Mighty Duck Report

Hello again, this is the Mighty Ducks report for the past week.

You probably all heard about the big news in SoCal this week about the announcement of the name change for next season where they will drop the “Mighty” and be simply known as the Anaheim Ducks. Well in my opinion, i do not like the name change. I am a diehard ducks fan and i consider myself the biggest fan they have but if they were going to change the name that would be the best thing. im glad they kept the “ducks” and didn’t go and decide to go with some random Anaheim Pirates or whatever. Kudos to the Samuelis for keeping the “ducks” and keeping our heritage. now for the jerseys, logo, and colors: I really really really don’t want to change those. i feel that that would be terrible for the franchises die-hard fans such as myself. i have grown up knowing only as one franchise as my team and that team was the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. now i could not even imagine the feeling i would have if they changed the jerseys, logo and colors dramatically. (it would probably be almost the same feeling i had when Paul left us 🙁 Please come back Paul !!!

Anyways now to the week of on the ice action. The ducks started the week off on monday in LA for a game against their California rivals LA Kings. they had a very close game but in the end the kings got the win in the shootout. (Oh great, another shootout loss).

The ducks then came home to play a game against the Oilers and I had the great chance to watch the game here on TSN. YAY !!!! anyways the ducks played great game except in the 3rd where they took AWFUL AWFUL penalties where Vitaly Vishnevki took a 5 minute major and Giguere took 6 minutes in penalties and a 10 minute. I was in shock when I saw Giggy freak out like that and i was pretty pissed. the ducks were up 3-1 at one point in the 2nd and they lost the game 6-3. great job boys. ahh well lets just bounce back next game.

and so they did, they played the Sharks next where it was a very important game to keep that 3rd place in the Pacific Division. they played a great game where now this time Ilya Bryzgalov was in nets… no surprise there… anyways Andy Mac and Joffry Lupul scored each to give the ducks the 2-0 lead and in the 3rd Ilya Bryzgalov played a great period to keep the donut lol. WTG Bryzy.

The ducks then played the Kings once again in LA for the second time in a week to start a home-and-home series where the ducks won the game 6-2 !! WHOOO HOOO !!! lol Corey Perry had 2 goals and 1 assist to get the 1st star of the game but everybody’s favourite player, mr. Sean Avery instigated a fight with the young winger. the league is looking at the incident and will decide later on the sentence for avery. now the ducks played a great game and where Ilya Bryzgalov played another solid game to get the W.

Other notes:

-Congrats to Teemu Selanne for an amazing points scoring streak. he has 4 goals and 13 assists for 17 points in 11 games. and Teemu is closing in on his 1000th point, he is 2 points away.

-Congrats to Chris Kunitz for having 5 goals, 1 assist and a shootout winner in 7 games.

-Congrats to Ilya Bryzgalov for his first shutout of the season and his 2 wins.

-Congrats to Corey Perry for his 2 goal and 1 assist in LA for the first star of the game.

And to answer Empty Netter questions in my last post well i think that since Mike Bab***** left the ducks, the system is more offensive than before, Randy Carlyle and the coaching staff are a little bit more offensive minded than Mike Bab***** and i think that Randy is doing a pretty good first year as the ducks head coach.

to what i think of Brian Burkes moves thus far, he is doing a great job in trading for players and signing big guys for the ducks. lets recap, he has signed the likes of Teemu Selanne, Scott Niedermayer, traded for tough guy Todd Fedoruk, Francois Beauchemin, Tyler Wright, claimed Todd Marchant off waivers, got Chris Kunitz back on the team, traded away Petr Sykora and Sergei Fedorov to free up some money. i think that he is doing a pretty good job but now i hope that he is done trading away key players, i think the team is almost perfect they may need another key offensive player the likes of maybe a Paul Kariya lol

Anyways til next time, im out !!!

4 Responses to Mighty Duck Report

  1. Lint07 says:

    I wish there were more dedicated members like you.

    Do you think the Ducks will find a way to squeeze in the playoffs?

  2. kdawg_leaf_fan says:

    Great article by a fellow diehard fan :)…if the ducks dont make the playoffs this year maybe next year when they finally sign Kariya :p

  3. shuffleonin says:

    A lot of Duck fans….wait a sec…you two, seem to want to reunite Teemu and Kariya.

    I agree with the Burke assessment. All of his moves help and reveal no overall negative impact on the team. He will search in the offseason but I hope he becomes the guy who finally brings in a 1st line center for the team who will play for them (unlike Federov) Maybe Corey Perry will be the Kariya player you want in the future. Loved the kid in junior and at the World Jr’s.

  4. MightyDuck89 says:

    thanks guys, ill answer your questions next week and im glad you like my reports. i wasnt sure if there were many duck fans around here or if ppl would like these reports but thanks alot guys. ill prolly have another one done by sunday or monday. PEACE !!!!

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