade Redden recieved the same amount. I mean f uck, Redden hasn’t played a decent playoff game in his career let alone this year. But I didn’t hear your bias opinion when that happened. I mean seriously you should see a shrink dude. The only time you say anything it’s leaf related. And you’re the same guy that bitc hes and whines when someone insults the flyers.

    If I were you i’d be more worried about that shipwreck you have in Philly. Beating the leafs must be like winning the cup to you morons.

  8. PayUpSucka says:

    He’s shit on because he’s a leaf dude. If he were anywhere else you’d never hear a bad word about him.

  9. PayUpSucka says:

    Rancid is a child abuse victim, he was forced to “wrestle” with uncle Tom as a child and still hasn’t fully recovered from it. Hopefully mother nature will take her course and suicide will prevail.

  10. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Sounds like Rancid is just making stuff up to cover the fact that she’s full of $hit. Stajan better than Lemieux? Maybe the little voices in your head suggested as much, Rancid, but noone in the real world would dream of such a comparison.

    Stajan will be decent, he showed good promise last year based on limited playing time in not very critical playing situations. On a different team, one not coached by Pat Quinn, he’d get more playing time and would have better numbers. Hopefully Quinn is smart enough to allow him to develop next year instead of playing some over-the-hill veteran.

    Berg isn’t very good, sorry to say. Maybe he isn’t as bad as some people give him credit for, but he gets that much playing time because there aren’t too many other options. I’d happily see him off to another team, where he might blossom, for a draft pick or whatever.

    Colaiacovo needs time to play at the NHL level before anyone can make a judgement on him. Consider Alexander Daigle – came into the league with all the promise in the world and couldn’t cut it. Your draft position doesn’t ensure success, neither does good play in the minors.

    And another thing, if rates him as 8/10 and everybody else is high on this kid, what authority do you have to disagree? Because you live 20 minutes outside of Toronto? Well, congratulations, I live 19 minutes outside of Toronto thus I know more than you do.

    I guess all in all, you remind me of a fart: A lot of hot, stinky air, a lot of sound, but not much substance.

    Peace out.

  11. ALMO-TML says:

    No wonder you get trashed on this site, with the amount of stupidity that comes out of you. How many positions do you think are available on a hockey team? This isn’t strett hockey you dumb kunt!

  12. ALMO-TML says:






  13. big_booty says:

    Despite your praising of the end-to-end ability of Mr. Leetch, he can indeed be knocked.

    Anyone who knows the game will tell you that Leetch is horrible in the corners and cannot clear the crease. He has been robbed numerous times by the less-than-tenacious forechecking of such featherweights as Justin Williams, Simon Gagne, and Daniel Briere.

    I am not trashing Nieuwendyk, merely stating the obvious that every Leafer seems to look conveniently past: the man is old and gets hurt – alot. As for him being a “true playoff player,” that may have been true five years ago, but he is so brittle that he can’t last in an up-to 28 game war.

    A valiant effort, but ultimately futile.

  14. big_booty says:

    Fact: Brian Leetch is an amazing offensive talent, and his goal line-to-goal line rushes are great to watch, but he cannot play defense. Since 1997 he is a minus-60. I have seen him “battle” in the corners with the players I mention and he has lost the puck the majority of the time.

    Fact: Nikolai Antropov is a big, slow, brittle, and less-than-talented hockey player. He has yet to live up to the hype that not only Leaf Nation but the Leafs brass continue to heap upon him.

    Fact: While Nieuwendyk is a great faceoff man and a quality locker room presence, he is old and fragile. He has never played a full season and the last extended playoff stint he had with New Jersey, he barely played in the finals.

    The confusion is yours. Enjoy it while you can.

  15. big_booty says:

    Everything you say is endemic of Leafs Nation. When someone criticizes your team, rightly or not, you people immediately turn around and trash another team.

    I am well aware of LeClair’s salary. However, that little factoid has little bearing on the issues at hand.

    “McCabe’s numbers are worthy of his salary. I mean he had more points per game last year than anyone in the league except Gonchar.”

    You might want to reconsider that statement, in order to save yourself some well-deserved embarassment. Oops, too late.

    “I’m curious of what you’d say if the leafs waited for the arbitrator to award McCabe more money and Fergie walked away from him.”

    I’d buy Ferguson a pitcher of Sleeman’s, pat him on the back, and tell him what a great job he’s doing.

    I’d also take Redden over McCabe any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    “Shipwreck.” That’s hilarious. Your precious Leafs are doling out huge amounts of bling-bling this year for the same sad sack of old farts who weren’t good enough to win the Cup last year, and you call my team (which was one game from the finals, and has some great prospects on the horizon) a “shipwreck?”

    Have a “Doubleshot.”

  16. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    You may want to try again.Your act is getting old.

    “When someone criticizes your team,rightly or NOT,you people immediately turn around and trash the other team”.

    Isn’t that what you have been doing ever since you have come to this site?.Well yes it is.Can you say”hypocrite”?

    Speaking of prospects ,, has the Leafs ranked 26th and the Flyers 27th.So you may want to think that over a bit more.I guess your still upset over the loss of Pelle Lindberg and are taking you 2 year old temper tantrums out on all of us.

    McCabe was fourth in the Norris voting.I guess you know more than them.Your knowledge of the game of hockey is a complete joke.

    While your at it have a triple shot ,but make sure to save a shot or two for your buddy Pelle so that you can both drown in your sorrows.

  17. habs_punk says:

    im sorry you feel the need to resort to such profanity and name-calling all because your gm signed the worst definseman in the league to a huge contract.

  18. habs_punk says:

    that would make it like 2 or 3 100+ point seasons? they’re having all this regular season success, moreso than any other leaf teams ever, but so far it really hasnt mattered once the playoffs come around.

    btw, we arent jealous, rumors are just that, rumors. how many times do we have to hear that murray signing in toronto is a done deal? come on, you think we’re jealous of a group of people who think that every high priced free agent is coming to their team and 99% of the time ends up disappointed?

  19. bpanther83 says:

    r u on smack? He did AWESOME last playoffs. He is like Claude Lemiuex…someone u want on ur team come playoffs. He comes at a reasonable price, and when healthy makes ur team THAT much better. I mean everyone on the leafs seems to be injury prone, so why not keep the one that is gonna do the most good when not injured. Thats like Pittsburg saying for lemieux to not play no more cause he gets hurt 2 much.

    OK leetch isn’t the best corner guy in the world…but he doesn’t have to be…he is a career + and when he has the puck everyone on the opposing team shits bricks.

  20. nocuphere says:

    Worst D man in the league bro? C’mon dude share your stash.

  21. nocuphere says:

    Let’s see here:

    “I am well aware of LeClair’s salary.” However, that little factoid has little bearing on the issues at hand” ????? What the fu ck is that crap???? Thats exactly the issue at hand. Your GM knew Leclair’s back was on the way out when he signed him to that lucritive deal. But that’s ok, because he’s Bob Clarke and it’s the flyers I guess.

    Also your flyers shelled out more bling bling than the leafs last year, and also on old fragile old farts. Oh yeah but, they were 1 game way from the final so that’s ok, cause that was Bobby’s plan all along wasn’t it? Yeah fella’s lets just make it to game 7 of the semi’s!!!!! Right on man, give me some of that green you’ve been smokin’. I guess Turner Stevenson and Mike Knuble will put you over the hump this year too. haha.

    Oh yeah better watch out for that follow up year for Esche. That is the way of the goalie in Phillly right???? Goalie comes in and turns heads in his first season and then blows up the very next year. Then poor Bobby Clark is standing with his hands on his b alls looking for another clone of John Vanbiesbrouck. And you shi t on the leafs. haha.

    Macabe indeed was second to Gonchar in points for game by a defenseman you smuck. I know you didn’t think I meant forwards too.

    Ah 1 game away from the finals. Must’ve been a real treat to get that far and lose again. What are they giving out now for making it that far????

    You can have Wade Redden, i’ll take Bryan McCabe. Wade Redden has had a stellar playoff career!!!!!! 24pts in 60 games and a minus 13. Yeah that’s some great D.

    Sleemans eh? Makes perfect sense.

  22. big_booty says:

    Look, I appreciate your enthusiasm for your team, but you fail to see the obvious. Nieuwendyk was adequate in this past post-season. Aside from his two goal effort in game 6 against Ottawa (against Martin Prusek), he didn’t seem to do much. And when the team really needed him against Philadelphia (one point and minus-4 in three games), he was using a walker to get around the trainer’s room.

    Players who only last one and a half playoff rounds aren’t the kinds of players you want on your team if you expect to go the distance (see 2003 NJ Devils)

    “Reasonable price?” Are you kidding me? There is no way a dinosaur like Nieuwenduk should have gotten three million dollars. Either Fergie has a homoerotic crush on him, or Nieuwy’s agent held a .44 magnum to Mrs. Ferguson’s head.

    “OK leetch isn’t the best corner guy in the world…but he doesn’t have to be.”

    Uh, he’s a defenseman. Which means you defend players. You defend your goal. You do everything in your power to prevent goals from being scored against your team. Leetch doesn’t do any of that.

    The plus-40 type seasons Leetch had in the early nineties have nothing to do with the game in the here and now.

    Good coaches realize that in order to stop a Leetch rush you treat him like a winger – stand up at the blueline or pinch him along the side boards – he will eventually cough it up.

  23. PayUpSucka says:

    Must be nice viewing the world in orange and black.

    I wonder if the flyers as a team take the leafs as lightly as this guy does?

    Yeah i’ll also take Bryan McCabe and his 26pts and plus 6 in 51 playoff games over Redden too.

  24. big_booty says:

    First of all, you lose all semblance of credibility and respect by dumping on Lindbergh. Only a coward at the end of his rope with no logical arguement dredges up something as classless and inane as that.

    But I’m still going to trash you anyway.

    I have been a part of this website alot longer than you have, so don’t go telling me what it is that I do “ever since I came to this site.”

    When someone trashes my team, I stand up and defend it. I may even agree with some criticisms. What I don’t do is try and turn the arguement around to another team. For instance, if someone wants to trash the Flyers for trading Ruslan Fedotenko for the #4 overall pick in the draft (Joni Pitkanen), I would argue the merits of the trade, why it needed to be done, and why it is good for my team. What I won’t do is turn around and say that it’s a better deal than when the Leafs gave up on the #4 overall pick which turned out to be Roberto Luongo.

    Doing that is infantile and stupid. Which, as I’ve said before, is endemic of Leaf Nation.

    To borrow a page from your buddy nocuphere, what do you get for coming in fourth place in the Norris voting? The Norris? That’s what it seems like to Leafers.

  25. big_booty says:

    The issue at hand is not the Flyers, or John LeClair, or Bobby Clarke, or Mike Knuble, or Turner Stevenson, or Robert Esche, or John Vanbiesbrouck.

    The issue at hand, with this article and this string of comments, is Bryan McCabe and the Leafs.

    That’s what this is all about. Are you too dense to see that?

    You must be. You keep trashing the Flyers while we’re talking about the Leafs.

    Like I keep saying, that’s what Leafers do.

    Thanks for contributing to the stereotype. You’re doing a great job at it.

  26. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    First off quit whining and people may begin to respect you.Speaking of cowards you seem to fit that bill to a tee.Come down up and here and say that.You won’t last long.

    You have been around longer than myself?( I can verify that with mikster if you want).I remember when you first came to this website and you still have the same old song and dance.

    You’re a baby,plain and simple,did you pat your buddy Lindberg on the back once you both choked on that beer?.

    Your rant on McCabe is humorous to say the least.So again stick to football or baseball because you haven’t a clue about the sport of hockey.

    By the way..Pelle says you should pay your bar tab next time..keep drowning in your sorrows…

    Look under Webster’s Dictonary for the word “hypocrite” and your picture will be posted right next to its defintion.

  27. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    Again Leetch played on a Rangers team that didn’t even play defence.So your -60 argument is out the window.So you have seen every battle that Leetch has had in the “corners” have you?.Once again most would find that hard to believe.

    Antropov I can agree with most of your points.

    Nieuwendyk is there for just that:locker room presence and faceoffs.Yeah his health is always a concern and he will never play 82 games in a season.Your starting to learn.

    Your posts on the Leafs are mainly opinion and your blind hatered for the Leafs has clouded your judgment,which is very poor by the way.

    When someone confronts you ,you seem to back off pretty quickly.Speaking of confusion..Weren’t you the same guy that questioned why Reichel was picked over Sundin and Mogilny to take that “infamous” penalty shot? Yeah it was you!.In case you have forgotten.A player on the ICE at the time of the infraction has to take the penalty shot.NOT one of the players on the bench at the time of the infraction…hope your not so confused now..

  28. PayUpSucka says:

    Are you retarted???? You obviously don’t see the point everyone here is trying to make to you.

    You blast the leafs and Bryan McCabe. Which is fine, you’re entitled to an opinion. But you’re rediculing the organization as well. When at the same time the flyers have made similar mistakes. Compare and contrast. I mean if you can’t take a little critque of your own team after blasting another, then you’re at the wrong place bro.

    What do you expect? You to come on here and blast away at the leafs and their fans not come to their defense? I mean come to f uck on man.

    I also get a kick out of you saying leaf fans know nothing. Leafers this and dense that. I mean is it just leaf fans that have no knowledge or understanding of hockey? I mean I know that i’ve played right from atom to Junior, i’ve coached, I still play today. I follow the NHL religiously and the leafs even more so. I like to think I know what i’m talking about. I guess the bottom line is I can’t understand why you attacks are always seemingly focused on the leafs. I could understand if the flyers were winning cups or even on the verge, but they aren’t.

    Thanks for contributing to the give it but can’t take it routine. You’re doing a kick ass job.

  29. PayUpSucka says:

    “When someone trashes my team, I stand up and defend them” hahahaha. This is exactly what we mean bro. You just said it better than ever could. Maybe you understand why now people come to defend the leafs when people like you, who jsu plain hate the leafs give the team and the organization no respect.

    I read all the posts, I don’t see anything of nocup saying anything about McCabe ‘s 4th place voting for the Norris, but again back to the flyers, seeing as how you’ve just dumped on the leafs and their fans yet again. What exactly do the flyers get again for finishing 1 game from the cup final??? Jack, the same thing as last year and the year before.

    I’ll just say this; The leafs as an organization are commited to winning, you can question their tactics, but you can’t the desire. They’ve proved it since Stavro took over that they’re not afraid to spend money to do so. Their efforts have turned in varying results with no cup to show, buy they are not alone in that category. I can sit here and name 15 other teams, including the flyers that have tried as hard and failed to win in thbe last 10 years, but why is it that the leafs seem to take the hardest pounding? I mean you’re opinion is dust if you say s hit just because you hate the team.

    I have all the respect in the world for the flyers. I watched for two straight years now the two teams literally beat the crap out of each other in arguably the best hockey i’ve ever seen. I guess I just don’t understand why a seemingly knowlegable guy like yourself would just rip a team every time he gets a chance after witnessing the type of hockey the leafs and flyers produce in the playoffs.

  30. nocuphere says:

    Booty it’s like this.

    When you call someone else’s mother a who re, when you’re own mother is just as big a who re, then you have to expect to be called on it. It’s like you can voice your opinion on the leafs, but noone can voice theirs about the flyers.

    You bash my team, i’ll bash yours. The difference between a guy like me and a guy like you is that I actually have respect for the opposition. You talk about the leafs as though they were a team that hasn’t made the playoffs in 20 years. When it’s those same leafs that take you’re seemingly superior flyers to the brink every year.

  31. habs_punk says:

    ya, i guess you’re right, there are a few other defensemen worse than mccabe

  32. nocuphere says:

    Like Brisbois, Rivet, Komisarik, Souray, Markov and Bouillon eh?

  33. Scoot says:

    Hahaha!!! lol 🙂

  34. bpanther83 says:

    LEETCH doesn’t do any of that? Are u on smack…The guy saved PLENTY of goals by diving infront of the net when Belfour would come out. ANd Leetch does NOT always loose the puck in corners, u make it sound as if the guy is crap. Yet u ask anyone who really watches him and they will tell u the guy can play better defence then people give him credit for. I mean if they REALLY figured out how to stop him then why is he still getting the points he is? U seem to just hate the leafs and will bad mouth anyone on the team. Gonchar is not a good defensive defencemen BY ANY MEANS, yet u say nothing of him. And u go to any team around and I bet they would all want Nieuwy…Everyone who has played with him says they would love to play with him again. He is someone if the leafs are smart will rest a lot till playoffs…use him 4th line or something keep him fresh. And against philly Im sry but He didn’t play as well cause Antropov played like shit. Antrapov could make wayne Greztky look bad on the same line. Cause he SUCKS that much. but c’mon…u specifically pick out players who r not NEARLY as bad as u make them out to be just cause they are a leaf. When I see Leetch have a season where he isn’t scoring that many points I’ll agree with u…till then, can u tell me who ur dealer is cause ur smoking some good shit.

  35. bpanther83 says:

    How many times did we hear that Hull in Dallas was a done deal? Where is he now? Its just dumb cause ur gonna get a LOT more leaf rumors cause there r a LOT more carring leaf fans. Thats why ur jelous.

  36. bpanther83 says:

    I agree with u 100% the guy just doesn’t like the leafs so he bashes everything they do. I mean there r lots of things peopel could say about the flyers, but then he can’t take that.

  37. BayStBully says:

    How many Habs fans does it take to screw in a light bulb?


    And 99 to sit around for years and talk about how good it was.

  38. bpanther83 says:

    Buddy u must have something wrong with u. If ur gonna bash our team and organization, then were gonna show u how ur team is no better, and in fact maybe worse. U can’t bash someone about something if ur team is jut as bad…cause they are gonna say it 2 u. And if u love the flyers so much and they are doing the same things as the team ur bashing, then really u have no reason to bash them. But if ur gonna dish it, ur gonna have to take it.

  39. bpanther83 says:

    I live IN toronto, and if ur gonna live by toronto then ur gonna have to just accept it. If u don’t like it, I doubt any of us would care if u left.

  40. BayStBully says:

    Bobby Clarke is a retard…Max Ouellette for Adam Oates?

    Who can’t wait to see Brashear run like a ***** from Belak again this year?

  41. d0rd says:

    yeah, that’s right….but nonetheless, the Leafs have committed $10 million.

    Without a doubt, in the coming seasons, GM’s will be more fiscally restrained, and that cash that McCabe is getting could go elsewhere. I doubt McCabe would’ve beena awarded 2 years from an arbitrator.

  42. d0rd says:

    First off, I just said he’s a better defenceman, not better defensively (to be exact, i wrote that gonchar is solid defensively).

    As for their +/-, there are lots of factors at play. Gonchar played most of the season for the bottom feeding caps. Gonchar also didn’t have Ed Belfour behind him in net (last 2 years, I’d take Belfour over any goalie in the league). Taking a look at both of their collective stats Gonchar stacks with a better +/- (+57 vs. +37). I’m not refuting that McCabe is better on the defensive end. All i’m saying is that JFJ should’ve gone to arbitration because it would’ve been in the teams interest to do so because he’d get less money for sure.

  43. bpanther83 says:

    I don’t think he would of. He was a norris trophy candidate (4th in votes I believe), and he only had 5 points less than gonchar. PLus the rating..I think he would of got more. probably the same as Gonchar

  44. nocuphere says:

    You saw that too eh? Brashear is a punk.

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