Melnyk says Sens still in rebuild mode 31

With the Feb. 27 trade deadline approaching, the focus has changed and the Senators could be a buyer. That doesn’t mean Murray is going to spend wildly and if the Senators do anything, it might be a tweak.

“(Dealing) would come with one caveat. Let’s not lose focus of what our job is: That’s to rebuild,” said Melnyk. “The deal we made for Kyle Turris was more of an anomoly than anything else because we did give up a piece of our future and we weren’t going to be competitive without a second-line centre.

“We had to give something up. You tell me: Unless there is an injury here, I can’t see a void. If it isn’t broken, don’t try to to fix it. Even if we lose a couple in a row, it’s not the end of the world. We need to just keep grinding away. The ones that will succeed in the league, are the ones left standing.”

Melnyk said the players and coaching staff will be consulted by Murray before a move is made.

“We will watch everything that is going on,” said Melnyk, who arrives in Ottawa Thursday. “The key is talking to the coaches and players and finding out what they think they need. On a lot of teams, the players have no say on what they need or not because they’re players.

“This is a true team. It has voice that is listened to, respected and when a decision is made, it’s going to be a decision a lot of people have thought through and a lot of people have bought into. It’s not going to be: Here, this is what we think you need. The players have a say … they’re at the table and we want their buy-in that this won’t mess up a good thing.”

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