Method to their madness?

Everyone is shocked by the Kings stupid trade giving up yushkevich for a 7th and 4th rounder. I think there might be a little more to it than just a stupid GM.First off, it makes sense for Kings to give up Yushky. They needed him for the time being and gave him up when they didn’t need him anymore. When they traded for him Aaron Miller and Visnovsky were injured. Now they are back and playing solid. Also Joe Corvo (prospect) is playing better defense and contributing more to the offense that Yusky did. That leaves them with 6 more-than-decent defensemen. Norstrom, Schneider, Modry, Miller, Corvo, and Visnovsky. Why keep a 7th?

I think the Kings may have given him up for one of 2 reasons. To save money (most likely.) Or maybe, just maybe, they are looking to aquire someone.

I was thinking a second line scorer. The Kings have always wanted one of those. Especially considering they only have one 1st line scorer (Palffy.)

Looking at the team, I would guess they would want someone who can throw painfull checks. But being optimistic, I looked at Anson Carter. Unrealistic? maybe but you never know. I’m not exactly sure what Edmonton is looking for but it might be in the Kings roster.

I have no resources, just opinions. I am open to all your comments and infact, encourage them. I enjoy crtisizm so go at it. Thank You