Messier and Gretzky want to coach Rangers

Two legends, and both of them want the reins.

Mark Messier and Wayne Gretzky both are interested as taking over for John Tortorella as the next coach of the Rangers, The Post has confirmed. After Tortorella was fired on Wednesday, a slew of possible candidates arose from both inside and outside the organization. Messier was the one name being mentioned that didn’t have a day of professional head coaching experience, while Gretzky hasn’t coached since he was behind the Coyotes’ bench in 2009.

As originally reported by Canadian outlet SportsNet, Messier wants this to be his first head-coaching job in either the NHL or AHL. The sole coaching experience for the 52-year-old is with Team Canada during the 2010 Deutschland Cup and the 2010 Spengler Cup. He was also the general manager for Canada during the 2010 World Championships in Germany.

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  1. I’m not sure I want this to happen. Messier as an assistant coach, learning from a vet would great. Putting messier behind the bench as Head coach would be unfair to him and Ranger fans expecting improvements next season.

    lets face it. Mark Messier is one of the great things we brag about in NY. Could you imagine if he coached the Rangers and failed? Rangers fans would not hesitate to throw Mark under the bus and call for him to be fired. If this fails, it’s going to ruin his rep with the Rangers organization and their fans.

    I also would rather have somebody with more experience, or somebody with a proven track record of getting young stars on the right track.

    As for Gretzky, well, just because you were the games greatest player doesn’t mean you’ll be a great coach.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      Completely agree with you. They need an experienced coach…a players coach this time because it is the opposite of Torts. Ruff, Maurice and Vaignault should be at the top of their list right now.
      BTW…how much abuse did you get on here for putting 23 guys ahead of Phaneuf?lol

  2. Don’t be silly. Opinion of non leaf fans don’t count!

    LOL. But honestly, those are guys I would pick above Phaneuf. Obviously, when you add in age, contract, and positional D needs, that changes the list. You don’t fill up a team with guys playing the same style. While he might be reaching number 25, depending on who you have on your team, that could change.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      Don’t take it too hard…most leaf fans on here hardly ever agree with me either.LOL
      I agreed with you and had a few more on my list I would take before Dion… especially when I factor in the contract…that is a big part of it when building a team in a cap world.IMO. I’m sure you agree.
      Rangers should be better, hopefully the coaching change is what was needed, just like in T.O. BTW. I was calling for Wilson’s head after year one when a lot on here said it wasn’t his fault…

  3. I’m sure the coaching change will help. I just hope they allow for some mistakes to occur. When you change your system, people are going to over think until they adjust. I’d hate to see players get benched or lose confidence because they have to learn a brand new system.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      True, that can happen with a coaching change. That is why I think it’s important that you guys get a players coach this time. He will most likely stand behind the players even if they have a slow start and hopefully rebuild the confidence that Torts took away. Torts act had gotten very old, I think that’s why the new guys like Brassard, Dorsett and young guys like Stepan played so well in the playoffs…they hadn’t been around Torts long enough or in the league long enough to be truely affected by Torts and his crap yet.

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