Mike Cammalleri a Possibility?

Forget it. Mike Cammalleri coming to Montreal could make sense. Let me tell you why it doesn’t. He is the type of guy you will see put in a strong effort. Night after night after night this guy continues to contribute offensively to the Los Angeles hockey club. The Kings want this guy to stay; but wouldn’t it make sense that since LA needs a goalie, and soon, we could give them one of our many goaltenders? Think again. Cristobal Huet is injured which puts Gainey and the Montreal Canadiens in a position where they cannot deal a goaltender unless Cristobal comes back, or Jaroslav Halak pulls off a Ken Dryden fairytale. Then we would be able to trade either Huet or Aebischer. That is, however, a little too perfect these days since Halak has yet to play a single NHL game.

Just think of the fact that Huet being injured basically destroys us even more. On the other hand, that Cinderella story has happened to our organization before. Keep that in mind.