Mike Cammalleri a Possibility?

Forget it. Mike Cammalleri coming to Montreal could make sense. Let me tell you why it doesn’t. He is the type of guy you will see put in a strong effort. Night after night after night this guy continues to contribute offensively to the Los Angeles hockey club. The Kings want this guy to stay; but wouldn’t it make sense that since LA needs a goalie, and soon, we could give them one of our many goaltenders? Think again. Cristobal Huet is injured which puts Gainey and the Montreal Canadiens in a position where they cannot deal a goaltender unless Cristobal comes back, or Jaroslav Halak pulls off a Ken Dryden fairytale. Then we would be able to trade either Huet or Aebischer. That is, however, a little too perfect these days since Halak has yet to play a single NHL game.

Just think of the fact that Huet being injured basically destroys us even more. On the other hand, that Cinderella story has happened to our organization before. Keep that in mind.

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  1. habsoverserver says:

    Why would the Kings want to trade one of their first line players for a goalie that is only signed for 25 more games?

  2. Les-Habitants says:

    I would love nothing more then to have an up and coming player like Cammalleri on the Habs, but the Kings aren't going to trade of their best players for years to come.  They are building the franchise around him and Frolov, and unless a reallly reallly tempting offer comes, Habs ain't getting this guy.

    But it would be pretty sweet…*sigh*

  3. Shawn84 says:

    don't underestimate ABBY!!!!!! We are only one win on saturday to jump back up to 7th, we do need minors trade since kovy is out. go get smolinski, or gelinas , we need quality gritt to bring us back to life! those guys could do it!

  4. LeafsrGods says:

    you guys are in hockey dreaming heaven, so good luck for you guys to dream even more………….

  5. bleedingblu says:

    Unfortunately, the Leafs and Isles are also one win away from 7th with a game less than Montreal and on Sunday when the Habs play Columbus, that will make it two games.
    Might be tough to play against Carolina without Huet and Kovalev.

    Good luck.

  6. plantos says:

    Cammalleri = Youngstar

    huet = was traded from LA to MTL 2 years ago.

  7. Habs_to_the_top says:

    Abby is a bum.  Did you see some of the goals he's let in lately.  Against Carolina?!?!?!?!  the one that made it 4-2?!?!?!?  This guy is a hack.  Useless, making toooooo much money piece of porous crap.  You need saves that should be made to keep you in games.  And the one against Carolina should have been made.  Then we are still only 1 goal down.  He has never been a bonafied #1 goalie, and probably never will be.  I'm just glad we lost Theo's contract to get another overrated goaltender who blows.  We have to look to the future.  Huet is not it either.  I'm glad he's hurt.  Besides Koivu going down, Huet lost it for us in the playoffs last year….Price, Danis and Halak are who we need to concentrate on making NHL goaltenders……..

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