Milbury shoots down trade rumors

On the Islanders web site, Mike Milbury commented on the state of the Islanders as well as the “ludicrous” trade tumors as he calls them. Here are his comments.
“Lots of trade tumors lately. No, that is not a typographical error. That is what trade rumors are: cancerous lesions that can kill a team spirit if a coach and manager are not careful. Some of the stuff floating around out there is so ludicrous that it shouldn’t be taken seriously but unfortunately some unprofessional reporters can’t help themselves. While I shrug off most of the mularkey, I must tell you that I was annoyed at the report that we told Brad Isbister that he was traded to Boston but then the Bruins backed off. COME ON!!! For future reference, the NHL has in place a procedure. When two clubs have agreed to a deal, then they contact a league official who will conduct a conference with the two general managers involved. All three involved usually have lawyers at their sides and always have the contracts of the players who are being exchanged. Every clause in the contracts is discussed. All financial obligations are put on the table. Any injuries are discussed and if either club insists, a physical can be required to complete the deal. Once that conference call is completed, each manager will inform his player of the trade. It is this procedure that insures against all manner of problems that clubs had years ago. And it prevents any player from being prematurely informed of a trade.

We’re always looking to make the team better but, to be honest, I am not close to doing anything on a major scale. So, if any players are out there reading this, take a breath. And what’s the sense of stressing anyway. The only thing a player can control is his performance.”

With the Islanders hanging around the 7-8th spot in the conference, I have to believe Milbury that he is not looking to make a deal. However unlike last year, I ahve a feeling that the days leading up to the deadline this year will be active. I’m sure there will be a lot of interest in DiPietro and possibly Osgood, and the Islanders might use one of them or Isbister as bait to fill their holes going into the final stretch.