Messier Back on Broadway

According to TSN Messier wants to take over the Rangers GM job when Sather retires.  With him saying this I can see even more people screaming for Sather’s head and having Mess replace him.

I would Rather see him in the locker room, but if he can put some passion in this team from the front office, he can still work wonders.

From TSN:This Brings up a few questions:

What happens to Don Maloney?
What would be the timeline?
Does he have the chops to do this?

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  1. rangers914 says:

    i love messiah but i think that he is to hyperactive to be a GM you need to be patient and always think about what effects something you do today will have tomorrow there are giant upsides and downsides to this idea but all in all i would give him a shot but maybe start him as a assistant to sather let him learn the ropes

  2. wingerxxx says:

    We're getting way ahead of ourselves with these questions.  I think it's beyond moronic to start calling for Sather's head after yesterday's trade.  It's not like players of questionable sportsmanship have never played for the Rangers.  Can you say Kasparaitis?  Ulf Samuelsson??  People are saying that Avery was Sather's answer for a playmaking center!  Uh…duh?We're still 20 days from the trade deadline! 

    I think this is a matter of Messier doing part of what he does best, which is speaking his mind.  Messier wanting to take over as GM of the Rangers should surprise roughly nobody who follows hockey.  And I'm sure he had no qualms with making it known.  But nobody can speak for Sather but Sather himself, and we don't know how long he wants to stay on as the Rangers GM.  It's not as if Sather has pulled a Neil Smith and systematically destroyed the team.

    The answer to all three of those questions is the same:  "Who knows?" 

  3. titans says:

    the second greatest hockey player EVER back where he belongs…in hockey!! Whoo Hoo!!

  4. ranger_fan says:

    Messier has no right to step in when Slats goes. He is not qualified, does not have any front office experience I know of at this kind of level. He probably is one of those players who doesn't know the Rangers system particularly well, let only any other franchise. While Messier has respect by many in the hockey world, I suggest coaching or scouting before stepping into something like this.

    Oh I love NY. I love NY so much I left in 1997 because I wasn't committed to Neil Smith. He hurt my pride which runs much deaper than the city of NY, interest of friends and teammates, let alone the tam that handed him the captaincy.

  5. nyrhockey094 says:

    To all Ranger fans, must read.

    You all missed the hugest question of all. Its not what is going to happen to Maloney, its whatis going to happen to TOM RENNEY. AKA Vancouver, Messier in, Renney out, Rinse Lather Repeat. Messier will make sure Renney hauls ass out of there, and rightfully so.

    You have some valid points, however, Messier will do something that any other GM will not. Renney will get rid of this soft core european team, and fill it with hard working, scoring power fowards, who have intensity and gritt. See Sean Avery with about 2x the scoring he has.

    The RANGERS will NO LONGER be massacred by tough teams on a nightly basis with Ryan Hollweg at 5’11 doing all the hitting. Dont get me wrong, IMO Hollweg is what gives them intensity, his bone crunching hits, and standing up for his mates same with Shannahan. With Sean Avery and Ryan Hollweg a New Rangers team will emerge, and if Messier is brought in as GM this will only become stronger.

    IMO Renney completly Re-Vamps the team, which is much needed. Dont get me wrong again, I love the first line of Jagr Nylander and Straka, especially Straka. If the Rangers should have named him Captain since they wouldnt name a player in his first year with the team captain. Straka gives 200% night in and night out, hes picked up Jagrs slack and on some nights along with Shanny has carried the team on his back they way Jagr is supposed to. If Renney can pull it off and trade Jagr, by all means to it, if he wants to get rid of Nylander, Id hate to see him go, but hes lazy, he turns it on when he wants to and I dont go for that. Just keep Straka.
    Trade Cullen, hes a soft american who isnt getting it done for us. Keep Marcel Hossa, many people rag on him constantly but the guy has given a tremendous effor this year, hes displayed some great skill, and if he was given a chance with some real line mates, preferably european, ehem Petr Prucha, ehem, he would have a few more points then he does now.

    Messier is just what this team needs, granted he does not have experience yet. If you read TSN’s article, it talks about Messier doing a internship with Renney and getting some experience before just hopping on the sinking ship without knowledge of how to patch the wholes. Mark Messier will do what when he first came to the Rangers, he will make them a real team, he will do what needs to be done, with no excuses for failure, he will make blueshirt mean something again.

  6. nyrhockey094 says:

    Re- Messier not renney, will get rid of this soft european team.

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