Mike Peca

June 30 must have been a good day for Mike Peca. The Leafs were in ongoing negotiations with his agent. The Islanders had offered Smyth a big contract, and were rumored to be seeking to sign Peca if the Leafs didn’t. It looked like he would either re-sign with the team he grew up a fan of, or play alongside one of his best friends (Ryan Smyth) on a team he once Captained (the Islanders). For a while, I thought it was a sure bet that Peca would captain the islanders once more. Oh how things have changed in one short week.

The team he once captained has moved on, as the Islanders team changes more every day. Smyth signed with Colorado, and Guerin got the “C” on his jersey.

The Leafs spent all thier money on Jason Blake, and even though the Leafs may clear some cap space, it seems like they are more interested in Yashin(the guy he never got along with) than him.

Does anyone else find it odd? During the 1st half of the season(with Peca in the lineup) the Leafs had the 17th best penalty kill in the league, and for a few months were even top 10. During the 2nd half(without Peca) the had the WORST penalty kill. Nobody in the NHL had a worse penalty killing squad than the leafs. Peca fits the mold of the team perfectly, provides leadership, and wants to play in Toronto.

Another oddity is the leafs interest in Yashin. The Leafs had the 6th best offense in the NHL. Would Yashin add to that? Certainly, but he has so much more destructive potential, than helpful potential.

One player is redundant, the other was the only thing keeping the PK going. So I ask you leaf fans, why isn’t Peca already signed to a contract?