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Well the ducks made a few deals at deadline day and i will say i was not very happy about their deals at first but now that i think about the whole thing it was not as bad as i thought. With the acquisition of Sean O’Donnell and Jeff Friesen, they give the ducks a defensemen more defensive minded and a speedy left winger than “can” work hard when he wants to. The ducks also got rid of Sandis Ozolinsh and Keith Carney to the Rangers and Canucks. I was not to happy about those trades because i thought and still think that Sandis is a very good defensemen that can give offensive flare to a team, and Keith is a very sound defensive defenseman that can play a great gritty type game and match-up with the best players in the NHL.

Recap of the Ducks deals at the deadline:

To Anaheim:

Jeff Friesen

To Washington:

2006 2nd round pick

To Anaheim:

Sean O’Donnell

To Pheonix:

Joel Perrault

To Anaheim:

2006 3rd round pick

To New York Rangers:

Sandis Ozolinsh

To Anaheim:

Brett Skinner

2006 2nd round pick

To Vancouver:

Keith Carney

Rights to Juah Alen

Now, to the ice. the ducks started of the week on sunday against the Blue Jackets at the pond where both goalies played very good. The Jackets got the early lead but the Ducks responded with a tip-in goal on the PP by Ryan Getzlaf. The Jackets got the lead again with Zherdev scoring this time to finish the 1st with a 2-1 lead. There were no goals in the 2nd but at the end of the 3rd, Andy McDonald scored on his own rebound to put the game to OT. The game went to OT but nobody scored so they went to a shootout. In the shootout, Rick Nash almost blew a tire scoring a goal against JS Giguere but it still went in. Teemu Selanne had to score but didnt. He hit the post and the ducks lost another in SO.

The ducks then hosted the Sharks on Tuesday were it was a exciting game. Andy Mac scored 2 goals in the 2nd period to give them the 3-2 lead going into the 3rd. the Sharks tied it up again but Corey Perry scored a highlight reel goal to give the ducks the lead again. Then the Sharks scored once again and they went to OT. Less than a minute in the period and Sandis Ozolinsh blasted a slap shot saved by Nabokov and there was some sort of scramble in front of the net. Patrick Marleau came out with the puck but put it in his own net. the Ducks won the game 5-4.

Then the ducks had a 4 day break and they came back on Saturday in Pheonix and Sean O’Donnell, who was playing his former team, and Jeff Friesen made their ducks debut. The ducks got the early lead with a rebound goal by Rob Niedermayer but the Yotes got 2 goals and had the lead 2-1. Then Teemu Selanne and Andy McDonald had a nice give-and-go to score the tying goal. Ruslan Salei then took a shot from the point and Jonathan Hedstrom tipped it in, 3-2. Less than a minute later, Francois Beauchemin scored a goal to give them a 4-2 lead but the Yotes then got another closing the gap to 1. Pheonix then pulled their goalie late and Rob Niedermayer sealed the deal scoring an empty net goal to win the game 5-3. The ducks played a great game outshooting the coyotes 36-17.

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  1. wingerxxx says:

    Your Ducks articles are very good. The trades of Carney and Ozolinsh were kind of necessary…Brian Burke has been wanting to turn this into his team for a long time now. And history is on his side. Carney, although very solid, is just not a spring chicken anymore. As a Rangers fan, I’m happy to have Ozolinsh (who used to be considered to be overrated, but now is almost underrated)…but he’s not someone Burke was ever too high on. O’Donnell is just a cheaper alternative to Carney, although not as good a defenseman in my opinion. I do have to admit…I have no idea why Burke would want Friesen. Only if it’s a temporary move. A 2nd round pick is way too much to give up for this guy. I guess that Burke just really likes him. It’ll be interesting to see what he can do with this club, once he has assembled it to his liking.

  2. thatleafsguy says:

    good article its unfortunate that no one on this site cares or follows the ducks.

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