Messier and Richter lead team, with a magic number…

That’s right Mess and Richter have a magic number. The number 2. Mess put in his first career 2 goal opener at the age of 40. Richter let in less the 2 goals which was something he couldn’t do last year….

And last but not least…. 2 years remain on both contracts….if Messier reaches the incentives for the option.We all know that Richter will not be signed after these 2 years…. And The captain wants one more year without a doubt.

So what I see coming is a double retirement. 2 of the Greatest Rangers to ever put on the Jersey will retire together…..

It seems as if the these 2 have no other choice…. Mess will be 43 when he retires… and most think he should have when he was 39.

Richter has Blackburn right behind him, who most in the organization feel is ready to take the number 1 goalie job. Richter barley got these 2 years on his contract…. It’s not likely he will sign with the Rangers ever again…. His injury’s might make him retire… as he seems OK now but in 2 years might want to hang up the pads….

Hasek left at the top of his game at 38-39…. Richter will just be 38 when his Contract is up….. And does he really want to sign one more year with another team when he can retire at his home?

I see this magic number at 2 for Richter and Mess….. Both of them retiring together might be 2 years away for the NY Fan’s……

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  1. Tradedude says:

    Yep, its great to see messier back with his skills, why put lindros 1st line center when you got MARK MESSIER? he should have a great last season, so all the luck to him. (ps. not the rangers, lol)

  2. big_booty says:

    What a waste of space.

    Save your numerology for when you read your horoscope or go to Vegas. Crap like this makes absolutely no sense.

    I got your magic number “2” right here between my legs.

  3. ClarkeRules says:

    I guess you’re already looking for alternatives to occupy your time because the Rangers suck. I said it early last year and I’ll do it again, the Rangers will not make the playoffs! What a waste of money that poor excuse of a team is!

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