McLaren is a solid defenseman

Everyone on this website feels that Kyle McLaren is extremely over-rated, and that any team that accepts a trade will be left holding the short end of the stick. All the people that feel this way must not watch the Bruins on a regular basis………..McLaren is a big brooding defenseman with great stay at home skills, and great puck rushing ability. He is a hard hitter and encompasses anyone breaking down on him, and smothers them. Sure he has been injury proned, but he has consistantly came back to become the Bruins number one or two guy. With the acquistion of Sean Odonnell and Berard and Girard stepping up (who will be one of the next great, watch him), he has just fallen out of favor with an organization that never bows to threats( which kills me as a bruins fan, but is respectable none the less). I feel any team that gets him will be getting a defensive force, and he will help any contender have a great chance of making a run at the cup………

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  1. MantaRay says:

    Even those who watch Bruins games on a regular basis don’t have a chance to evaluate him. He has yet to play a full season and has missed on average 30 games a season the past few years.

    He’s made of paper mache.

    No one wants a part-time player and since upgrading the D in Beantown, he has dropped to 5th on the depth charts last season.

    He’s just not dependable.

  2. Freeze says:

    You say McClarren “will help any contender have a great chance of making a run at the cup………” How do you know that McClarren won’t be injured when it’s time to make a run at the Cup? He’s about as durable as Uwe Krupp. Mush, mush, and that’s no snow job.

  3. vasko says:

    Even when he plays, he takes too many dumb penalties. It is far too easy to get under his skin. I agree he has good skills, better than say Derien Hatcher; however, he has never shown the “smarts” and mental toughness that would make him a valued defenseman on a good team.

  4. Heinzee57 says:

    While I agree with much of what your saying, you went too far with the “GREAT PUCK RUSHING ABILITY” comment.

    (Unless you were being sarcastic.)

    Kyle McLaren is a BIG, stay at home defenseman. He’s strong on his skates, very good in his own end. A hard hitter that tortures the opposition.

    His problem is that he has appeared in only 417 games over the last 7 seasons. That’s an average of 22 games missed per year.

    He wants a Full Time pay for doing a Part Time job. That will not fly in Boston.

    And with every game Boston wins, his trade date gets pushed back further. He’ll be out of game shape, and he has no money coming in right now.

    Here is a talented guy who is flushing his own career down the toilet. Sitting out was a HUGE mistake. His attitude and brittle bones are no longer welcome in the Fleetcenter.

    While McLaren does have value in this league, GM’s may not want to give up as much for a lazy, cigarette smoking, malingering Dman with a bad attitude.

    Good Luck Kyle, you don’t deserve to wear the Black & Gold.


  5. NYRrule says:

    Your right, I dont watch the Bruins alot…….

  6. big_booty says:

    No, he’s not. Anyone who’s ever watched him play knows this. Of course, he has to be healthy enough to play, which is only about 65 to 75 percent of the time.

    To say that he has “great puck rushing ability” is just plain ludicrous. He’s a hitter and stay-at-home kind of guy. His puck movement skills are right up there with the likes of Luke Richardson.

    I would not be at all surprised if McLaren sat out the entire season. You know what? Let him.

  7. Tradedude says:

    Why can’t McLaren just call off him demanding a trade and play for the Bruins. Like seriously, if he’s gunna wait for a trade. which won’t be until atleast christmas. Why not just play for the Bruins and trade him when it comes march trade deadline. Why not is the question. Bruins aren’t going to improve just waiting for the perfect trade and going through all O’Connell’s so call “wish list”.

  8. Avalanche114 says:

    McLaren may be a strong defensive player, when he plays. The problem is that he doesn’t play enough to be reliable. He also has a tendency to be dirty(the Zednik hit..) making him even more of a liability. He’s also a whiner…and who needs one of those

  9. keon says:

    I would love to see McLaren in a Leafs uniform for a number of reasons.

    1. The Leafs need a stay at home guy, BAD!

    2. McLaren has a good shot, he would fit in nicely on the PP since Kaberle never shoots.

    3. I think the Leafs could make something out of this guy. McCabe was a journeyman before coming to Toronto.

  10. Sundinfan says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The only thing McLaren can do it hit. That’s it. Other than that, he’s worthless.

  11. titans says:

    McLaren is a stiff! The guy is as injury prone as they come!!!


  12. mebeda says:

    Most of the people who say he’s ‘worthless’ just wish they had him on the team that they support. McLaren is a decent skating, hard-hitting, stay at home defensemen who is positionally very sound. He’s a big body who can cover a lot of space and move bodies. He doesn’t handle the puck very well. He has a hard shot, but couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn from 10 feet away. He is NOT a dirty player; that Zednik hit is his only blemish. And we all know that he’s always hurt.

    He’ll get traded for either a similar player: someone that hasn’t lived up to their potential for whatever reason or to someone who pulls the trigger on a deal around playoff time (the less he has to play, the less the probability of him getting hurt).

    What I want to know is why does he want out of Boston? Its not money so what the hell’s his problem. Someone please shed some light…

  13. acebailey says:

    I am a wicked big Bruins fan, and I like Kyle as a player. But I will let you in on somthing the team seems to be trying to keep quiet. I don’t think his team mates like the guy at all, which leads me to think he is as popular in the locker room as the Bure brothers.

    Case in point: Kyle was married this past summer and NOT ONE SINGLE member of the organization attended his wedding. Not one player, not one staff member.

    That is a pretty friendly bunch of guys, you would have to do somthing pretty bad to get that kind of treatment from that team.

    I wonder what really happened between Kyle and the team. Obviously it wasn’t very bad in O’connells eyes, he offered Mclarren $3 mil to suit up in the begining of camp.

    Still it must have been bad.

  14. MossRocks says:

    Luke Richardson? Please, you must be kidding me.

  15. edmontonrules says:

    I just don’t like him because of what he did to Zednik in the playoffs last year. He only strikes me as an average player. He also reminds me of John Rocker. Ha ha ha ha.

  16. nixter says:

    MclAren is very young dont forget. He is a punishing hitter and can swing the momentum of a game in the teams favour at any given time. He does not score a lot but has great defensive ability. He will learn not to get hurt as much with age.


    trade scenario:

    Nik Antropov and 2 first round draft picks.

  17. PL81s says:

    Wow! is this guy putting down Mclaren instead of Coffey? I think he is out to lunch.Kyle is just a huge baby! Grow up Kyle! I wouldn’t mind being in your shoes! Oh wait! yes i would. I like to hit an not beak on impact! Maybe the fleetcenter will install some airbags for ya! lol!

  18. Aetherial says:

    The LAST thing the Leafs need to do right now is give up early round draft picks, especially for someone like McLaren… now if Vancouver wants to get rid of Jovo before the trade deadline (doubtful)… THEN I would give up the draft picks.

  19. Leaf_Expert says:

    Thats too much for him….

  20. Rico71 says:


    Might as well give up a washep up player in Antropov for McLaren. Adding the 2 first round picks would be great since Toronto simply can’t develop players…especially 1st rounders.

    But seriously, he’s not even worth a single 1st round draft pick. Trade Eriksson and Reichel for him. That’s all McLaren is worth to me.

    Asking for money while playing in Boston? *lol* Doesn’t have a brain that one…to go with his ‘papier maché’ body, sour attitude and being overrated.

  21. big_booty says:

    How are your legs feeling? You know, I thought you might be a little sore from jumping from bandwagon to bandwagon.


    Agent Scully wouldn’t like it if you changed your loyalty, would she?

  22. sumthingbruin says:

    Of course no one wants a part time player. What’s so tantalizing about McLaren is that no one knows if he’ll continue to be injury prone. His upside is tremendous… O’Connell sees him as “a young Adam Foote”. I don’t think he’s far off in that assesment. Sure, he’s been injured a lot…but every team in the league wants and needs a “young Adam Foote”. He’s a sound positional player and a DEVASTATING HITTER. Despite his injury history he still has a lot of trade value, which you’ll clearly see when they finally unload him.

    There’s no denying it’s a risk for the team that picks him up, but it could pay off big time. If he can stay healthy you’ve got a great defensive player who is feared around the league. Have you ever seen him fight? Probably not, cause no one will take him on anymore. His first 2 years in the league he beat the hell out of anyone that came near him.

    5th on the depth chart? I’m sorry, but I watch every B’s game every year, and when he’s in the lineup and healthy he’s always top 4. They did ease him in when he came back from the pectoral injury, but that’s because they wanted to be careful with him.

    Bottom line:Teams don’t want part time players, but McLaren’s just too darn intriguing for most teams to pass up. The B’s will make out nicely in this deal.

  23. SoixanteSix says:

    two first round picks? look what those could mean to a team…case in point, philly trading for lindros. two first round picks should be two top two line players on your team for 12 years.

  24. TheDevil says:

    His upside (big, nasty, stay-at-home, young d-man with good overall skills) demands that he should be traded for something valuable in return.

    However, his downside (injury-prone, bad attitude, greed, non-existant offense game) keeps GMs away from trading something too valuable for a question mark type of player.

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