Milan Hnilicka Placed on Waivers

Rogers Sportsnet reports that the Atlanta Thrashers have put Milan Hnilicka on waivers.

I guess this leaves Dafoe as Da-Man and Pasi Nurminen as his back-up. Good move by Waddell.

I have never been that high on Hnilicka who was the Recycled from the Rangers a few years ago. If he is so good how come he couldnt crack the lineup with New York years ago. To me the Thrashers were just wasting their time with Hnilicka.

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  1. mikster says:

    Hey, i’d pick him up if i were the Bolts, Rangers, or any team that simple just needs a back-up.

  2. MyCaptain11 says:

    you’re absolutely correct on your comments about hnilicka. i kept telling people i know he simply will never be a no. 1 goaltender in the nhl…ever.

    i wouldn’t mind someone who needs a backup eventually landing him either, but before that team does the thrashers better pick up at least a sizeable portion of the $1.25 million salary tag he has.

  3. cwhockey says:

    Hnilicka was never meant to be a number one. In their three plus years, the Thrashers have never had a clear cut number one (but hopefully now they do). Last year, he was the one who shouldered the burden for a very bad team. There was no pressure to be any type of savior, he just got a chance to play most nights. He did the best he could and he played loose. The only stat that looked even decent was his save percentage. But as we all should know, stats don’t mean that much.

    Despite his record, he gave the team a lift and got a new contract for it. Granted, he hasn’t lived up to that contract (and that’s probably an understatement). The Thrashers tried something that new teams do; giving a good player the chance to play and prove himself. While it seems as though the mantle of starting goaltender is not what Hnilicka was meant to be, he has shown his ability and competitiveness. Maybe he’ll build on this and strive to be a starter again, but he has proven that he can play under difficult circumstances and do well.

    The beginning of this year has been horrible for every Thrasher. Once the team is a bit more stable, I’d like to see Milan get another chance. But that may not happen. If that’s the case, so be it. But I do believe that he is more than worthy of a backup role somewhere, wherever that may be.

    Don’t always look at the numbers. That’s where many fans get tripped up. Look at the player himself and what he can provide. You’d be surprised who is a worthy player and who isn’t.

  4. Tradedude says:

    Hnilicka is good at times. but i think the caps or the canucks should pick him up for a back up. if kolzig goes down again, im sure cassidy doesn’t want to turn heads to geezer billington or charpentier (which i think could be a future #1 goalie). and vancouver, r they still using that skudra dude. gotta get rid of him. Hnilicka should take a pay cut simply because he’s trash, and would be lucky to be a starter for a junior team. but yah gotta admit . he can be good at some parts of the season.

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