Method to their madness?

Everyone is shocked by the Kings stupid trade giving up yushkevich for a 7th and 4th rounder. I think there might be a little more to it than just a stupid GM.First off, it makes sense for Kings to give up Yushky. They needed him for the time being and gave him up when they didn’t need him anymore. When they traded for him Aaron Miller and Visnovsky were injured. Now they are back and playing solid. Also Joe Corvo (prospect) is playing better defense and contributing more to the offense that Yusky did. That leaves them with 6 more-than-decent defensemen. Norstrom, Schneider, Modry, Miller, Corvo, and Visnovsky. Why keep a 7th?

I think the Kings may have given him up for one of 2 reasons. To save money (most likely.) Or maybe, just maybe, they are looking to aquire someone.

I was thinking a second line scorer. The Kings have always wanted one of those. Especially considering they only have one 1st line scorer (Palffy.)

Looking at the team, I would guess they would want someone who can throw painfull checks. But being optimistic, I looked at Anson Carter. Unrealistic? maybe but you never know. I’m not exactly sure what Edmonton is looking for but it might be in the Kings roster.

I have no resources, just opinions. I am open to all your comments and infact, encourage them. I enjoy crtisizm so go at it. Thank You

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  1. Rico71 says:

    I kinda find it weird that they gave up Bednar (top 5 rookie this year and a D-man (can’t remember who) for Yushky.

    So they got a 4th and 7th pick. Big deal. Not gonna help them short term though.

    Bednar would help replace the eternally injured Allison and since Smoklinski is UFA…who’s gonna be the 2nd center?

  2. Tradedude says:

    Yushkevich hasn’t been playing good all year, he won’t play for teams other than Toronto, he has lost all his faith and confidence. He might have been worth something more than a 4th and 7th round pick, but still, he hasn’t been playing his usal self since his blood clot in his leg. I know that probly not the problem, but its still reasonable I guess.

    Leafs got Svehla for him, cheers to Pat Quinn. Svehla has been playing great all year for the leafs, especially as of late. Svehla is a player that could get you to a Cup final. Good acquisition by the leafs. Thumbs up to Quinn on that one. But, there’s a big possibility leafs will play philly in the first round, so we need defense, and someone such as a defense with defensive capabilities, I’d like to see Miller wearing a leaf uniform, but Quinn I’m sure doesn’t want to screw with the team. I don’t think the leafs have been playing like they care the past games. I swear that panther game was the worst game we played all year, they were lazy, didn’t care, their powerplay stunk like ****. Just an awful game, they need more confidence now. Quinn must react.

  3. DG says:

    As was suggested in the article, perhaps Anson Carter for the time being. I know he’s not exactly second-line material but he could fill the role. I don’t know…the price for him might be high. I’m also thinking the Edmonton Oilers would need a defenceman, making a Carter to the Los Angeles Kings a perfect match, but I don’t want to state too much…I’ve been out of it for a while, too busy with school to keep up.

    Should be interesting.


    (P.S.: since I’m not sure if people will read my earlier comment, I’d like to state this is DG: I’ve just decided to adopt a new screen name for my non-admin purposes).

  4. -momo- says:

    This article was about the Kings and Yushky.

    You want to write about the leafs, go to a leafs article.

  5. allenbo says:

    Tell you the truth, he is very excited to be in Philly and stated that he cried when he was traded from Philly to Toronto. He stated in the Philadelphia Inquirer, that “coming to Philly is better than anything else I could ask for. He says his confidence by being traded back to the team that broke him into NHL is a great opportunity.” I predict a great showing for the Russian back to place he loved and started. Philly. He also stated that he would love to play Toronto in the first round, doing what he does best of shutting down the other teams best forwards, Sundin line. HA

  6. MossRocks says:

    I’ve said this before but the Kings have nothing to offer the Oilers in a trade. It’s not a slight against them, but they are low on young, cheap players of quality and all of their core players are expensive and/or old. Cammalleri is intriguing but do the Oilers really need another midget centre? (Comrie, York, Marchant) Frolov is likely untouchable. The 1st rounder is valuable, but they need players in return for Carter. Can Aulin play right now?

  7. PresidentQuinn says:

    I also doubt that the Kings are gonna deal players with a team they are in direct competition with, for the final playoff spot in the west.

  8. BlackJackman5 says:

    “svehla is a player who could get you to a cup final”… what does that make guys like lidstro, pronger and macinnis…..deities?

  9. TheMinister says:

    Andreas Lilja

  10. TheMinister says:

    The size of the Oilers skill forwards has got be a concern if they give up Carter. Look at Montreal, they are gonna spend the next 2-3 years trying to get bigger so that they can compete. The Oil aren’t in that bad shape because of their defense but if they trade Carter then they have to get Frolov back.

  11. roenickisadouchebag says:

    He was given away because is agent, Mark Gandler is the biggest asshat in the league. Clarke will put up with it though. After all he did deal with Carl and Bonnie for so long, this should be easy.

    Quinn won’t deal with Gandler an not many other GM’s will either.

  12. MossRocks says:

    True. Carter doesn’t play like he’s 6’1″ though. There is no reason for Lowe to deal with the Kings – they just don’t have the young, cheap players that the Oilers need.

  13. palffy189 says:

    Although the oilers don’t want a smaller forward, the kings would be willing to offer someone like jamie Storr, or Jerred Smithson, or even the once untouchble Yanick Lehoux. The kKings really need someone like a Mike York to be honest.

  14. MossRocks says:

    York’s hurt, under contract for two more years at a reasonable price and just flat out too valuable to the Oilers to move. He might be their MVP forward this year.

    I’m not ripping on the Kings, I just can’t see much in their system that the Oilers can afford or would really want. Smolinski, a d-man and a pick for Carter would be OK, but we can’t afford to pick up 30-something UFA’s especially for our #1 RW.

  15. Rico71 says:

    That’s the guy.


  16. Tradedude says:

    Yushlevich played for the leafs last year.

  17. Tradedude says:



  18. Tradedude says:

    no it doesn’t make them look like what you call ‘Deities’ or wutever, but Svehla is a player who rarely makes mistakes, and has playoff experience with Florida when they had the run to the finals in 97 i think it was.

  19. Kingsfan1 says:

    Yuski was expendable plain and simple. He was brought in when Miller went down and really never clicked. Murray stated Yuski never really fit the kings system and as a UFA we were lucky to get what we did.

  20. TheMinister says:


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