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June 30 must have been a good day for Mike Peca. The Leafs were in ongoing negotiations with his agent. The Islanders had offered Smyth a big contract, and were rumored to be seeking to sign Peca if the Leafs didn’t. It looked like he would either re-sign with the team he grew up a fan of, or play alongside one of his best friends (Ryan Smyth) on a team he once Captained (the Islanders). For a while, I thought it was a sure bet that Peca would captain the islanders once more. Oh how things have changed in one short week.

The team he once captained has moved on, as the Islanders team changes more every day. Smyth signed with Colorado, and Guerin got the “C” on his jersey.

The Leafs spent all thier money on Jason Blake, and even though the Leafs may clear some cap space, it seems like they are more interested in Yashin(the guy he never got along with) than him.

Does anyone else find it odd? During the 1st half of the season(with Peca in the lineup) the Leafs had the 17th best penalty kill in the league, and for a few months were even top 10. During the 2nd half(without Peca) the had the WORST penalty kill. Nobody in the NHL had a worse penalty killing squad than the leafs. Peca fits the mold of the team perfectly, provides leadership, and wants to play in Toronto.

Another oddity is the leafs interest in Yashin. The Leafs had the 6th best offense in the NHL. Would Yashin add to that? Certainly, but he has so much more destructive potential, than helpful potential.

One player is redundant, the other was the only thing keeping the PK going. So I ask you leaf fans, why isn’t Peca already signed to a contract?

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  1. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    +/- is only 5 on 5

    screw the last 5 years. the game 5 years ago was WAY different than it is now.

    Last 2 seasons:
    McCabe has 34 goals, Redden has 17
    McCabe has 125 points, Redden has 86
    McCabe is a warrior, with more heart than Redden will ever have
    oh yeah, and McCabe costs 0.75 mil less. And we have him locked up for 4 more years. You think Redden will resign for less next season??? he'll be in a contract year, score 10 goals, get 50 points and have more money than Timonen. I just hope the morons that sign him are the senators.

  2. RealisticLeaf says:

    HAHA…ya Simmons is a joke.

    The main point….what buddy got here is complete BS!!

  3. MR40 says:

    taking penalty minutes doesn't make you a warrior.

  4. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    looking up penalty minutes stats doesn't mean you know anything about hockey

  5. MR40 says:

    I'm I the only one who's noticed all of the Leaf fans always say "Get rid of Kubina, Raycrap (and you guys call him Raycrap), and Mccabe", then we agree with you say and say yeah they suck, and then you guys always start talking about how good they are, saying there not overpaid, and everyone else in the League is overpaid too, kinda of like the Redden comment at the top.

    Make up your mind.

  6. MR40 says:

    The only person Colorado would want for McCabe is Jose, and obviously the Leafs don't need another goalie, so nothing between Colorado and Toronto will happen. Atleast nothing big.

  7. Oil-Life says:

    well since idiotic is your favorite word…ill tell you whats idiotic.  bringing a team into a conversation that has nothing to do with it at all.  i think the leafs wont make it because toskala is not much ebtter the raycroft and blake isnt that great of a hockey player.  you didnt get much better.

  8. MR40 says:

    If you take Raycroft, Kubina, and the 2nd rounder out of that deal, then they'd accept it.

    Yashin won't come to TO. He's not coming to canada. He'd get killed in the North, and even if eh did he wouldn't get 80 points. Same goes for Sundin. Blake would not get 40 goals either. Sundin is aging, he doesn't have much left.

    Also you need way more then one million to have at the trade deadline. What if you getb a bunch of 5 game injuries. You wouldn't put them on IR, and you would still have to pay other players to fill in. That's what happend with the Nuck's. We had 1.5 million for the deadline, and could BARELY afford to players who did nothing for us.

  9. MR40 says:

    Wow. A great team. Bring it down a bit. An okay team with a bad goalie. They could have made the playoffs, but would have got crushed by Buffalo, or New Jersey. They have a better team, and will likely make the playoffs, and could even make it to the Stanley Cup finals. They will killed so badly by anyone in the West. There are like two good team's in the East and they are Pittsburgh and New York. Everyone else in the East probably wouldn't make the playoffs if they were in the West. San Jose, Colorado, Anahiem, and Calgary will be force's. Vancouver, Dallas, Detroit, and Minnasota will be tough team's as well. The West wins everytime we face the East too. I think only three teams in the West had a below 500% record against the East.

    Take the Leaf's out of the East trade them with Nashville, and the Leaf's finish 10th or 11th place.

  10. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    wow, well the east won more games than the west, and colorado almost made it!!!

  11. Penssuck says:

    Why do you think everyone hates talking with a leaf fan?  They blow smoke up their players asses and than a week later say they suck.  But if you say something about them, than they're good again.

    Leafs blow, who gives a ***** anymore.

  12. Glucker says:

    and i say you don't know what you're talking about… Toskala isn't better then Raycroft? find sum1 to agree with you… then go check yourselves into a mental facility. Blake and Bell are improvements to the team, and in the mean time, the teams that the leafs will be playing this season haven't changed or have gotten worse…Buffalo got worse… MTL… lost their PP and got a guy who's ok on the defense 5-on-5… but didn't address their 5-on-5 scoring…Ottawa lost a couple of guys, but overall are last year's team, as they have plenty of talent to take their place, Boston added a goalie… ok they got slightly better, still the bottom of our division. Our division got easier to play in, and our team got better… a team that missed the playoffs by 1 point last year… leading the league in injuries, you say they won't make it in?

    as for bringing in the Oilers, you insult my team without any good points, I insulted yours… only difference is, you're team really did get worse, therefore what I said had some logic to it…..

  13. MR40 says:

    overrating your players not only means you know nothing about hockey, but it means your stupid.

    It's the Leaf fans like you that give you guys a bad name.

    But since i'm pointing this out, I guess i'm a "leaf hater".

  14. Oil-Life says:

    okay first i said isnt much better then raycroft…he is, but not going to save the leafs like people like yourself think he will.  we watched him out west all the time and he is not steller like you seem to think he is.  as far as your division, i think ottawa and buffalo will be the only teams that make it, because even though buf lost briere and drury, theyre STILL better then the leafs!  you dont have a good coach, your forwards are all over rated and you have an extremly over paid defence!  as for the oilers, i agree with you the got worse.  am i saying they didnt? no. am i saying they'r going to make the playoffs? no.  am i saying anything about the oil at all in my previous posts? no.  so why dont you take your *****ing leafs to the golf course where they belong and have them drop you off at a "mental facility" and go celebrate 41 years since you last one a stanley cup.

  15. peake19 says:

    hahahahahah teams would be glad to grab McCabe or kubinas contract?
    name one team thats stupid enough to take either of those jokes.
    and "there playing the market right" no there wrecking the nhl by paying no talent bums way to much money so other teams have to do the same.
    when a good defence men comes along that should make 6 to 7 million he sees mccabe makes 7 and can easily ask for more cuz he is easily 3-4 times better then mccabe and thats why the leafs suck.
    but it gets better theyve been good with there contract ahah k lets look
    sundin old maybe has more in him (still wont be as good as alfy)
    blake 4 million & yet hes not gunna be the diference still wont make loffs
    ahhaha tucker hahahahha enough said
    kaberle and wellwood are about all thats really going for this team
    who is colaiacovo is he the guy that keeps getting hurt? worth a mil right
    and white does he play on the ahl team or whats his story he probly still gets 3-4 million from the leafs

  16. peake19 says:

    hahah agreed
    so wait how is it that mccabe has more heart then redden ever will?
    you can judge that?
    and ive seen redden kill a penalty and i cant say ive seen mccabe succed in that
    ususally maccabe is in teh box cuz he cant keep up or else he is on the ice causing an easy goal for teh opposition
    cant blame everything on ratcroft when he has brutal d like mccabe and there pk was ranked what close to last?
    and yeh sweet mccabe has 15 goals not like he took 207 shots or anything
    so keep cheering for mccabe and get used to golfing early while ill be cheering for redden and his long playoffs runs

  17. Hockey75 says:

    I heard a rumour about the Leafs talking to the Colorado Avalanche about Hejduk.  I hear they are saying about trading a d-man and a forward, there say, Kubina and Antropov would be a good idea!  The Leafs had pretty good scoring last season (scoring four more goals than the Wings).  And now after signing Jason Blake, the Leafs scoring will be around 300.  So, the Leafs have a pretty good offence.  The Leafs need a lot better PK so only bring in Yashin if they have left over cap space. But for sure, re-sign Peca!  Now, about goalies, Raycroft didn't have a very succesful season but, on the other hand, he did make the franchise record for most season games won.  But I think they should still trade him to somewhere like LA.  But their goaltending is going to be great after getting Toskala!
    Here is what I think the Leafs should do: (they have 2.2 million now)

    To Toronto: Hejduk (+3.8 million added to cap)  To Colorado: Kubina and Antropov (-7
    million off cap) (to spend: 5.4)

    To Toronto: Draft Pick(s) (+0 million added to cap)       To LA: Raycroft (-2 million off cap) (to spend: 7.4)

    They should re-sign Peca (+1.5 million added to cap)
    They should also sign Curtis Joseph (+1 million added to cap)

    (cap space left: 5.9 cap space left) Ya, they probably could sign Yashin with the left over cap space!

  18. RealisticLeaf says:

    Dude look at an earlier post about this…the rumor is B S.

  19. avsjoendryan says:

    c buddy your so stupid…smyth already told the leafs to stick it… sakic would never play there…. kubina is a peice of sh1t getting way over paid and is no where near a top pairing defencemen( actually my bad he might be number 1 in the middle east) and again raycrap cant play and hes also a peice of sh1t, so dont even try to tell me if he played less games the leafs would have better numbers (not to mention bad coaching call) u guys are classic unless a miracle happens with toskala he aint going to get the leafs into the playoffs…but u never know maybe kubina will be steller…idiot

  20. avsjoendryan says:

    right but the avs got better offense and with hannan liles and leo better d but at least u got some brains…good call pal

  21. mojo19 says:

    Yet "Cashin" still has more skill and has the ability to be a dominant force offensively where as Peca has lost those skills a long time ago and has to rely on playing his position in his own zone to be effective. Anyone can learn to do that, but only the most skilled guys can put the damage up on the scoreboard. I love Mike Peca but you know its true.

  22. mojo19 says:

    Pavel Kubina is a better d-man than anyone on Colorado. Who'd your number 1 guy anyway? John Michael Liles. Wow, we have 4 guys better than him: Kaberle, KUBINA, McCabe and Colaiacovo.

  23. Oil-Life says:

    Colorado has lets see….hannon, liles, leopold who all make a good salary and are all steller d men.  toronto has 3 extremely overpaid d, such as kaberle, KUBINA, and mccabe.  dont even include colaiacovo in there the guy isnt heard of in half the nhl. 

  24. Scottman75 says:

    <<Cheapshot Alert>>

    Q: Who coughs up the puck every playoff year and costs his team wins?

    A: Wade Redden.

  25. avsjoendryan says:

    first of all dont ever talk about hockey again cuz u clearly got no nothing.

    now lets see the avs got hannan(team canada), liles(team usa), leopold (team usa)

    u cant even compare kubina to any of em

    hes a piece oh sh1t getting way over paid

    just so u know kubina is ur #1 d man anyways.

    next time you choose to post something………DONT!

    such a tard

  26. avsjoendryan says:

    kubina isnt ur number 1 d man


  27. avsjoendryan says:

    tard the avs dont got enough cap space for the peice of sh1t defencemen worth 5m and hejduk is so much better then antrapov so dont worry it aint going to happen

  28. peake19 says:

    i think your meaning to say mccabe
    its just that he doesnt get the chance to cough it up in the playoffs

  29. mojo19 says:

    Wow, liles and leopold are part of team USA's weak defense. They're actually pretty good d-men but not as good as the guys we have. Sorry but you lose this argument.

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