McCabe Rejects Offer

TSN is reporting that Bryan McCabe today rejected the Leafs’ latest offer of a reported $16M over 4 years.

In my opinion, this will pretty much do it for McCabe in Toronto. I think he was insane to reject it, because I don’t think he’ll get that much money anywhere else. Toronto was really the best fit for McCabe, and I’m sure he won’t be a top 2 blueliner on any other team.

This rejection may come as a surprise to many, but I assumed he would reject anything less than what Kaberle was offered.


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  1. Realistic says:

    I think $4mm/yr was a lowball offer. That said, I really like Bryan but in the end, who cares, let him test the mkt…if he gets more than $5mm he wouldn’t be worth the money to the Leafs (to me).

    All that said, McCabe is a young 31 in my eyes and worth having on any team. Perhaps if the pressure of having to force plays is removed, he could be good.

    Basically, if the Leafs are going to rebuild and that seems to be where things are headed, then why pay 2 Dmen roughly $9mm/yr? Kaberle yes, McCabe no if we are serious about rebuilding (as painful as it may be for some fans to admit)

  2. hackm says:

    Hey, I was early on a break…

    Why does TSN say 16.. and my source say 16.5?

  3. 92-93 says:

    here’s my post from earlier this evening:

    “Sportsnet has learned the Toronto Maple Leafs have made Bryan McCabe a multi-year offer believed to be a four-year deal. The offer already rejected by McCabe was also thought to be in the four-year range, worth in the vicinity of $16.5 million.”


    So is this TSN source referring to the first offer – believed to be 16.5 that was already rejected a few days ago or is this a report a new offer? I know it says that “Bryan McCabe TODAY rejected …” but if that is the case, he has already rejected a 16.5 offer, why would leafs offer him 16 million today?

    in any case, I hope the leafs trade him for some good prospects (Carolina’s Hagemo or Borer – or – outside and very unlikely chance: Ladd) and a 1st round pick. this would also free up 4-5 million of cap space next year to sign some solid free agent D-guys (Gauthier?) and at 3.5 this year.

  4. Scruffy05 says:

    Don’t get worked up too much… McCabe said himself he doen’t like talking contracts during the season… If I remember correctly he said “It’s not somethign I do”… He’s just waiting for the offseason

  5. 92-93 says:

    well if he is traded then the decision isn’t his to make.

    it all depends on what JFJ could get for him. but yeah, i don’t think he’ll be traded – its too bold of a move for someone like JFJ to make.

  6. 92-93 says:

    just thinking about the Leafs’ recent 1st-round draft history.

    2000 – Brad Boyes (24th)

    2001 – Carlo Coliacovo (17th)

    2002 – Alex Steen (24th)

    2003 – gave up 21st pick to Boston who chose Mark Stuart

    2004 – gave up 24th pick to Calgary who chose Kris Chucko

    2005 – Tuukka Rask (21st)

    2006 – ???

    Obviously, it would be a good idea to ask for a 1st rounder from Carolina so the leafs would have two picks in the 1st round. As you can see, the leafs have only been able to draft in the lower-15 of the 1st round (when they haven’t traded away their first rounder) and when they have drafted, they haven’t done too bad. So, with the revamped scouting system, etc., it would be a good idea for the leafs to get two first round picks (even those the class of 2006 is supposedly poor).

  7. jasonf says:

    If they want Carolina’s first rounder, they’ll have to get it from the Blues.

  8. tacitus says:

    ummm ya ur right he just deosnt wanna do the contract during the season. had they offered him 7.5 mil a year he would have turned it down too cuz its the principal of doing it in the off season not the reg season.

    Sorry but thats just an acceptable smoke screen so he can deny it and get out of TO nobody will question it.

  9. bleedingblu says:

    Well, he’s been getting paid more than Kaberle for the last couple of years so I could see why he would want more than him.

    At 25 Mil though….. come on! that’s a little too much. Meet half way and sign him for 19 Mil. for 4 years. That’s 4.75Mil per year…. more than generous offer.

    Either way, the leafs need to lock up their best defencemen unless they could trade him for a player of equal stature.

  10. wingerxxx says:

    If he is doing that, he is probably gone. A lot of teams are going to be chasing after him. He’s going to want at least a little more than what Kaberle is making.

  11. The-President says:

    Heres a suggestion:



    to Calgary for:



  12. GoalJudge says:

    I agree. McCabe like many other players on UP years has got a swelled head and is using his current position to try to more than he is worth.

    Am 640 in Toronto had Bill Waters and he said pretty much the same, including that he is not likely going to get as much anywhere else as he would here. He also said that he rejected on the basis that he would not accept the same or less than what Kaberle recieved. McCabe feels he is a better player and deserves more. He is specualted to be looking for a 5 year 25 million dollar deal at about 5 mil a season.

    He is not gonna come close to that anywhere other than Toronto.

  13. UWSensFan says:

    The Leafs have ALREADY locked up their best D-man in Kaberle. Especially if they go into rebuilding mode (which most believe they should), as he’ll be able to help the younger d-men learn the meaning of the word “defense” (something McCabe isn’t all that good at). If I were a Leaf fan, I’d rather see them trade off McCabe for picks/prospects now and go after a true #1/2 D in the off-season (noting that both Redden and Chara are slated to be UFAs). Then again, that’s just my $0.02

  14. 92-93 says:

    top 3 trades for toronto:

    #3: Belfour

    no question this deal needs to be done to free up cap space next year (including the 1.5 buyout option) and to give Telly a test drive down the stretch this season. the key question, however, is the willingness of other teams to sign Belfour and meet his i-ll-waive-my-no-trade-clause-if-you-pick-up-my-option demands – which is very unlikely (i certainly don’t see Lowe doing that unless a- toronto is taking Peca off of Edmonton’s hands or b- the leafs add Tucker into the mix which makes the trade a lot more complicated because then the leafs are asking for a guy like Staios or Spacek too).

    #2: Allison

    no question the leafs have been trying to trade this guy all year long. he’s a point-a-game guy but its clear from recent interviews that he is not exactly shall we say a ‘character guy.’ the best fit seems to be Calgary (for Leopold) but i can see Calgary making better deals with Florida and Buffalo for their Centres than for Allison. Maybe Nashville would be willing as well, but they too have few defenceman to offer. again, this is a classic example in which the post-cap system trade deadline just will not be what it used to be and it means that GMs like JFJ will have their hands tied.

    #1: trade McCabe:

    have to admit, i’ve changed my tune quite a bit on this one in the past month or so. no doubt McCabe is a solid offensive blueliner but his defensive play is way too poor to pay more than 4.5 a year for. His value is at its highest right now, and the leafs need to get another first round pick and some more prospects (preferably forwards) in their farm system right now.

    Other possible names include Klee and Berg (not likely with recent toronto injuries – although the deals should be made anyways), Antropov, and an outside chance that Tucker could move (even if he is on Ken Campbell’s ‘untouchable list’).

    All in all, the leafs need to make SOME deals but whether they can is another matter altogether. any reports coming out of Quinn and JFJ that suggest that they are relunctant to make such moves because they have faith in their club to make the playoffs (and win the cup too?) is completely inexcusable.

  15. 92-93 says:

    your totally right!!! geez, i was going off a Muir’s suggestion ( but you are right.

    well, heck, then either add in their other D-prospect in Hagemo or a roster D-guy. that OR, the Canes 2007 first rounder (because its a deeper draft, unless they’ve already traded that away too).

  16. Wigdog says:

    The Canes are set at D…..They need a winger more now that Cole is out. Why does everybody think they want McCabe? And forget about it, they won’t be giving up Ladd or Johnson.

  17. 92-93 says:

    yes i know, i’ve said before that its not going to happen with ladd and johnson – and did you read my “very unlikely chance” comment concerning Ladd?

  18. Marky2Fresh says:

    Get rid of him, you could probably get Leopold from Calgary if you throw in a forward (Tucker, Allison)

  19. 92-93 says:

    the two-month swoon, the trade deadline madness, etc. had really gotten me away from the positives of this year. no doubt the next 3 days is crucial to the leafs in terms of what moves they do or do not make (a golden opportunity here for JFJ to move McCabe and others). BUT, this year has been a positive one for the leafs overall:

    5) for all the discussion of how bad the vets have played (including Sundin), some performances have been huge surprises. most notably, the play of Chad Kilger (13 goals, 23 points on the 4th line). Darcy Tucker’s 24 goals for guy who makes 1.6 and is under contract for next year – not bad. he shouldn’t be the only heart-and-soul guy for the leafs, but he is and others must follow his example.

    4) resigning Tomas Kaberle: HUGE. he’s 27, he’s perfect for the new rules, and he’s here throughout his prime period. i still cannot fathom the criticism from nords and even damien cox on this one. he is not a rough-and-tough d-guy – that is not his style and for some that is just not acceptable. but he is still a better d-guy than most in the league and certainly better than McCabe.

    3) Mats Sundin. that’s right Sundin. considering the injury he suffered and considering WHO HE HAS PLAYED WITH, he is not doing as bad as many say. indeed, he has been the leafs best player most nights and anyone who says different doesn’t know what they are talking about (only 11 goals, but 44 points in 47 games). Could you imagine how better his numbers would be if he were as lucky as Alfie, or Naslund or even Gomez in NJ?? if you can honestly say that sundin wouldn’t have at least 60 points and 20 goals with some of these wingers by his side, you are officially a moron. He is still a force to be reckoned with, and if I were JFJ, one of my top 5 priorities (after signing the RFAs, buying out Belfour, sigining a solid free-agent d-guy, and a free agent goalie) would be to get a winger for Sundin.

    2) the play of the young D-guys. For all those out there who said that the leafs have no depth in terms of young D-guys, i’ve guess they have no clue of the likes of Harrison, Woz, Coliacovo, Kronvall, Bell, White, Vorobiev, etc. fine, your ignorance is excused. without a doubt, it became clear to many that these guys could outplay the likes of Berg and Khavanov (not a huge accomplishment i know). but did anyone expect that Carlo would be hitting and playing so solid before his injury (7 points in 21 games, Even)? what about Harrison who was SENT DOWN AFTER leading the team in +/- with a +5 in just 8 games. To most observers around the leafs, Kronvall has the most potential of any of the young D-guys, and both White and Bell have played solid for the Marlies and have learned a lot from Maurice.

    1) the play of the fab 5 in toronto: Stajan, Steen, Wellwood, Tellqvist, and Ponikorovsky

    it took the 26 year-old Poni 5 seasons and a stint beside Nieuwyndyk but now this kid is getting good. he is big, strong, fast, and has a decent shot (17 goals, 25 points, leads league in PK goals, +3 and a bargain at 450K).

    Tellqvist has proven that he is right up their with Emery and Ward in terms of solid, up-and-coming, young back-ups. hopefully he can perservere over the anti-youth strategies of Quinn and Belfour.

    Stajan leads the league in PK points – but for some leaf fans that is not enough. they scoff at his 8 goals and 17 points but don’t realize that every time he steps on the ice it gets harder for the opposition to score – he is just what the leafs need now and in the future.

    What else can be said about Wellwood in Stajan? the leafs are the only team to have 2 players in the top-10 in rookie scoring. Wellwood is a +4 on a defensibly terrible leaf squad and is tied for 6th in rookie assists. Steen is 9th in rookie scoring and 7th in rookie goals. these two are the future of the leafs and everyone knows it.

    how can the play of all these youngsters not overshadow a season that was SUPPOSED TO BE A TRANSITION YEAR FROM THE BEGINNING?! in my mind, the only untouchables are the players i mentioned above – Sundin, Kilger, Wellwood, Stajan, Steen, Tucker, Poni, Kaberle, Coliacovo, Kronvall, Harrison, Tellqvist – who take up 12 roster spots and combine for approx 20 million in cap space.

  20. 92-93 says:

    so, the only untouchables are the players i mentioned above – Sundin, Kilger, Wellwood, Stajan, Steen, Tucker, Poni, Kaberle, Coliacovo, Kronvall, Harrison, Tellqvist – who take up 12 roster spots and combine for approx 20 million in cap space.

    build on the positives and subtract/add the remaining 11 players in the offseason:

    – decide on McCabe, Allison, Lindros, Domi (waive?), Antropov (trade?), Pilar (healthy?)

    – say goodbye to ‘Sayonara 7’: Belfour, Khavanov, Berg, Klee, Belak, Czerkawski, O’Neill

    – bring back Wilm

    – bring up Pohl and Battaglia

    – sign your rugged free agent D-guy (Gauthier?), 2 free agent-wingers (Langdenbrunner, Carter, Elias?), and free agent goalie (Joseph?).





    [Wilm, Battaglia]







  21. 92-93 says:


    so we give McCabe (50 pts) and either Tucker (24 goals at 1.6 million a year) or Allison (50 points) …

    for JUST leopold.

    talk about undervaluing what the leafs have!

  22. The-President says:

    Read what I wrote






  23. 92-93 says:

    that’s a little more reasonable.

    but again, McCabe is not going to Calgary, how many offensive D-guys does one team need?

  24. 92-93 says:

    if sportsnet is right, then it is the following kinds of decisions that give you an idea of what is wrong with the Leafs:

    “Wade Belak will shifted back to the blueline this evening against the Habs while Brendan Bell has been sent down to the Marlies.”

    they even sent Jay Harrison down.

    THE LEAFS DESERVE TO LOSE TONIGHT TO THE HABS because of such decisions.

  25. thatleafsguy says:

    Harrison is injured.

  26. Realistic says:

    good 2 cents in my eyes

  27. The-President says:

    They sent Bell back down?

  28. Realistic says:

    I agree with a lot of your comments. On the defence subject, I am fully prepared to let Kronwall, Harrison, Wozniewski and Carlo start next year — I think all 4 rookies proved they are NHL ready. Carlo hits and scored, Woz is steady if unspectacular (just what we need), Kronwall looks like a future #3 or 4 dman and I think Harrsion is great a defensive dman (really liked him in his brief stint).

    Throw in Kaberle and another dman for the ‘rebuild’ year and by the start of the 2007-8 season, we will have a solid d-corp…with White and Bell possibly stepping up and Pilar back and healthy, we may be able to, dare I say, trade 1-2 of them!

    I thik we need to focus on forward prospects through trades and the draft. In the Summer, we can add smart UFA’s, but just to compliment and teach the kids….certainly no old timers like in the past. Time will tell…

  29. 92-93 says:


    i mean, you just pretty much said everything i said – but in a shorter and more effiicient way. i really hope other leaf fans take a step back from the brink, take a step back from tonight’s game against Montreal, a step back from the deadline activities and just be thankful about some things (the young guys) and angry about other things (not playing the young guys).

  30. 92-93 says:

    yeah i know. but when they sent him down he wasn’t and that is my point. they sent him down after Khavanov and Klee came back.

    makes no sense.

  31. 92-93 says:

    apparently, i am just reporting what Sportsnet reported. but according to the Star and Sun, he was supposed to play tonight, so i dunno what’s going on.

  32. 92-93 says:

    the leafs have placed Czerkawski on waivers!

  33. dvast8 says:

    lol 4mil/yr for a player that all he does it score on the powerplay lol.. He’s useless in his own zone.

  34. thatleafsguy says:

    actually they sent him down for the olympic break, then he got hurt otherwise he would be back and not woz who is now also hurt as well as brown and kronwall.

  35. 92-93 says:

    how many times can a team give a goal in the last minute of a period – or worse yet – in the last second of a period? Well lets see if the Leafs can set a record here. the leafs got some fortunate calls, they got a full 2-man, 2 minute advantage that they didn’t capitalize on in the 2nd period. if the leafs scored on some of these powerplays, it wouldn’t be a one-goal game going into the 2nd.

    at the beginning of the third i thought to myself: if the leafs try to sit on this lead throughout the 3rd (like they’ve done all year long and like they’ve done countless times this year) and not put a lot of shots on Huet in the 3rd (a.k.a. keep playing), then they will lose the game in regulation – easily. why? well Huet is playing behind a horrible Montreal D (always being outshot and giving up 35+ shots on goal) and yet he always keeps them in the game. also, if the leafs sit back, the Habs will eventually get that 3rd goal and probably a 4th. meaning the leafs needed to score at least 2 goals to win this game in regulation. well they did just that – they capitalized on their opportunities in the 3rd on a tired Montreal team. all i know is that these two teams have TERRIBLE defences. the only difference is that Montreal’s goaltending has bailed them out while the Leafs’ goaltending hasn’t (tonight Eddie did the job however).

    the big players were big tonight: Belfour – awesome, Kaberle – glad he is here for another 5 years, Sundin – good AS USUAL (some leaf fans don’t know what they are talking about), and the rookies chipped in too (Ondrus had an chippy and an aggressive game; Steen matches the point total of Prucha in just 4 more games played, and Wellwood becomes the 9th leaf to hit double-digits in goals). Allison – slow and gave the puck away numerous times as usual – yet he still had 2 points (51 points in 57 games).

    so what does this game in mean in the short-term (re: east standings) and long-term (re: trade deadline)???

    well, short-term: the leafs move within 6 points of Montreal for 8th (both with 61 games played). If the Leafs can keep themselves within 4 pts of the Habs, it would be a good idea because they’ve got back-to-back games against them at the end of this month in Montreal. The Isles won and the Bruins lost so the Leafs are a point up on each of them with the Leafs and Isles both playing 61 games and the Bruins with 62 GP (the Bruins next game: Montreal, the Isles: Toronto). The Thrashers were idle tonight and the Leafs are 3 points back with a game-in-hand (and hold the season-series tie breaker in their favour). The Lightning gained two points on the Habs tonight and are still qutie susceptible to falling out of playoff contention (the leafs are 9 points back of TB with a game-in-hand, not to mention a head-to-head match-up this coming Saturday night; the Lightning also have a tough 5-game road trip ahead of them: Buffalo, Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa).

    Long-term consequences: something tells me that if the leafs lost 10-0 that Quinn, JFJ, and MLSE would still be chirping that the leafs have a shot at the playoffs and the Cup. This win will probably mean that the leafs think that they shouldn’t be sellers … WRONG! The leafs should BE SELLERS AT THE DEADLINE. but they won’t be. i just don’t see it happening and it sucks. I hope Allison, Belfour, and McCabe will be traded – but its not going to happen because either other teams don’t want them (the first two) or the leafs aren’t willing to move them (McCabe).

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