Mclaren has to go!

It is no secret that Kyle Mclaren is on the trading block. However, it seems Mike O’connell is asking too much in return and therefore no team is willing to swap a player in return for the injury plagged defensemen. Here is my humble unbiased opinion on a few deals which the Bruins should explore. Let me know what you think!First of all, even as a Bruins fan I have to admit that a Mclaren for Niinimaa deal would be a complete steal for Boston. Mclaren has never put up the numbers Niinimaa does and it is quite unlikely he ever will. But my question is why does Boston management see the need to acquire a defensemen for Mclaren? O’Donnell, Sweeney, Gill…the three defensive minded veterans…and Boynton, Berard and Girard…three offensively gifted and good skating defensemen. Then why not get a forward to play on the top two lines?

I’ll tell you why. If Thornton, Samsonov and Murray are the first line, they lack a winger for the second line…Stumpell plays with Mcinnis and Zamuner…or Lapointe…that is week offensively. But by admitting this, O’connell has to live with the fact that Guerin was his to loose and they let him go without any serious attempts of re-signing him.

So here are a few possible avenues the Bruins could look into.

1- Mclaren to NYI for Isbister

(although Isbister is still a young prospect, he has yet to develop into the offensive threat he was suppose to be…however, by moving Glen Murray to the second unit along side Stumpell, Isbister might break out and produce with Thornton and Sammy.

This deal would also help the Isles who desperately need someone to take ice time away from Aucoin, Hamrlik and Jonsson. The Bruins could maybe also throw in a 3rd round pick just to compensate the fact that Mclaren is still a question mark because of his health.

2- Mclaren, Stumpell and a 2nd rounder to Pittsburgh for Kovalev.

Even if the Bruins get more talent in this deal, it would make sense for both sides. There is no reason Boston could not efford Kovalev since they would have gained money from the loss of Dafoe, Guerin, Mclaren and Stumpell…that is enough to sign Kovalev. He would obviously play alongside Joe and Sergei and if he stays healthy…probably win the scoring title. To compensate for the loss of Stumpy, the B’s could move team MVP Brian Rolston to the second unit with Murray and have Mcinnis center the third line. For the penguins, well, their small market budget would surely better accomodate Stumpy and Mclaren than Kovalev. Stumpell would fill their need at center and possibly play with Straka. For Pittsburgh fans, I’m sorry to say but this is a much better deal than what you got for Jagr who is arguably the best player in the league.

There it is folks give me your input…the only other team I can see the B’s packaging Mac and Stumpy to would be St-Louis…they need help because of Pronger’s injury and are pretty thin at the center position after Doug Weight. Stumpell and Demitra must be pals since their both Slovaks…but what would they have to offer in return? Stillman and a pick…or Stillman and a young D like Salvador? anyway tell me what you think the B”s should be looking for.