Mikhail Grabovski or Nikolai Kulemin Package for Savard?

Given that he is a central character in the latest blast in hockey’s silly season, surely Brian Burke is well aware of the suggestion that Marc Savard is being touted as the potential answer to his team’s offensive woes.

The Maple Leafs general manager won’t knock the Boston Bruins’ playmaker and certainly he must recognize the offensive talent the elite centre brings.

But the only way Savard will be reunited in Toronto with his former Bruins sniper, Phil Kessel, is if the quoted price drops significantly.

A source told the Toronto Sun that the Leafs have no interest in giving up their strongest asset — defenceman Tomas Kaberle — to acquire Savard . And there goes that rumour.

From a Leafs perspective, that pretty much establishes the price for both players, loosely setting boundaries with the July 1 start of free agency now just days away.

Burke is clearly committed to sticking to his guns with Kaberle , the veteran defenceman whose no-movement clause was lifted on Friday.

If Savard isn’t enough for the veteran Czech, clearly Burke won’t settle for anything less than a talented forward who can contribute immediately on offence.

Word was floating around Sunday that Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli had downgraded his demands for Savard to what has been characterized as a “softer deal.”

That term can mean different things for different GMs, but essentially suggests Chiarelli would consider some combination of prospects and draft picks for Savard now that he suddenly has a glut of centres and salary on his roster.

When the two GMs talk over the next couple of days, of course Burke will listen. Just how intently he listens remains to be seen.

Here’s how things could be most productive for Burke, should enough cards fall his way.

What if the Leafs GM were to get Savard for a lesser price — say Mikhail Grabovski or Nikolai Kulemin packaged with others — before free agency starts?

Then, on Thursday, he could get serious about shopping Kaberle so that, by week’s end, he could have another legitimate forward to nicely improve the team’s outlook. As far-fetched as it all sounds, you can see that, at least, possibilities exist.


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  1. Kramer says:

    All this discussion and not one mention of The Big Conspiracy. The sports world is controlled by corrupt bureaucrats and the mafia. Look what's going on in the world cup. The outcome of the game is decided before the game starts. All the refs receive kickbacks and mafia payoffs.

  2. colin_leafsforever says:

    no Mojo 19, he is not fired, getting Colbourne and Savard for Kaberle and a goalie we aren't going to use is not a bad move at all.
    However the options seem endless.

  3. colin_leafsforever says:

    Geez, hope I don't get dealt with like you have on here Kev, but I respect what everyone has been saying, it's really interesting stuff.

  4. mojo19 says:

    Yes he is. And I can't blame him right now. If the rumours were that Savard was going to be dealt in a soft deal to Montreal, I would be jelous as well, and annoyed with all the habs fans who would be excited about the possibility of a trade.

  5. mojo19 says:

    reinjosh always has my back

  6. mojo19 says:

    Feulilles can just stay as 'Leafs' you don't need to translate that part.


    Who are talking to you? are you having a secret conversation with someone, and posting bits and parts of it to insult me??Its a little cowardly to hide…. Actually if you google Savard trade.. there is multiple reports that he HAS for the tenth time waived his NTC to also MTL… Its funny guys like you, and some other Leaf fans, are saying how good this would be to get Savard, BUT on Sundays HTC posts, you all said Savard has major red flags because of his term and dollar amount and his injury history.. NOW hes the greatest thing..And if this is such a done deal, why hasn't the deal been completed yet?? If all Boston wants is a soft deal, they would've done it by now.. I think its so funny, and I show of your lack or intelligence that i get can such a response out of you.. You must be so mad… it brings a smile to my face.. I've had many debates with Bruins fans, they don't seem to get mad like you, and a few others do…

  8. Kev_Leafs says:

    Yes, but it becomes 'Leaf blowers' – classic!  I'm all for more witty french insults – I rarely get to see them. 

  9. number15 says:

    I rather put one of them on the 3rd line…. then we have two scary lines.

  10. mojo19 says:

    Colbourne is an interesting prospect, but I would rather get something more legit for Kaberle or keep him.

  11. mojo19 says:

    Trade Beauchemin for David Clarkson is Paul Martin walks and NJ doesn't lure enough solid D-men in free agency. Then have your bottom two lines of:

    Clarkson – Hanson – Orr
    Boogaard – Irwin – Brown

    The 6'6" Brayden Irwin hasn't proven to be a mean player but he does pocess a powerful build and can skate for a big guy. I believe the things Don Cherry said about Colton Orr, that if he played up around 12-14 minutes a night, taking a regular shift, he could be a 10-15 goal guy who is solid defensively, and I see Clarkson as being similar with a little more offensive flair.

    Now that is how you round out the bottom 6.

  12. mojo19 says:

    I never got mad, that's all in your head baby. As for the rest of your rant I had a hard time following it. That previous comment is not a hidden conversation its in response to the guy above me who said that you should be considered "somewhat respectable" I agreed with hiim and then you get mad. I guess you don't wanna be considered respectable?


    Why would any Hab fan be jealous of the "false" rumors of this soft deal?? we already have Gomez and Plekanec and in addition we have Leblanc coming up.. I'm quoting your fellow Leaf fans" Savard has major red flags with his injury problems and long term deal when he is already 32 years old" Why would I or any Hab fan be jealous of that.. For the recoed though, I like Savard and hope Boston keeps him.. I think him and Horton will a great 1-2 punch..

  14. Tachmo says:

    I wouldn't trade Savard for Kaberle. Savard is better. Yes. I know, I know Kaberle has the most points of any defenceman since the lockout, yadda, yadda yadda.

    Do you know how many assists Savard has since the lockout?

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