Milbury on the clock

Newsday is reporting that within 24 hours Mike Milbury will pull the trigger…

There were strong indications yesterday that Islanders general manager Mike Milbury was preparing to take action in an effort to resuscitate his team. The players were given the day off from practice and it left a lot of curiosity as to what the team will look like for tomorrow’s game in Nashville against the Predators.

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50 Responses to Milbury on the clock

  1. muckies says:

    Whoever the owner of the Islanders is….


    Hire Brent Sutter as your Coach and Gm,

    buy-out Yashin,

    trade Asham to the Sens

    start over.

  2. cecilturtle says:

    How much cap room do the Islanders have? Could the Isles take on a contract of the likes of a Gonchar if they traded Ninnama for him? Or does Milbury decide to become the Coach & GM and maybe rebuilds come the trade deadline? Sherly he sees how accross the island Mr. Sather went from the worst GM in Hockey to the best GM in less than one week… If Milbury could have a week like Sather had 2 years ago before the trade deadline… Milbury could easily resurect his career. Not that Milbury needs too. The Islanders ownership will never fire the man! Either the ownership group is way too much in love with him or they are so affraid of him going postal? They dare not fire him… Maybe they would rather lose than feel his wrath?

    Actually, your headline kind of scared me a little… Ya see, no one really knows what Mad Mike will do? Not even Mike I bet. Now, I dont know if its because I’m going to Austin TX this Saturday to the Villanova vs Texas basketball game or maybe its because Mad Mike sometimes acts mentally irregular? I really had to do a doubble take when I saw your headline… Because this Saturday… I dont want Mad Mike up on the clock tower!

    Cecil Turtle

  3. Dukie says:

    Teams cannot buyout players anymore. The only thing they could do is put him on waivers and send him down and hope someone takes him.

  4. N25philly says:

    It’s Milbury, how far can the Dipietro for Daigle trade be? lol

  5. gg_idiot says:

    You’re wasting your breath, its an Ottawa fan you’re talking too, they don’t know anything about the rules. They still think that Brodeur, Phaneuf and Weight will be going to their team this season.

  6. BlueOrangeWhite says:

    As the only educated Islanders fan to respond to this post so far – here are the real solutions:

    1 – STIRLING MUST GO NOW! Not tommorow. NOW! The players have quit on him, and he has losing coach written all over him. Milbury behind the bench IS a better option. Milbury has coached a team (the Bruins) to wins in the NHL. If Milbury goes outside for a coach – Ted Nolan would work. He is was a finalist for the Isles job last time.

    2 – Kvasha, Niinimma, and Asham must be traded. That free’s up over 4 mill in salary, and all 3 are useless. Some might argue with me about Asham. But he does belong on this list. Bad penalties, non clutch goals, bad shooting accuracy, bad instincts with the puck. MUST GO.

    3 – Replace the traded players, with gritty, checking fowards, and 1 D man.

    4 – Play Snow 25 % of the time. Up to now this season, he has played way too little. Dipietro is not Brodeur. Not THAT good. Should not be playing 65 games a year! Snow plays well off the bench, and with fire. Something the team needs more often.

    Do all of that, and the Isles will squeek into the Playoffs.

  7. WangKumar says:

    This organization has regressed so much since they lost in 7 games to the leafs. The following things need to happen:

    1) Stirling must go – The guy is a nice guy, but the team just doesnt listen to him. He was brought in by Milbury to teach the trap and the trap just doesnt really exist anymore, not to mention, the isles have one of the worst defensive systems in the league. They have good young defenseman in bridgeport and its time to bring them up to the NHL.

    2) Trade Parrish, Niinimaa and York. Both York and Parrish are free agents at the seaons end and they have value so may as well get something for them now. Also, this will allow the isles to play Weinhandl more and bring up Nillson and Bergenheim. Niinimaa is just brutal and needs to go back to the western conference. They should also try to trade Satan and Zhitnik but there salaries make them hard to swap.

    3) Induce Yashin to get absolved from his contract via conduct detrimental to the team. Someone should make up that Peca and Aucoin banged Carol Alt in a threesome while they were on the team and then hope Yash goes McSorely on them during a game. In truth, Yashin is a serious problem. He is locked up for five more years, and while there are rumors that there will be another buy out opportunity after this season, no one can expect that Wang will spend 25 million to get rid of him, especially when the new coliseum hasnt been approved by the board of nassau county. The bottom line is the team is going nowhere with his contract, and he is only going to get older.

    Lastly, its just a waste of time saying this, but the team needs to fire Milbury. It will never happen but the team simply needs to start fresh and rebuild and he hasnt shown the capability of doing this. Yes, they are only 7 pts out of a playoff spot, but its the way they have lost this year that makes it evident they have no chance.

  8. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    GG, U must be a Leaf Fan. I would say that Phaneuf, Weight, and Brodeur would be proud and would want to be traded to the sens becuase they actually have a legitimate shot at actually doing something this year, unlike the leafs.

  9. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Every GM in the league will be lickin’ there lips today. Mad Mike is gonna unload the farm, just hopefully not to Ottawa again.

  10. Gretzkin says:

    Phaneuf is happy where he is.

    Brodeur is happy where he is.

    Weight would gladly go anywhere but St. Louis.

    You Sens fans are setting yourselves up for the hardest fall yet.

  11. UWSensFan says:

    Why group all [insert team name here] fans the same? I’m a Sens fan and I know the rules. And no, we don’t all think that we’re going to get Brodeur, Phaneuf and Weight this season…that’s just lunacy. One thing I’ve noticed is that Leaf fans (which I’m not assuming you are, even if you do support them) tend to complain about how they all get grouped together, regardless of whether they make intelligent comments (the best one I can think of at this time is 92-93…pretty much always has great comments), or stupid ones (no names here…no flame wars from me).

    Oh, and of the 3 players you’ve mentioned, only one is even remotely toucheable…Weight. There’s no way the Devils would trade Brodeur (unless he demands it, which I very much doubt he will), and the Flames would be seen as lunatics for trading Phaneuf…even if they were getting an all-star quality defenseman in return. Remember, Calgary’s already got one of the league’s best defenses, and Phaneuf is the future.

  12. UWSensFan says:

    Mad Mike would probably also package a draft pick in that…remember, he gave Ottawa Bill Muckalt, Zdeno Chara and the 2nd overall pick (Jason Spezza) for Alexei Yashin

  13. UWSensFan says:

    Why not? We enjoy getting Wade Redden, Zdeno Chara and Jason Spezza for Bryan Berard and Alexei Yashin…c’mon…we’re ready to deal you disgruntled players for perennial all-stars 😛

    Actually, it’d surprise me if the Islanders ownership group actually allowed Milbury to talk to the Sens anymore, given his track record with them.

  14. wingerxxx says:

    I just don’t know how much trade value that players like Niniimaa, Asham, etc. have right now. Probably next to nothing. This team is capable of being so much better than they are. They are stuck with Yashin. I don’t see a buyout happening until after the season, if even then. I am a Rangers fan, but I love seeing the Islanders do well, because it does wonders for the rivalry! As much as I respect Wang and Kumar for making the Islanders relevant again, The best choice right now would be to get rid of Milbury and Stirling. Milbury has been needing to go for quite some time now. I fully expect Milbury to lose his mind and start dealing left and right, before too long.

  15. nyrhockey094 says:

    Ok first off theres not a snowballs chance in hell that you guys are going to make the playoffs like that. Niinimma is the only one who must be traded. If you trade Asham your teams intensity level goes down to 0. Oleg despite what you think can produce if put on the right line. Gritt isnt what it used to be. In the new league gritt doesnt mean as much so get ONE gritty player to protect yashin. Yashin is your teams main problem to much buck for no bang. He is killing your teams cap and isnt putting up the numbers that a player of his salary should be. No hes not doing horrible but for what is it 7.6 mil? hes not putting up the numbers. Also dipietro isnt brodeur because brodeur is over rated. He is good but hell you could put kevin weekes behind that devils defense that broduer has lived behind and he will look like patrick roy. Snow rymes with BLOW and thats exactly what he does. GIVE DUBleiwictz a chance as the back up and get rid of SNOW. Bring up more rookies like campoli if you want to make the play offs buddy. He has been the best thing to happen to your team all year. And if yout want a preachers chance in hell to make the play offs he is going to be the one to help you get there.

  16. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    You Sens fans? 24_cups_and_counting man. Does that sound like a sens fan name? I was only defending the sens because they hate the leafs just as much as the habs do.

  17. capouel says:

    5- teach to Zhitnik to brake before ramming into is own goaltender.

  18. Neely4Life says:

    hes russian buddy, wont happen.

  19. Neely4Life says:

    If you buy out a player, it counts towards the cap.

  20. Gretzkin says:

    Right, 24 cups, my mistake.

    My statement still stands though, arrogant and annoying (Sens fans), like Leaf fans.

    I apologize to you though.

  21. SabresFan220 says:

    So, lemme ask you something. How does it feel to have overpaid for 2 guys whose names start with shit? Yeah, from what I hear Satan and Zhitnik have played just like that all year. Enjoy them, perhaps Alex would get some trade offers, but now that the whole league knows what a selfish, non team player Satan is, good luck getting a decent offer for him.

  22. JannettyTheRocker says:

    My trade prediction:

    To NY Islanders : Roberto Luongo

    Chris Gratton

    Alexei Semenov

    To Florida Panthers : Rick DiPietro

    Alexei Yashin

    Mark Parrish

  23. Scruffy05 says:

    What’s the point of getting rid of Asham for another player exactly the same. You most liekyl won’t and if Asham is going ti would probably only be a low draft pick the other way. Canucks could pick him up, they are in need of some intensity.

  24. Scruffy05 says:

    Yeah, but it’s Mad Mike, you can probably get them for a 4th round pick….

  25. ctownhawker says:

    you are ridiculous…have you seen Yashin’s contract.

    do a little research before you come out and say something so stupid.

    The isles wont be able to make a huge move. If anything it will be with someone like chicago for a vetran d-man like cullimore.

  26. BlueOrangeWhite says:

    i love how nyr fans THINK they know their hockey b/c the r’s for the 1st itme in 10 yrs are decent.

    you suck and know nothing.

    snow has been the best, most consistent player ont he isles this season. ask howie rose. he’ll confirm – you moron.

    campoli too has ben great. but rookie additions are not the move to make right now to get into the playoffs.

    replacing asham (and kvasha) with 2 checking, forward that have some skill and brains (kvasha and asham both lack those) WILL make a big difference.

    also love how you lame nyr fans now have only bad things to say about weekes. 6 mos ago you thought he was great. i was the only person writing on this board that i KNEW he would bomb.

    brodeur is a great goaltender – behind ANY defense, good or bad! he is roy caliber. PERIOD.

    and of all fans to criticise a team for overpaying (for yashin). the nyr’s have made an entire history of overpaying you dope!

  27. BlueOrangeWhite says:

    it will be the COACH!

  28. Enigma says:

    lol….Waive Yashin

  29. Laus723 says:

    no way keenan’s going to put up with serial team killer yashin, everywhere he goes he wears out his welcome in no time and is a whiny girl, that won’t fly with keenan…i hope, LOL!

    wouldn’t mind parrish coming back and i like dipietro, but gratton has been playing of late on the team and louie’s to good to be traded for dipietro…again!

    sorry, don’t see this rade happening!

  30. Laus723 says:

    broduer overrated…hahahahaha, sounds like every whiny new yorker!

  31. V3n0m says:

    Weight will be a Senator by the trade deadline as part of the Lalime trade. Looks like a dumb trade now, but when they inked it when Lalime was traded it all looked good.

  32. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    …………………………… and the drugs you smoke must be pretty good to think of that.

  33. TheRussianEvolution says:

    I don’t think the Islanders will win as long as they have DiPietro in net, he’s just not a winner.

  34. laserman says:

    First of all, stop calling people names as it makes you look like the 10 year old you probably are. As bad as it was for the Rangers to carry an 80 million payroll for a bunch of underachievers, how brilliant was it to sign a chronic underachiever to a 90 million dollar contract? NOT VERY… The Isles have a few bright spots, but they will have to bite the bullet and get rid of Yashin. Next find a new GM as Milbury has ruined the Islanders and he’s had plenty of time to produce. And the most bitter pill for you to swallow? The Islanders will NOT be in the playoffs this year but they should at least get a pretty good draft position which will help then later on…

  35. Habfanforever says:

    Who in the world would pick up Yashin on waivers with that size contract and equal size underachievement?

  36. nyrhockey094 says:

    Snow hasent done anythinggggggggg. If he did you guys wouldnt be in the position you are right now and dont even tell me its becuase of injuries that occured a few games ago. Its Dipietros inconsistancies and snows unable to handle the resposobility. You guys arent going to make the playoffs right now you dont have the right team. YOUR SLUMPING so try and bring up some rookies to see if it changes the chemistry of your team. AND TRUST ME i know a hell of alot more then you. Checking means NOTHING in the new league moron its all about skill and speed not gritt. AND WE NEVER SAID ANYTHING GOOD ABOUT WEEKES. HE SUCKS, he had one good run with carolina, other then that hes been a liability with every team. and as far as the yashin overpay situ. Guess what JAGR is doing more then YASHIN ever could. HES EARNING HIS PAYCHEQUE. We have learned from our mistakes and you know last year when we learned it wasnt working we didnt go and make some half assed trades we did it the right way and look how its working out. Your not going to become a good team over night with the team you have now. Especially with yashin underperforming and taking up all that cap room that could HELP you guys make the playoffs. If he was puting up the numbers that = his salary then its fine but you know what…. hes not. Brodeur is OVER RATED look where the devils are this season. And dont go and say that hes back yet because of one winning streak there is still ALOT of hockey left to play. But as for your Islanders they need to trade and get SKILL AND SPEED not grit, grit is meaningless in the new NHL. One grit player is enough. Thats why we hand your asses to you every time we play. Becuase we have one grit player speed size and skill. You guys have speed and skill in Jason blake thats it. Id hate to see how you guys would do with out him for a season. Your Islanders are over rated this season and need to make some drastic changes in order to do so. So maybe your not the team you thought you were, SUCK IT UP fire stirling, Bring some young kids up, trade Niinima and see where it goes from there. Im not bashing your team just becuase im a ranger fan, you have to realize that. Im just saying what i think would work for them so DONT take it personally (as most of you Islander fans do).

  37. nyrhockey094 says:

    EXACTLY that is one of the greatest points ive heard all day. I definitly agree.

  38. nyrhockey094 says:

    He is over rated…. look for the first time in his carear he doesnt have that defense to help him and look where the devils are. The devils defense was the real reason behind the teams success through all the years. Broduer IS NOT a bad goalie just isnt as good as hes made out to be. Dipietro CAN be the Answer to the islanders problems ive seen him stand on his head in goal and he can be absolutly spectacular. For them to go any where they will need him to become the goalie he was drafted as and playd as last year

  39. skidragoon says:

    a team who constantly sees there captain get injured and has radek bonk as one of its top centres?

  40. moreau1123 says:

    centre is not a word

  41. Scruffy05 says:


    Niinimaa has been traded to the stars.

    To Dallas:


    5th round pick

    To NYI:


    2nd round pick

    Source: Broadcast news

  42. PaulK123 says:

    Habs suck! Sens choke in playoffs! If the sens are LUCKY they’ll take the leafs to seven games in the playoffs, the habs would be lucky to make the playoffs, when Lindros comes back be prepared

    to get an ***-whoopin!


  43. PaulK123 says:

    Habs suck! Sens choke in playoffs! If the sens are LUCKY they’ll take the leafs to seven games in the playoffs, the habs would be lucky to make the playoffs, when Lindros comes back be prepared

    to get an ***-whoopin!


  44. Laus723 says:

    HAHA…who chokes in the playoffs??? how many times have the leafs been close and not won? leave it to a leaf fan to make a statement like this, ALL THE LEAFS DO IS CHOKE IN THE PLAYOFFS! HAHAHA!

    by the way, what makes you think the oft injured lindros will be a factor? has he been a tremendous factor yet? he’s almost as bad as yashin!

  45. laserman says:

    I have to think that the sudden re-emergence of the Devils has more to do with Elias coming back, rather then Brodeurs play. One thing no one should do is knock how the Rangers are playing. For a team predicted to finish last, they are turning heads around the league. Knowledgeable heads at least…

  46. FLAMESOWNU says:


  47. Beckfan5 says:

    In my mind, there are only two things the Islanders can do at this point;

    Either get rid of all of the vets and work with the youngsters, and wait for that ridiculos us cotract that Millbury signed Yashin to to expire

    Or keep trying with Yashin and the other bunch of tools and keep sinking………!

    Oh, and trade DePietro, he blows.

  48. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Was that mad mike’s big trade? Ninnima for a 2nd rounder? If it was, my ass makes more noise after a big bowl of chili.

  49. laserman says:

    LOL Thats pretty funny…

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