Mega Speculation from the Ottawa Sun

Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun provides a ton of trade speculation in his latest article. His rumor roundup includes the following huge names, Lecavalier, St. Louis, Steven Stamkos, Daniel Briere, Erik Cole and more.

Garrioch reports that many of the Tampa Bay players are being shopped for financial reasons and that many of their players may be available for the right price. It is noted in the article that league sources believe that Lecavalier is being shopped around the league due to eh fact that his no trade clause kicks in this upcoming summer. It is also noted that it is the ownership that is having a disagreement over what to do with Lecavalier.

It is also rumored that in Philly the Flyers may be looking to make a move. The names that are mentioned include Daniel Briere, Randy Jones and Joffrey Lupul. The later of the two may be moved in order to clear cap space so that Briere can return to the Flyers lineup. HTR believes that although Briere has many years left oh his contract he would be a great addition to a number of teams, especially a team such as Edmonton that has fast ice and like s to play an offensive type of game.

Garrioch reports that he Oilers may be looking to deal Erik Cole if they can not resign him to a new contract. They would rather trade him rather than loose him for nothing this offseason.

Other names that are mentioned in this article that may be available include Ed Jovanovski, Derek Morris and C Olli Jokinen as the Coyotes may be looking to dump salary.

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24 Responses to Mega Speculation from the Ottawa Sun

  1. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Garrioch has the wow factor that would get him fired if he worked for any respectable newspaper. The fact is, none of this has a chance at happening. I dont mind it when its internet nuts like Eklund, but real news and print shouldn't have this kind of nonsense. Only the sun media I suppose.

    Phoenix MUST make the playoffs just to keep their fan base from dwindleing into nothing. They wont trade away assets for the teams sake and they cant for PR. They have prospects spilling out they're eyeball, so they may deal a few or their 1st round pick for some cheap talent.

    Garon is already gone, and Cole and Roloson could certainly be next. but probably not until march 4.

    Prospal is the guy the bolts will move, and Malone if they can. if they cant move those guys, and they look at dealing stamkos/lecavalier/st.louis they will do something really stupid (not because its a bad idea, but because the ownership and management are stupid).

  2. pezzz says:

    Bruce Garrioch is so lame lol. wow. He's the newspaper's Eklund.

  3. Bure96 says:

    To Columbus: Daniel Briere, Randy Jones, Antero Nittymaki, Andres Nodl 
    To Philadelphia: Pascal Leclaire, Jakub Vorachek

    Columbus finally gets their real #1 center, Umberger moves down to line #2, get a real backup goalie to play behind Mason, bolster their defense by adding Randy Jones, and get a pretty good prospect to replace Jakub Vorachek. Philadelphia gets their star goalie, and adds another fututre star (would replace Knuble next year on 2nd line) in Vorachek, and shed a ton of cap room. Also since this would make Biron expanable and trade bait, they could clear another 3.5 million by dumping him and their roster completely stacked.

    Detroit might want Martin Biron. Their not known for overspending at the deadline, so Biron would be a logical fit as he would give them good enough goaltending to just win. He isn't an elite goalie, and wouldn't need to be one in Detroit.

    To Philadelphia: Jonathan Ericsson, Chris Osgood, 3rd rounder
    To Detroit: Martin Biron

    Ericsson can step in and play in the NHL next season, and with guys like Vaananen, Alberts, and Kukkonen all probably gone in the off season it would be nice to add some more players ready to play next year as starters. Osgood would be a quality backup for Leclaire, but for Detroit Biron is huge improvement over both Osgood, and Conklin.

    Philly roster now:

    Gagne – Carter – Lupul
    Hartnell – Richards – Knuble
    Vorachek – ? – Upshall
    Gratton – Metropolit – Asham

    Coburn – Carle
    Timonen – Vaananen
    Sbisa – Kukkonen/Parent


    They could make one more deadline deal for a 3rd line center, and then they'll be good.

    My Columbus trade might not have been fair, but I don't know, I was just gessing that would be pretty even ahaha.


  4. pezzz says:

    lol how about blockbusters!!! 😛

    i like your Colombus trade, even though it's big big big. but overall it seems fair.

    I don't like your Detroit trade though. Scotty Bowman (or was it Hakan Andersson or Ken Holland?) already compared Jonathan Ericsson to a young Larry Robinson. So I doubt very much they'll part with him so early in his career, especially with Lidstrom retiring in 2-3 years. They need someone to step in and play a top 4 role. I don't think that Meech, Lebda or Lilja can do this. Kindl is still many years away and will probably leave as trade bait. If I was Holland, I'd keep Ericsson. And if they do trade him, I think it would be for Biron straight up.

    For the 3rd line center, they might wanna take Micheal Peca from Colombus. He would be a great fit with Philly, and Colombus would still be very solid down the middle with Briere, Umberger and Malhotra. And then whe Brassard returns, Brassard, Briere, Malhotra with Umberger moving to the wing.

  5. cam7777 says:

    osgood isn't going anywhere.  that's a lot of salary for columbus to take on.  i doubt they'll find a team to take both jones and briere.  How about this:

    To Ottawa:
    Daniel Briere
    To Philly:
    Mike Fisher and a 1st (SJS's)
    – Fisher finally gets to play as a 3rd line center

    To Columbus:
    Randy Jones, SJS's 1st
    To Philly:
    Pascal LeClaire, 3rd round pick

    To TOR:
    James vanRiemsdyk and a 1st (PHI)
    To PHI:
    Tomas Kaberle and Jiri Tlusty

    Gagne – Richards – Knuble
    Hartnell – Carter – Lupul
    Giroux – Fisher – Upshall
    Gratton – Metrop. – Asham

    Kaberle – Timmonen (probably the best top 2 pairing in the east)
    Coburn – Carle
    Sbisa – Parent

    Leclaire – UFA

    they would move Biron after the playoffs (his rights), or just let him walk and try to resign upshall and knuble at discounts.  that's a pretty terrifying lineup if you ask me, especially if they land a solid backup for Leclaire in free agency.  Edmonton is another option for a place to move Briere.  I think they'd rather keep him until summer though, to tell you the truth.  He was awesome for them in the playoffs last year, and they'll be expecting the same this year….

  6. Bure96 says:

    Yeah it would for sure be a HUGE trade ahaha

    Thanks for the imput though.

    I personally believe that if Ericsson was THAT good he would be on that Detroit defense that after an incredible top 4, isn't that good. Meech, and Lebda are okay, so if Ericsson was that good he would be playing logically right? He's 24 or something too, so it's not like he's only playing in the minors, because of inexperience, or something like that.

    I included Ericsson too, because Philly has a crowded defense right now, but wouldn't have to keep Ericsson on the NHL team for this season if they didn't want to.

  7. Bure96 says:

    I like that too actually.

    Few thing I want to add though.

    Osgood, even though he is a long time respected Red Wing, he is playing terrible and if they can improve their goaltending while dumping his salary, then they probably would.

    I think Briere has more value then you having him being traded for. He's an elite player, and even though he's signed for a long time, 6.5 million for a star player isn't bad. Mike Fischer is really overpaid too, so for a team trying to move salary it wouldn'tmake sense really to acquire a big salary like his.

    I like the ideas though, and that's a really good looking team.

  8. pezzz says:

    that's a heck of a team lol. WOW. it's even better than the Habs! lol.

    but I think the D would look more like this.

    Timonen – Coburn (best pairing in the East last year)
    Kaberle – Carle
    Sbisa – Parent

    Flyers might wanna trade Carle for a solid stay-at-home. They go enough puck-movers with Timonen, Kaberle, Coburn and Sbisa, and 3.5 millions is a lot to pay for a guy playing the 2nd PP when he should play the 1rst. They should target Chris Phillips or Anton Volchenkov with Carle. or Barret Jackman. or Tony Lydman. Anyway, you got the idea lol. A solid 2nd pairing stay-at-home to compliment Kaberle.

    Ottawa might have to give more for Briere (add a 2nd or a 3rd), and remove Tlusty from the TO trade. I think Fisher would fit great with Philly though, great idea.

  9. habs79 says:

    Philly had a deal for Karberle last year, which Kaberle told them NO. Do you really think Philly is going to want him again?

  10. the_word says:

    I'm confused. What does this article have to do with Antropov or Kaberle?
    I don't get it.

  11. the_word says:

    Last year, Kaberle said no to waiving his NTC period. I don't think his motivation was that he took issue with Philly as a destination. Kaberle like the rest of the Muskoka Five where put in a tough position by Mats pronoucing that he wouldn't waive his NTC. There existed pressure for Kaberle to stay. Think how poorly it would have reflected on him if he was he only Maple Leafs to waive his NTC last season (though fans such as myself would have admired him for doing so).

    This year he's openly said that he'd be willing to waive his NTC. Entirely different situation from last year.

  12. habs79 says:

    I really hope this doesn't spark alot of Briere to Montreal rumours. What Montreal needs are forwards that aren't afraid to get physical. 

    To Edmonton: Chris Higgins
    To Montreal: Eric Cole
    If Edmonton doesn't sign Cole by the deadline, they may look to move him depending on where they are in the standings. I don't know if they will be looking for a roster player a prospect or picks. 
    To Ottawa: Tomas Plekanec, Matt D'Agostini
    To Montreal: Antoine Vermette, Mike Fisher
    Ottawa gets to dump some salary, Plekanec and D'Agostini will go right on the second line with Chris Kelly and provide some secondary scoring. Montreal would get two centers who don't shy away from the physical play. The move would be good for Vermette and Fisher. Vermette would center the Kostitsyn brothers. As for Fisher he will leave all the pressure of having to be a second line scorer and be the thrid line defensive center he was suppose to be.
  13. cam7777 says:

    yes, i do.  he is the best available defensemen this year.  why would their interest have disappeared?  he told them no so that he could help Mats try for the playoffs one last time.  things have changed now, and there probably isn't a better team to make Kaberle look good than the Philadelphia Flyers.  They hit everything in site, leaving little in the physicality department for guys like Kaberle.  They are fast, and can score.  Kaberle on this team could be tops in the league for scoring defensemen.  He's up there playing with Stajan and Antropov.  Imagine what he'll do with Carter, Richards, Lupul, Hartnell, Giroux, Gagne, Knuble, etc….


  14. cam7777 says:

    that's a brutal trade for montreal. i'm surprized a habs fan suggested it. you're adding 7 million dollars in salary to your team for players that are on pace to finish with like 25 points or less…..

  15. redlight2424 says:

    i didn't think you could find someone more stupid then eklund i guess there is one in ottawa too.

  16. redlight2424 says:

    wow i'm glad your not gainey pretty stupid trade idea.

  17. habs79 says:

    I'm not saying he did it cause he had something against Philly. I'm just saying I believe that the management and fans might have alittle issue with him for saying no. Although they might forgive him seeing how Carter is playing this year.

  18. habs79 says:

    You are right he would be deadly in Philly there is no doubt to that. I'm just saying the management and fans in Philly might have an issue with him saying no last year. He didn't say no cause it's Philly but maybe they look at it as a shot against Philly.

  19. habs79 says:

    Good point, I never realized Mike Fisher made that much money. However the Habs got to sign Higgins and Plekanec after this season. How much do you think they are going to want? They are both going to want the $4 million Ryder got from Boston. Fisher was never meant to put up big numbers granted he should put up more than he has. He is suppose to stop other teams centers from putting up numbers.

  20. habs79 says:

    It wouldn't go through cause of the cap, I never knew Fisher made so much money. With the players involved it's not that bad a trade. Plekanec had one good year playing with Kovalev and Andre Kostitsyn. This year he did nothing playing with them. People like to complain that Sundin never had linemates. Who did Vermette ever have? Chris Kelly? Chris Neil? He is a natural center and they have him on the wing with Mike Fisher. The Habs need someone who is willing to hit sombody. Even Vermette has over double the hits Plekanec has. He is also a better faceoff man.

    Both Higgins and Plekanec will be free agents and will look for the $4 million that Ryder got from Boston.
  21. the_word says:

    Good point, but I think management knows the score and fans will forgive him if he can be productive. If not, they'll likely make him regret waiving it.

  22. cam7777 says:

    Higgins could be placated into taking a smaller deal.  Think something along the lines of what Marek Svatos got at 2.05 – 2.5 million for a couple years, based solely on the fact that he's injury prone.  Plekanec will want 3.5-4 million though.  Still, Vermette is a turd.  I guess considering the new contracts it would be pretty even though, you're right.  Ideally you'd want Plekanec and Fisher of the 4 players mentioned. 

  23. tacitus says:

    that may make sense to you… but salary cap has implications in most players situations.. Fact is Detroit entered the season with Lidstrom, Rafalski, Kronwall, Stuart, Lilja, Chelios, Lebda, Meech, Quincey and Ericsson… All of which are NHL capable.. After losing Quincey on waivers he got himself into the top 20 points for defensemen…Ericsson is in the minors as Detroit is keeping assets while trying to maintain an elite defense corps… had Ericsson played last year he might have put up numbers to warrant a contract of more then 1 mil per year… you dont need 7 defenseman worth 7 million in ur lineup at once… once you assess your talent you not have to rotate your lineup to keep what you want for as long as you can…. i am sure they didnt wanna loose quincey for nothing

  24. habs79 says:

    I don't want Plekanec at all. I really was hoping they would use him in a package to land Jokinen in the off season.

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