Mike Johnson

With enough Leaf articles to make Sens fans puke, it’s time for Ottawa fans to speak up.
Ok, that intro has little to do with what I’m about to write. But it is true.

The St Louis Blues have put Mike Johnson on waivers. If they put him on re-entry waivers, any team can pick him up and are only responsible for half his salary.

I think this is a golden opportunity to add some depth. I was saying last summer how Johnson would fit perfectly on our checking lines.

This is a guy who scored 14 goals as a third line player on a play-off-missing Montreal Canadians team who couldn’t score 5-on-5 to save their lives. He also managed 20 goals with the bottom-dweller Phoenix Coyotes.

PLUS, he only makes .750 a year. And the Sens would only have to pay half that, meaning we’d only have to pay him .375. Plus we’re already a month into the season, so we’d actually pay less than that.

We’d still have 2.5 million left in cap for a rainy day.

And we’d get another good checking forward who can add to the score-sheet.

Of course, once McAmmond comes back, we’d have to dump a roster player.
I think it’s too late to send Foligno back (he’s played 10 games). So my pick would be Eaves. Maybe we could package him up with some picks for Martin Gelinas, who though injured right now could be an asset during the play-offs.

Just A Thought.