Mclarren to be packaged with Kultanen???

Many Bruins fans noticed that Don Sweeney was a healthy scratch in a few games recently. The seasoned Boston blue liner made the following comment in the Boston Globe on November 1st:

”Robbie presented something to me [Wednesday] and talked to me about what he was thinking and it’s not a big deal,” said Sweeney, who was back in the lineup last night against the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. ”It’s the coach’s decision. It’s something he thought about and presented to me and we left it at that. I’ve respected coaches’ decisions all the way along in my career, despite not necessarily agreeing with some of them. So I’m not going to stop now.”

Providence Bruin call up Jarno Kultanen played in Sweeneys place. Don Sweeneys clutch and grab style may not be hip any more, however I find it hard to believe the Bs would consider putting #32 out to pasture. I also do not feel they are keeping him out of the line up to prevent injuries, that could hurt the chances of trading him. The Bruins don’t want to trade Sweeney, and probably couldn’t if they wanted to.

The Bruins look alot better on the blue line so far this year than many probably thought in the preseason. Could the Bruins be showcaseing Kultanen for another club? If so could they be packaging him with Mclarren for a team that is especially despirately in need of defensive help?

Who would be interested in somthing like this? Atlanta? New York Islanders? Toronto? Florida? St. Louis?

I almost think the Bruins are getting near the point that they might pull a trade for draft picks or prospects. However, they are minus Lapointe (maybe not a big deal) and Samsonov is still on the mend. Perhaps the Bruins are still looking for someone to replace Guerin in some aspect, although I doubt they are looking for someone quite to that level.