Milbury Set for Lift-off?

Islanders GM Mike Milbury has just recently re-signed D Janne Niinimaa. Rumors have been flying around that at least ONE of the Islanders original four defensmen will be let go this off-season. The original four are Adrian Aucoin, Kenny Jonsson, Janne Niinimaa, and Roman Hamrlik. Aucoin has not yet re-signed officially but is believed to, Jonsson has an Islander heart and most likely won`t be let go, and Niinimaa has just been re-signed. That leaves us with Roman Hamrlik.

According to various sources, such as the New York Post… Hammer`s chances of staying with the Islanders this off-season is very slim. Last year Roman Hamrlik but up career LOW numbers.

The Tampa Bay Lightning have always been interested in Roman Hamrlik`s services. TFP has learned that they may be interested in landing him this off-season as well.

IF the Lighting try to get Hamrlik through trade talks, I`m sure Milbury will have very open ears.

Mike Milbury has been pretty quiet this off-season. Only things he has gotten done is improving the farm system by signing some farm players and re-signing some Islanders. Milbury is yet to dip into the free agent market.

Names that many believe Milbury should become in contact with is former Islander Ziggy Palffy. Many feel Palffy would be a great fit to the Yashin line. Palffy would be that winger Yashin has always needed. He would alaso help fill some seats at the Nassau Coliseum, being that the fans in Long Island love Ziggy. Another name would be Alexei Kovalev. Kovvy and Yash would have great chemistry seeing that they are both russian, very explosive, and are good pals outside of the rink.

But besides free agency, Milbury may swing some deals. Like I previously stated, the Lightning may be interested again in Roman Hamrlik. Many may question themselves as to who the Lightning would give in return. In the past, they tried making deals revovlving around Hamrlik, Modin, Kubina, and Svitov. There were also rumors that Lighting offered a package involving Vincent Lecavalier.

No one knows for sure what can happen with the New York Islanders this off-season. But with what is known, of how Milbury is taking care of re-signing some Islanders and some farm players… Mad Mike may be getting set for lift-off.