Messier says Don't try it with me.

The Captain has been rumored all over the board more and more, but this time Mark Messier won’t let a Leetch type deal happen to him.

How? He said he simply won’t go to any team who trades for him.

Since Leetch is gone. Messier has no desire to play anymore. But he will not leave N.Y. by letting Sather ship him out like the leetch deal.It’s actually said that Messier has to say this, but it’s more then likely he will retire after this year.

Why? Well, simple. Messier stated that his 2 main reasons he kept playing was Leetch, and a chance to go to the playoffs.

But with the trade of Leetch and the step to rebuild Messier isn’t happy. But even though he’s not happy…… He still won’t be traded, leading to many rumors that he’s ready to retire.

When looking at this you almost have to wonder if they would have gotten even this far without mess.

When Messier scores a goal they are 11-1-3, something along those lines from when I last heard it.

The bottom-line is that Messier is showing a little power at Sather. He aint going, so Sather might as well let him retire a Ranger.

Note: Personally Messier can’t play forever, he’s still been the best player this year as a Ranger but, to rebuild with him … it can’t happen. The truth about the Leetch deal. Simple, Toronto won’t like this but. Leetch is not happy where he is. Toronto has to understand, when you build a family and friends for over 17 years in NY, you won’t finish a career with a Toronto team for 4 years and then come back. You might not believe it but unless Leetch and Toronto win a cup. Leetch will not resign.