Milbury Set for Lift-off?

Islanders GM Mike Milbury has just recently re-signed D Janne Niinimaa. Rumors have been flying around that at least ONE of the Islanders original four defensmen will be let go this off-season. The original four are Adrian Aucoin, Kenny Jonsson, Janne Niinimaa, and Roman Hamrlik. Aucoin has not yet re-signed officially but is believed to, Jonsson has an Islander heart and most likely won`t be let go, and Niinimaa has just been re-signed. That leaves us with Roman Hamrlik.

According to various sources, such as the New York Post… Hammer`s chances of staying with the Islanders this off-season is very slim. Last year Roman Hamrlik but up career LOW numbers.

The Tampa Bay Lightning have always been interested in Roman Hamrlik`s services. TFP has learned that they may be interested in landing him this off-season as well.

IF the Lighting try to get Hamrlik through trade talks, I`m sure Milbury will have very open ears.

Mike Milbury has been pretty quiet this off-season. Only things he has gotten done is improving the farm system by signing some farm players and re-signing some Islanders. Milbury is yet to dip into the free agent market.

Names that many believe Milbury should become in contact with is former Islander Ziggy Palffy. Many feel Palffy would be a great fit to the Yashin line. Palffy would be that winger Yashin has always needed. He would alaso help fill some seats at the Nassau Coliseum, being that the fans in Long Island love Ziggy. Another name would be Alexei Kovalev. Kovvy and Yash would have great chemistry seeing that they are both russian, very explosive, and are good pals outside of the rink.

But besides free agency, Milbury may swing some deals. Like I previously stated, the Lightning may be interested again in Roman Hamrlik. Many may question themselves as to who the Lightning would give in return. In the past, they tried making deals revovlving around Hamrlik, Modin, Kubina, and Svitov. There were also rumors that Lighting offered a package involving Vincent Lecavalier.

No one knows for sure what can happen with the New York Islanders this off-season. But with what is known, of how Milbury is taking care of re-signing some Islanders and some farm players… Mad Mike may be getting set for lift-off.

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  1. wingerxx says:

    I’m not sure about Kovalev. Having Yashin and Kovalev as 2/3 of my top line would NOT appeal to me, unless they had a great grinder on the left side. Both are puck possession players. Palffy is the much better solution, but yes…one of the Big Four will have to go for that to happen. But hopefully I’m wrong. The Isles have a great top 4, it would be a shame to break them up, even with Hamrlik’s low numbers last year. Jonsson should definitely not be dealt. I’ve said it before, if Milbury doesn’t get someone to play with Yashin this offseason, he has completely failed to address that one need this team needs, and should be fired.

  2. BlueOrangeWhite says:

    i said in my article last month about who should stay and who should go on the island, that hammer should go. but jonsson should go to. like lindros his concussion history is too big a risk for the isles to take every season. trade him now while his value is high, and let a concussion end his career when he’s palying for someone else!

    losing those 2 would free up the $$ to bring in the offense needed.

    your top 4 would be ninimma, aucoin, martinek, and some to be added. that is still a solid top 4.

  3. TheCoach says:

    “There were also rumors that Lighting offered a package involving Vincent Lecavalier.”

    A few years back, the Lightning were apparently ready to give away Vincent Lecavalier. There was an apparent deal in place between Ottawa and Tampa that would’ve sent Lecavalier to the Sens in exchange for Sami Salo and Radek Bonk, until it hit a snag right before the deadline. Just goes to show you that sometimes the best deals are the ones you don’t make. Mike Milbury hasn’t grasped that theory yet.

  4. Lapointefan says:

    Milbury has told the local beatwriters that he wants to keep his top four defensemen together for another season-Aucoin,Niinimaa,Jonsson and Hamrlik.I guess it’ll come down to whether they can get Hamrlik signed to a reasonable deal,like they did Niinimaa.

  5. Lapointefan says:

    Moving both Hamrlik and Jonsson would leave the isles with only two top 4 defensemen-Aucoin and Niinimaa.And Aucoin will be a ufa next summer.

    Martinek and Butenschon aren’t legitimate top 4 defensemen and I’d hate to see the isles counting on rookie d-men like Gervais or Caldwell for top four minutes.

  6. OldNord says:

    Excepting this one : Trent Hunter to NY Islanders by Anaheim for Columbus’ 4th round choice.

  7. BlueOrangeWhite says:

    you don’t read carefully. i said: “your top 4 would be ninimma, aucoin, martinek, and some to be added. that is still a solid top 4”.

    and my opinion is correct.

    the “someone to be added” could be some one decent. with aucoin, ninimma, and martinek rounding it out, that is better than MOST of the leagues top 4.

    use your head.

  8. Lapointefan says:

    I read and understood what you wrote the first time around.Martinek is not a quality top 4 defensemen.

    And every indication is that the isles are trying to sign their rfa d-men to 2-4 yr extensions.Niininmaa signed for 3 yrs,Hamrlik’s rep is still in talks with the team,but Aucoin’s not showing any interest in signing an extension.He’ll be a ufa next July.Use your head.Isles have to plan for beyond just next season.

  9. BlueOrangeWhite says:

    martinek is an average to above average defensemen, of the kind that play on every other team in the league. you are looking for the isles to put an all star top 4 on the ice every yr. that is stupid.

    aucoin will be signed to an extension after the cba is solved during the season. you will have aucoin, ninimma, and martinek, plus one acquired d-man, in my plan, for yrs to come. that is more than enough.

    i repeat. use your head.

  10. Lapointefan says:

    Martinek is a good #5 defensemen.For short periods,during injuries to the top 4,he’d be an ok temporary replacement in the top 4,but not for any length of time.

    and don’t you think the isles have been trying to sign Aucoin to a longterm extension this summer,just as they signed Niinimaa and have been trying to sign Hamrlik?

    Use your head,Aucoin wants to test the ufa market next summer,where wealthier teams will outbid the isles.

    Your proposal is like something from a fantasy league.Move two established top 4 defensemen,replacing one with a #5 d-man and replacing the other with some unknown/unnamed ufa.Who?Zhitnik who’s already rejected the Sabres $4m a yr offer?Schneider who wants $5m-$6m a yr?

  11. Kashin says:

    Yes Hamrlik is apperently on his way out. and all indications are pointed to tampa. Who knows what they can get for him. I like Modin. However I dont think they will trade him. Its a shame that he being a 3 time all star will be leaving. But getting better at offense is more important.

    Martinek is probaly going to have to take that 4th spot for now, even though he is more of a 5. They should go after a Lyle Odelein type player to be a 5 or 6. They have 2 good defensive prospects in Ryan Caldwell and Bruno Gervais who they could give a shot to.

    I would love to see palffy back to where he dominated. For 5 years he was the bright spot and one of the darkest days of this team is when he was traded. Over a point per game for a career. With the Isles he exceeded the 40 goal mark 3 times with NO ONE. so maybe he will help but he definately will fill the seats

  12. BlueOrangeWhite says:


    listen jack –

    I PLAYED JR. A hockey. I didn’t just sit on a couch and think i know the game, as you do.

    here are the facts, FROM the ice:

    1) do you remember the name dick tarnstrom? he was a number 7 defensemen on the isles a few yrs back. he is top 3 on the pens now. you are jaded by the idea of the isles having and keeping an ALL STAR caliber top 4. it is not neccessary. mOST teams do not have such a situation. aucoin, ninimma, martinek, and a player to be added, of slghtly above average ability, (NOT expense types as Scneider like you suggested), is a more than adequate top 4 in this league.

    2) NO, the isles have not made an earnest attempt to resign aucoin to a long term deal. be/c of the cba! he is going to demand much more money than ninimma long term. when the cba is wroked out they’ll go to getting serious about. NOT before.

    wake up please.

  13. vendre20 says:

    I still think the Islanders needs to be more physical, specially on defense. They need a hardhitting or punishing defenseman who adds some ledaership, could play some minutes and in critical situations. Since they problably can’t get a player like Brendan Witt, Jason Smith, Denis Gauthier, Rhett Warrener or Jay McKee, I still think they should sign Todd Simpson. He should play with Martinek as the third defensivepairing. Then a younger player like Gervais or Caldwell could play with Aucoin or J├Ânsson.

    I think Tampa was intererested in Hamrlik before they got Darryl Sydor. But I do agree Hamrlik will be moved. Pittsburgh, Dallas, Columbus, Nashville?

    As for forwards I think Milbury could be interested in Cory Stillman now that he’s free agent group III.

  14. Lapointefan says:

    Post a link from ANY credible source that the nyi are trying to interest TB in reaquiring Hamrlik.I’m not talking about what TB wanted to do several months ago, before they got Sydor,but what TB is trying to do at at this time.

  15. Lapointefan says:

    You’re not teaching me anything jack,except that your proposal is shortsighted.

    Newsday reports the Isles are trying to sign Hamrlik to a multi yr extension now.They signed Niinimaa to his 3 yr extension several days ago.

    So the idea that they are waiting for the new cba to ask Aucoin what type of contract it’ll take to keep him an isle and if he’ll pass up the chance to test the ufa market makes no sense.

    Aucoin is a UFA next summer.He wants to test the market.If the isles trade Jonsson and Hamrlik this summer,by next July 1st they will have gone from

    Aucoin,Niinimaa,Jonsson and Hamrlik in their top 4 to Niinimaa,Martinek and whoever they can pick up.

  16. stallion51680 says:

    honestly, does anyone here think that the isles will do anything significant??? cause its the same damn rumors year in and year out.

  17. BlueOrangeWhite says:

    The Isles will trade Hamrlik. the deal they are working on is part of the trade plan.

    aucoin will be offered a lt deal, after the cba. i have spoken.

  18. BlueOrangeWhite says:

    does this shut you up dumb ass:

    MSG NETWORK: Stan Fischler reports the re-signing of defenceman Janne Niinimaa by the NY Islanders “virtually guarantees” blueliner Roman Hamrlik won’t be back with the club. Fischler notes the Tampa Bay Lightning have wanted to re-acquire Hamrlik for some time.

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