Messier expected to retire

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It looks like the 2005-06 NHL season will begin without the league’s second-leading scorer of all time.

According to the New York Post, Mark Messier is done playing after 25 seasons in the NHL.

Other newspaper reports say that the future Hall of Famer will not be reporting for a training camp physical with the New York Rangers on Monday, and may take the opportunity to announce his retirement from hockey.

Messier, who turns 45 in January, has not officially informed the Rangers of his decision.

His NHL career with the Edmonton Oilers, New York Rangers and Vancouver Canucks has been decorated with endless awards, trophies and international accolades.

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  1. mrEVERYTHING says:

    I say retire as an olier

  2. RangerSteve says:

    Growing up as a Ranger fan, it’s going to be hard to not see that #11 in Blue this season. The man has got to be the clutchest play-off performer ever in this sport. He called his shot against New Jersey back in 1994, by saying “We Will Win Tonight”.

    Many might feel he should have retired long before now, but in all honesty the man kept himself in game playing shape in order to compete for this long.

  3. distance7 says:

    Brad Brown signing = 51 comments and counting.

    Mark Messier retiring = 3 comments including this one.

  4. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Mark Messier………….PLEASE COME BACK TO EDMONTON FOR ONE YEAR………….This would mean the world to the Edmonton Oilers fans………………….If you don’t, we will all still respect and admire you eternally. Forever, the true Oiler………………Mr. Mark Messier…………………………Come home captain!!!

  5. LeafyMcLeaf says:


    This guy soiled his career, just like in a year or two he’ll start soiling his pants.

    I even doubt his hall of fame potential just cuz he played and sucked these past couple years…

  6. distance7 says:

    You are the biggest idiot in the world.

  7. JannettyTheRocker says:


  8. wingerxxx says:

    I bet that if he had played for the Leafs, you’d be changing your tune a bit. Seriously. He earned his right to retire when he wanted to, a long time ago. Only a true moron would criticize one of the true legends of the sport. And I think you are in the EXTREME minority of doubting his Hall of Fame potential. Even people that hate Messier….and there are lots…will admit that he is one of the greatest to ever play the game.

  9. wingerxxx says:

    A lot of folks think he should have retired a while ago. And no, in his last few seasons, he wasn’t the player he used to be. But he is a true legend of the game, and he earned his right to go out the way that he wanted to. It’s very easy for us to say that a great player who isn’t what he used to be, should hang it up. The guy just has nothing left to prove. We have lost some of the best players to play the game recently in Scott Stevens, Al MacInnis and now, most likely Messier. Honestly, I say that if you don’t like Messier and the Rangers, fine, whatever. Hey, I hate the Flyers personally. But I respect them a lot. I truly hate Bobby Clarke. But I know that he was a great player too. Messier should command that same respect from those of us who follow the game. He wasn’t a perfect player, but in his heyday, he did inspire those around him to play better than they normally would have. That’s a gift that not many players have. He, Leetch and Richter pretty much slung the Rangers on their shoulders and carried them to the 1994 Cup. That was truly awesome. I hope we have some more players come along that can inspire their respective teams the way Moose did.

  10. wingerxxx says:

    It was the same with the MacInnis retiring. Czerkawski’s article got like, what, 250 comments? Maybe more? MacInnis retiring got like 30 or so. Made me sick.

  11. distance7 says:

    I’m sure this article will get more comments just because of how dumb LeafyMcDumbass is.

  12. RangerSteve says:

    that might have been the most ignorant comment every posted on this site. You WISH you would have had a captain HALF of what Messier is/was during his career. The man was clutch when it came to crunch time. Even when he got older, he trained properly to fit into his roll with the Rangers.

  13. oildude says:

    Messier has more Stanley cup rings in his career than the leafs have had in 45 years. ***** about Sundin for awhile.

  14. NYIGoalie23 says:

    Yeah I agree with the others, this comment is completely idiotic. You can’t deny the talent that Mark Messier has brought to this game. Just stupid. Think before you make a comment like that.

  15. oildude says:

    Hall of fame next year.

  16. TrueBlue0917 says:

    Messier’s words when he re-signed with the Rangers back in 2001…”I’ll guarantee you, we’ll make the playoffs, I don’t think anybody will be disappointed in the next two years.” Well 4 years passed and Messier and the Rangers never again reached the playoffs. I wonder what would have happened if the Rangers had just kept the Messier/Gretzky duo???? damn Neil Smith…………….

  17. wheresthesoda says:

    yea, i’m really disapointed w/the outcome of the comments so far, not enough respect for one of the greatest players all time.

    Messier will for surely though get his #11 retired for the Rangers and Oilers.

    Mess will surely be missed by all

  18. laserman says:

    Hey Leafy, why don’t you keep your mouth shut and have people think your an idiot, than open it and remove all doubt…

  19. wingerxxx says:

    Neil Smith made me sick. Especially when he shelled out money for players like Val Kamensky, Sylvain Lefebvre, Quintal, etc. and still wouldn’t sign Messier to the deal he wanted a few years before. Smith really didn’t understand that Messier was the soul of the Rangers, and thought he could build around Gretzky. Granted, Gretz had 90 pts. in his next year, but he also had LaFontaine on the second line taking checking pressure from him for most of the year. LaFontaine was always an injury risk, and he went down eventually. Gretz just was a little too old and fragile to build around. And his back woes got the better of him too. Smith really didn’t have much of a plan after Messier left. It pains me to think of how things had went if Smith had just retained Messier instead of letting him walk to the Canucks.

  20. pens_fan says:

    your a Moron plain and simple if he had have been on the leafs u would be saying “messier is the messiah hes amazing awesome career hall of fame”

    again you are a moron if you were serious

  21. Marky2Fresh says:

    I’m sure Messier comes to HTR all the time.

  22. Enigma says:

    He was serious…

  23. pens_fan says:

    then hes a dumb *****

  24. DarkPhoenix says:

    I’d say the reason Leaf-related articles get so many posts is because of idiots who have to trumpet every move the Leafs make, idiots who have to bash every move the Leafs make, idiots who are looking for posting wars, idiots who fall into posting wars, and all the other idiots who inevitably become caught in it.

    Though it is sad…Messier was a fantastic player. As was Macinnis.

  25. DarkPhoenix says:

    Do me a favor and stop embarrassing the Leafs fans. It’s morons like you who give the rest of us a bad name.

  26. krasy says:

    A tremendous career is about to finish – hats down!

    But he must stay in hockey – every team will be proud to have him in his front office

  27. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    couldnt have said it better myself.

  28. Telemachus says:

    Ha, thought he already had. It’s about time.

  29. NYRules says:

    yea leafy ive never bashed you really but this is one of the dumbest things ive ever heard.

    “I even doubt his hall of fame potential”

    your talking abuot the 2nd point leader of all time and one of the best leaders ever seen in any sport.

  30. NYRules says:

    i cant say carried the team on their shoulders they had a good cast with tikannen and graves and anderson and kovalev. But we would have not won without the 3 of them. They definitely picked up their games to a level that hasnt been seen too often in recent years. Only players with that heart and playing at that level in the last few years i can think of is iginla and kariya in their respective cup visits

  31. mundus80 says:

    what the hell is this guy talking about he was still a pretty good player the last few years. when he touched the puck there was still somthing that most players dont have. last season he played, he was number 2 in points for the rangers. and a plus 3 in +/-.

    dont talk untill you look at stats. i bet if he came back this year on the oilers he would have about 45-60 points. he had 43 on a not that good rangers team.

    he also plyed almost twice the games then your big pick up this year the dazed and confused big E. but you know hes no domi….dumb ass

  32. RaGsHoCkEy88 says:

    spoiled his career???? R U HONESTLY THAT STUPID!?!?!? r u honestly that much of a moron. u must know nothing about hockey. this man has done for hockey what no one else has done. in 94 when the rangers made that run to the cup, messier in the spotlight, helped hockey become the game it was at one point when it was a respected sport in america (alot of work to be done again) but ur a moron….who else…who else is gonna reach his numbers…ok gretzky has all these numbers but messier stuck it out in this era where scoring is very limited. and he still did it. when ur fat old and 45 go take a skate on the ice and then think twice about what u said

  33. Freeze says:

    I’m happy Messier finally decided to retire. What an amazing career!!

  34. beefer says:

    He almost has more Stanley Cup rings than Leafy has had birthdays.

  35. mcpeach2 says:

    An honor to watch him play. Never got the chills like the time he came back to MSG in a Canuck Jersey, and tearing up as he watched his tribute. Big highlight being at his first game back as a Ranger in 2000 and scoring the game winner!! He will be missed…..its was always weird seeing someone else with the “C” on their Ranger jersey. He meant as much to NY as NY meant to him.

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