McLaren to Bolts???

The Boston Globe reports that Tampa has offered forward Fredrik Modin straight up for holdout defenseman Kyle Mclaren. Seems like a solid proposal from Tampa, and a good possible trade for the B’s. Modin is just a year removed from a 30+ goal season, and has a rediculously hard shot. While Mclaren could stabilize Tampa’s defense. Doesn’t seem to make as much sense as the proposed Colorado deal, but I’m beginning to think that trade proposal never happened. If I’m O’Connell I’m starting to look very long and hard at the Tampa proposal. As opposed to sitting around and waiting for the perfect deal that is not going to happen.

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  1. Bruins4771 says:

    Lightning general manager Jay Feaster denied a report in the Boston Globe that said he offered Modin to the Bruins for holdout D Kyle McLaren, the Tampa Tribune reports.

    Eithier way this doesnt seem to make much sense, even though its not suprising. I dunno where we would put this guy in a line up that already is scratching people like lapointe knuble and zamuner, and has still to wait for the return of samsonov. As far as sitting around for a perfect deal, we did that with allison and its seems both sides have gotten things out of that. Whatever……. the av deal sounded good, but really i think Boston fans just want our roster to be set, finally…………

  2. -Swizz- says:

    The Bruins are playin awesome…..i dunno why you’d wanna add someone to their roster….might juss mess up the chemistry…

    i saw trade mclaren for a 1st rounder or something…..or a 2nd rounder, if they cannot get a 1st rounder for him….

  3. macco says:

    this is the most ridiculous trade i’ve heard. modin a bruin? the guy’s a floater with a big stick and a hard shot … whatever.

    i say mclaren and lapointe for elias. elias is doing nothing in nj.

  4. MantaRay says:

    Another Kyle McLaren wish deal. If Tampa makes this trade I will think even less of Tampa’s management.

    Mclaren is worth about a 2nd or 3rd round pick at best. Its no coincidence that the Bruins are doing better without him.

  5. pantherboy says:

    I have to agree with Manta on this one. The longer the Bruins wait to deal McClearn, the less they will get. He shouldn’t be worth that much to begin with, and plus he has been holding out for a while. O’Connell has got his work cut out for him trying to deal this one for something in return.

  6. Tradedude says:

    I don’t want to get into this rumor too much, cuzz there’s a million other mclaren rumors i can respond to, but i’ll just leave it at this:

    MODIN WILL NEVER SCORE 30+ GOALS IN A SEASON EVER AGAIN. his career is over, i liked him as a leaf fan, but i’ve lost interest in him, and never the player he used to be. Modin for McLaren, tough to judge, very tough. so say anything.

    Reality Rules


  7. bsfan1914 says:

    hey buddy next time your going to comment on a rumor maybe u should know a little bit more avout what your talking about for instance how to spell the players name…..

  8. mikster says:

    Well, i think team scouts know Kyle McLaren better than any of us do, so…to some of us he might be worth a couple of draft picks, to others he might be worth a player like Tanguay. But, we are not experts. I don’t think he is worth much at all because he is injury prone, kind of expensive, and he doesn’t have such a good personality either. Maybe to scouts he is a very good and solid defenseman who would improve their team. I mean, many teams talked to the Bruisn about McLaren, and teams like the Avs, Flyers, probably the Red Wings and Tampa is improving. I mean, i think their scouts know what they see in McLaren, and if he is worth it to them, then he is a player worth getting. Even O’Connell probably thinks he is a solid defenseman and worth enough to ask valuable players. But, i think he is just playing a game here for the most part. He is waiting to get the team most in need fo McLaren, and almost forced to get him, so he would ask more than what original offers were worth. Basically, it’s the common waiting game that many GM’s play.

    However, O’Connel might not be that smart, and actually thinks that he could at least get a Lundmark, at least get a Tanguay and Skoula, at least get a Modin and more.

    I think it will be a dumb trade in the end that will disappoint everyone and ask themselves “all this time just for this?”

    We’ll see what happens.

  9. mikster says:

    The draft in 2003 is said to be a blast, top class. Teams won’t give their draft picks away easily. A 2nd and a 3rd is worth quite a lot for 2003. Also 2004, but that’s more speculation.

  10. pantherboy says:

    Man I spelled a players name wrong, you gunna take me to court or something?

  11. wayne2 says:

    Modin for Maclaren would be a fair deal,Maclaren is often hurt and he is like many NHL`ers,over-evaluated.

  12. Aetherial says:

    Hahahaha and you all like to criticize Leaf fans!

  13. sumthingbruin says:

    Alright Mikster- I’ve let it go about four times but I think it’s time we discuss Mike O’Connell.

    You consistently refer to him as “not very smart” and “not the smartest man in the world”. I vehemently disagree.

    Now I hate Harry Sinden as much as the next B’s fan…and the B’s stance on “fiscal responsibility” has frustrated me a lot through the years….but the fact is hockey is a business. That being said…dare I say it…Mike O’Connell is one of the best, if not the best GM in the league when it comes to fielding a team and making money! If I was an owner I would want oconnell or burke as my GM, in that order.

    Being a ranger fan, you probably have no problem disregarding the bottom line…but a hockey club has to make money while fielding the best possible team. Of course the problem may lie in definition of terms…you might think that playoff results are what defines a good GM. I find that train of thought a bit one dimensional. Escalating salaries and other long term concerns(impending free agents etc.) are an incredibly important part of successfully running a team…and a league. Letting go of both Guerin and Dafoe were both brilliant moves..freeing up salary to pay samsonov and thornton who are much more central to the long term success of this franchise. Grahame has been spectacular in goal and Murray and a more offensive minded blue line have replaced Guerin’s(who i find overated anyway) points.

    I also disagree with your opinion that the Mclaren trade will be for very little…and that it will be disappointing. I think Oconnell’s playing his hand brilliantly…teams are clamoring for Mclaren. The bolts, Isles, Flyers, Rangers, Avs and flames have all expressed interest. The more competition for a player the higher his price becomes. And oconnell is not one to make stupid trades. The allison deal while unpopular at the time netted a 40 goal scorer and 55 assist man…more than equal value.

    What I’m dying to know is…why do you think the man is not smart? He’s built the best team in the nhl through shrewd trades and he’s done it all on a reasonable budget!

  14. bsfan1914 says:

    no man im just tired of all these bs rumors that wont happen bcuz O.C. is just as bad a sinden and wouldnt know a good deal if it bit him in the ass

  15. mikster says:

    O’Connel became GM in late 2000 or early 2001. For now, he’s basically had one Entry Draft. I think the main deal that makes O’Connell a good GM….is the Allison Eloranta for Murray Stumpel trade.

    That’s the main core of his version of the Bruins. Other than that trade, his next better one is the Shields trade.

    So, it’s not like he made a lot of moves for the Bruins. I mean, i don’t think anyone expected Mike Knuble to actually play hockey.

    But, not like Dave Taylor was even that smart in giving up to key veteran scorers for one in return and a PK’er.

  16. montrealbruinsfan says:

    Mikster I agree with sumthinbruin… Mike O’Connell is a great GM and I am very confident in his ability to deliver and come out ahead in any trade for McClaren. You’re “rebuttal” is weak and Mike has made *many* great moves. What about the hiring of Ftorek huh?! You seem to forget that one.

    I guess you’re just bitter the Rangers stink now and always will. I LOVE watching this overpaid stiffs lose.


  17. sumthingbruin says:

    But how about the moves he didn’t make? To this point in the season saving some 13 million by not signing Dafoe and Guerin looks like a stroke of genius.

    In terms of free agent signings, the signing of Bryan Berard has helped the team immensely. Oconnell also was behind the signing of O’donnell, zamuner and lapointe(who’s $2.5 mill overpaid). All good sigings that were essential in adding depth, character, and chemistry to the B’s young nucleus. His drafting has been ok, (hilbert, goren) with one exception: Nick Boynton(originally drafted by the capitals but he re-entered), who has become the B’s #1 rearguard.

    I think it’s clearly a team Oconnell has created.

    It’s just interesting that because of the B’s reluctance to dole out the big contracts the management gets branded as incompetent. In my opinion that’s not even close to the truth.

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